Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bumping, Bathing & Building

We have been exceptionally fortunate that MIA has not had any major bumps or bruises-- a few here and there but for the most part very few. Anyway, Mia hates sitting calmly in her stroller. While in her stroller she likes to stand and look around. I usually have to buckle her in (which results in her screaming) but sometimes I let her stand just to avoid the drama. So we were leaving the haunted house at Disneyland and I am trying to pull the stroller out and the wheel gets caught on something and the stroller comes to a complete and sharp halt and who do you suppose goes flying? Yes that would be my little standing child (bad mommy). She fell off the front onto her head and her body did like a headstand and paused in the air for a second and then her body fell in the opposite direction-- it looked horrific like she broke her neck-- very scary!! Anyway, I grabbed her immediately and held her and she stopped crying in just a minute or so (she is so darn tough it amazes me) and was totally back to normal (I swear babies are like rubber). The only thing she was left with was a HUGE bump on her forehead. So here is a blown up picture of her big old bump!!


Gymboree was having a sale on their bathing suits the other day and I have been thinking of getting Mia the tankini type suit with the top to guard against the sun. So, since the store did not have her size in the store I ordered it online in the store (which by the way you get free shopping if you order in the store). The problem is Mia is so darn skinny but is average (well a little below average)height that even this suit, which is a 6-12 month, is big on her. Anyway, I think it will do. What do you think? I tried to get her to model it but she was not into it at all. I stood her on the counter in an attempt to get her to comply-- not too willing as you can see in the pics. If this one doesn't work out at least it was cheap and I'm sure there will be many more cute suits to choose from as summer comes.


I have been on the hunt for a new kitchen dining set that goes better with our new kitchen (by the way I think Kev is going to finish the back splash, moulding etc. next weekend--woohoo!). I have looked literally everywhere for the perfect set but my issue is I am totally cheap and will not lay down $1000 for a little kitchen set. So, I just happened to stop into this little furniture store and the lady showed me this set in one of her catalogues and I really liked it. She said it was really well made and heavy- which we need it to be heavy and well made because we are hard on furniture. It is made by a local company so I got it in only a few days. So she called me yesterday morning to let me know it was in so I went to pick it up around 2pm and began my quest to put the whole set together-- by myself (it came in boxes- if I were not so cheap I could have paid an extra $45 and they would have delivered it and put it together but NO!! I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!). So, at 2:30pm I started the 3 hour process to build the kitchen set and I think I did one heck of a job! As you can tell I am quite proud of myself. **By the way-- yes I bought 2 extra chairs (that I have not put together yet)one for Mia when she gets old enough and an extra that we can use wherever**

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*By the way-- the pitiful fruit bowl is pitiful because Mia chucked my wonderful fruit bowl on the ground this morning and it shattered into about a zillion pieces. Obviously I was quite unhappy not only that I lost my beautiful fruit bowl but that Mia had intentionally pushed it off (I watched her do it as I screamed NOOOOOOOOOO). So, Mia got her first experience in time out with a great big pissed off mommy reminding her "that was a no no Mia-- a no no" with an angry face. She kind of got it but not really. She kept getting up out of time out and I would pick her up and put her back. She started to cry because I think she was irritated I kept sitting her back down- not because of the real reason she was in time out in the first place. So I'm not sure if she got it or not but she is now entering a very mischievous/ experimental stage and I'm sure there will be many more time outs to come.


  1. I LOVE your new table and chairs and I am sooo IMPRESSED that you put it together by yourself!!!

    I can not get over that HUGE bump on Mias head..She is something else:)

  2. OH... poor little Mia.. her little bumb looks awful.. but I know how it is.. it looks worse then it actually is... LOVE the swimsuit...I will have to look around because I am a swimsuit girl...
    Mia would look cute in anything..
    LOVE the dining room set...Did you get extra chairs with it also???
    Sounds like little Mia is going to test Mommy , she is tooo cute..
    Have a Great Weekend...

  3. Mia is so adorable even with a big lump on her head (poor baby), we have all been there with the stroller deal! Love the bathing suit and love the kitchen set! Cannot believe you did that on your own, I would have so paid the extra $45 dollars! Good Job!!!! Sharon

  4. Cute bump! Love the table Christy!! I would have probably paid the $45 bucks but then been mad at myself later for not doing it myself. You go girl!

  5. Love the bathing suit too. I like that style because it looks like a one-piece, but operates like a two-piece for diaper changes. No more pulling the entire suit down for a diaper change (or potty training!)

    I got a similar one at Target for Caroline. I personally don't like seeing babies in bikinis (or for that matter, teenagers). I'm very conservative that way.

    Nice job on the table. Did you get an extra chair for when Mia outgrows the highchair?


  6. Ooooooh that bump!! Hope it does not hurt too badly. Hannah is equally busy and strollering has become a true challenge...we just got a new smaller, umbrella stroller that she picked out and she loves to sit in it - let's see how long that lasts:) (Chico retro dot - I really do love it) We are hoping to hit Disney in the fall, so we figured it was wise to get her used to it.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new table - really pretty Christy and woohoo for you building hte whole thing yourself - you did a great job!

    Have a happy weekend.


  7. WOW I love your dining set. I have been looking ALL over for one but I am like you..I don't want to pay a lot of money for a breakfast table. I have wanted to find one just like yours. DO you mind sharing what brand it is and maybe I can find it somewhere???? THANKS!!!

    Also I love Mia's swimsuit. She always looks darling.


  8. Yes, there are times I am so thankful to not have a toddler in the house!!!! (Although my heart longs for one all the time)

    The bathing suit is really cute. Maybe she'll have a big growth spurt this summer too.

    I can't believe you let that baby fall out of the stroller!!! lol... Bad, bad, Mommy!

  9. Poor bump on Mia's head, but I'm glad she wasn't really fazed by it! I love the tankini! She looks so cute in it. I love your new table and am very impressed that you put it together, good job!!!

  10. ooo a bump to remember. Makes a heart sick.


  11. Oooh... I hope that bump goes away soon! I'M with you... I'd rather save the $45 and build it myself.

  12. Ahh..I remember the bump-stage! Our kids had HUGE heads though - that's why they were always running into everything!!

    Your kitchen table is perfect & congrats for putting it together yourself!