Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Today my wonderful husband turns 36!! What an old man :) I decided this morning that I would make cupcakes and take them into Kevin's work and surprise him. So Mia and I made a pitiful attempt at red velvet cupcakes (homemade since I didn't have a cake mix)but didn't have the red food coloring so they ended up as brown velvet cupcakes. I had green food coloring so I thought I would color the frosting but it ended up looking like a pale greenish funky color. Then I thought I would sprinkle chocolate sprinkles on them to try to improve the overall presentation-- that didn't help much either. So we ended up with funky greenish sprinkled cupcakes-- but it is the thought that counts--right?

So Mia and I picked up some balloons and headed to the PD to surprise Kevin. Mia had been in a great mood all day and was happy on the drive over and as soon as we got out of the car she fell on the ground and started to throw a fit. There I was trying to hold the tray full of cupcakes and the balloons and my purse and Mia's sippy and then a flailing little girl-- it was not fun. We finally got inside and many of Kevin's coworkers got to meet our pleasant and happy daughter-- NOT!!! She was so pissed off that she refused to be held by anyone and threw a fit at every turn. It was less than pleasant. Finally Kevin came in and we were able to give him the balloons, cards and cupcakes. Mia was a bit better at that point but was still pissy. By the way, the second we got into the car to leave she was asleep before I pulled away from the curb.

Mia and Kevin in the briefing room.

Too Cute!!

Kevin, Mia and Shannon- Shannon is a dispatcher and Kevin loves working with her. She is really fun and has been very supportive of our family!!

Kevin & Dave (and a little bit of Mia)-- Dave is another motor officer.

Kevin, Mia and Olga-- Olga is a jailer and actually has worked with me a bit working towards her school psych degree.

Kevin, Mia (look at her pissy little look) and Natalie-- Natalie is also a dispatcher and is also totally fun. She too is and has been very supportive of our family! She has a son about Mia's age and he is so darn cute!

Had to just put one picture of Mia :)

My birthday was March 6 and my parents had planned on taking me out for my birthday to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Pasadena but my grandmother passed away and plans were changed. This was the first weekend we were able to get together to go to Fu Shing's and luckily it was Kevin's actual birthday so we celebrated both our birthdays together.

Here is the picture they take of us in our celebratory hats-- very attractive!!

A few of you have commented or emailed me about my grandmother's death. My grandmother passed away Saturday March 16, 2008. She was an amazing woman of God. She lived a wonderful life and was completely ready to go home. She died at the age of 90 and had been healthy and NOT riddled with illness. We visited her just a month or so before her death and she was in great spirits-- healthy-- and cognitively intact. Grandma passed away in her sleep and was finally reunited with my grandpa who had passed away 9 years prior. She was finally home with grandpa and her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Grandma will be missed but tears were not cried because of her death-- tears were cried in happy memory of her wonderful life and her new eternal life in heaven.


  1. I did not realize your Grandma passed and I am so sorry! Was this the Grandma that you are always talking about in your posts? Happy belated birthday and your cupcakes do not look that bad! Sharon

  2. Happy Birthday to DH..
    LOVE the pictures..
    LOVE,LOVE the last picture..
    you two look sooo cute..
    and I really like your top also..
    Have a Great Weekend..

  3. Happy birthday to your handsome hubby! He doesn't look a day over 35! ;) I'm sure the cupcakes were delicious, and I'll bet he was tickled to receive them.

  4. Happy birthday to both of you! Even when Mia is pissy, she is still so cute!

  5. Happy birthday Kevin!!

    Love all the pics...especially the one of the two of you in your hats! CUTE!

  6. Oh my what a story! If looks could kill...well, poor Natalie! :)
    I love the picture with your birthday hats. You both looked great! And the picture of your Grandma kissing Mia is priceless!


  7. Happy birthday to both of you! Sorry about your grandma.

  8. Christy,

    Happy Birthday to you and Kevin
    and I am sooo sorry to hear about
    your Dear Grandmother!!! I know
    it's so hard to lose a family
    member!! I will be thinking of
    you!!! Mia is getting cuter
    by the minute!!! I will post
    real soon on my blog. I had
    my surgery last week!!!

    Take Care,


  9. Poor, grumpy Mia!! I love her grumpy-bear look!

    I am so sorry about your grandmother's passing, but I love that she wasn't sick & in pain and that she IS HOME!!!! Praise God :D

    Happy Birthday to the hubs!

  10. Isn't that just typical! I can remember those days (not really looking forward to that part again!). I love the look she's giving Natalie. Too funny!!

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!

    I'm sorry about your grandmother.

  11. Happy belated birthday to you both! Love the pissed off look Mia is giving his co-worker! Too Funny! If looks could kill!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but it sounds like she had a long, healthy, wonderful life.

  12. Happy Birthday to are a great looking couple. So sorry about your Grandmother, how wonderful to have lived a full and healthy life, and be completely at peace to go home with the Lord.

  13. Good gravy Christy!! Okay, first, so sorry that your grandmother is no longer with us...I know she is celebrating on the streets of gold, but you will certainly miss her.

    Second - already a year since referral...where does the time go? Congratulations on this special anniversary.

    Third - Happy Birthday to you and your husband! What a busy month!

    This was a great post - but i felt like i had missed soooo much!

    Have a happy weekend!

  14. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. She sounds like she lived a great life!