Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yes, I will admit I am addicted to the happiest place on earth-- but who would not be if they lived 30 minutes away???? Laila called me this morning and we both complained how board we were and she suggested a quickie trip to Disney and say no more-- I WAS THERE!!! It was a quick trip but fun as usual.

We ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant by Thunder Mountain and there is a little stage area there where the kids enjoyed playing. The first collage is of them playing on the stage.

Mia will NOT sit in a stroller while being buckled. She FREAKS OUT!!! Usually I let her stand a bit if I can kind of control the situation but at one point at Disney it was just too crazy and I needed to buckle her in. She was already WAY late for her nap and was pissy. I forced her to buckle and she FREAKED OUT!! I mean a full fledged freak out where people were staring and thinking this mean white lady was kidnapping this adorable screaming Asian girl. I ignored the looks and I ignored Mia but she persisted. I did not want her to fall asleep (which I knew was exactly what she needed) because we were very close to leaving (only had space mountain to take the big kids on) and I wanted her to sleep in the car while sitting in traffic on the way home. So I let her scream and all of a sudden she stopped and I knew she fell asleep. I let her sleep for about 3 minutes and then woke her up (I know-- bad mommy-- but it was for her own good). She woke up happy-- even after only 3 minutes-- and she ran around the big water ball in front of Space Mountain with Ava while we waited for the big kids to get off the ride. She was just so funny running around with no clip and only one shoe. She was wired and just a hoot!! These pictures were taken while running around by the big ball.

So yes, we made it to the car without her falling asleep and the second I put the car in drive, she was out and slept until we pulled into our drive way--- YAAAAA!! Mission accomplished!!
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  1. She is SO cute!

    It looks like a fun day at Disneyland! I like that Mexican restaurant by Thunder Mountain!


  2. So, I guess you're not up for going back this Friday morning? Tanya and I (and the girls of course) are planning on going.

  3. I sooo wish I lived by you.... I can't even get there once...LOL..
    Mia is soooooo adorable... you made my day...
    I can't imagine her being fussy.. she is always sooo cute and I know she is the best-dressed little princess around...
    Have a Great Week..

  4. I am SO with ya on not letting them sleep too long until naptime! I'm sure you enjoyed the quiet drive time back home!!

    So...since you are the Disney'll have to go to my site and tell us some good tips for saving money. We're going in October and are in the planning mode! Even though its Disney World instead of Disney Land...I still bet you have some GREAT tips!!

    Gotta run. Have a great week!

  5. I like how she "blew a shoe"! too cute!! I DO NOT blame you for going to Disney; it IS a park, after all!

  6. I LOVE Disney. And her little top is just darling.
    Great job keeping her move until she hit the car. That takes some real Momma skills!

  7. That nap thing and needing a nap thing is tricky!! Great pics.


  8. I'm addicted too, and I live only fifteen minutes away. I haven't been since my pass expired(sob!), but I'm going to renew it in the next month and I would love to meet up sometime. I'm off every Wednesday, so that's generally the day I go. That would be fun!

  9. You lucky duck!!!! Mia looks like she was having a great time. Good job on getting her to the car without her falling asleep!

  10. I thought for sure you were going to say that she didn't sleep at all on the way home. Oh, yeah, that would be my kids!!

    Looks like fun. I love the little shirt she's wearing. Too cute!!

  11. We missed you on Friday. The girls had fun and even got official Minnie Mouse ears and ice cream!!! Maybe we can meet up next time.


  12. That is a fun addiction to have! Mia looks so cute and happy in the pictures. I love her shirt! She has such cute clothes. And her haircut looks adorable!

  13. I am totally addicted to all things Disney as well but now I live 24 hours by car from Florida and 3000 miles from CA. As a bit of trivia, I DID work at Disneyland (Main Gate Hostess!!) while in college! I hope Meggie enjoys it in the years to come. Maybe we can pay Mia a visit and visit our old stomping grounds as well!