Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Apple Lovin!!

Since Mia has turned into a MAJOR climber she now climbs up onto our breakfast table and sits at our fruit bowl and takes everything in and out, Well yesterday she started eating the apples-- one bite out of each apple-- thanks Mia!! Anyway, she was loving the apples so I put her in her high chair and she literally ate the apple forever!! She loved it. So, lesson learned- 1, she loves apples 2, I can buy like 30 minutes of time by giving her an apple in her high chair-- yippee!!!!

Here is a funny video of her eating the apple. She would get so excited that she would look at the apple and squeal!!

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After finishing the apple and the rest of her dinner she climbed- by herself- back into her high chair and was acting silly. I took a few pics.

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  1. Way tooooo cute! Send those boy up here to the artichoke capitol of the world!

  2. My Alexia, who is the same age as Mia, just started eating apples this past week while on vacation in Cuba. Too cute!

  3. Cute Mia! Hey when are we going to Dland again?

  4. Loved the video! Mia is too cute! She just cracked me up with her squealing! What a doll! You can just tell that she is such a happy baby!

  5. LOVE the video...
    Mia is tooo cute...
    She is really starting to talk...
    And she is soooooo adorable..
    Love her little outfit..
    Have a Great Week..

  6. So cute! Love the video. I always had to peel the apples first, she wouldn't eat them with the skin on... Mia's doing a good job!

  7. I love the video! And my goodness I think she looks like Olivia! I really hadn't noticed it until the video.
    I'm impressed that your boys are eating artichoke's!


  8. OMG, I love the video! She is adorable eating her apple. So into every bite. Climbing? Oh, look out mommy. Is she still in the crib?

  9. Forgot to mention, the kitchen looks awesome! Love the plantation shutters too. Good job girl.

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  11. Christy,
    Love the video. She screams just like my Rowan. It must be a girl thing. I wish I could get Rowan to eat apples like that. We are pushing the produce through the V8fusion because she is so stubborn.

  12. adorable is that?!?!? It's GREAT when you get that little bit of time to not worry about what she is in to, huh? She's just sooooooooooo cute!!! I lOVE that color on her. Your kitchen looks awesome too!!! OH...and by the way..your Dumont and Grand Canyon trips looks like it was AWESOME!!!! have a great week!

  13. That apple is as BIG as she is;)
    I am so IMPRESSED that your boys are eating artichokes..MINE would NEVER!!
    Cute pictures!
    I am the one who was asking you about your camera and I LOVE it!!! Thanks!

  14. Cute video! Joleigh loves apples, too, but I have to peel them for her. I wish she would just spit out the peeling like Mia. She is such a cutie and I love her voice.