Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dumont & The Grand Canyon!!

I'm going to work my way backwards. First I'm going to show Dumont which was at the end of the week and then move to the Grand Canyon. First off, Dumont was fun. We had an issue with my dads truck so I was unable to drive the truck with the trailer (and toys) attached to meet Kevin in Dumont. So, our solution was that Kev and the boys came home Thursday night (a day early), slept at home and then on Friday morning we all drove together to Dumont. It was a little further for Kev to travel all the way home to pick Mia and I up but it was sure nice traveling in the RV together as a family.

This first collage is of Kevin and Mia while we were driving. Mia desperately wanted to sit in Kevin's lap while driving. Usually Kevin is very safe (it is the cop in him) but he had really missed Mia and I so he picked her up and drove for a while with Mia in his lap-- it was very cute!! Kev stole her paci and Mia was attempting to get it back. I love the picture with Mia's hand on Kev's face. I had to lighten the pictures in order for you to see them because my flash didn't go off but you can still see how cute the little "game" was.

These are just some random pictures of Dumont. My sister Cassie came with us this time and it was nice just laying around relaxing.

So now onto the Grand Canyon pictures. Kevin was a good hubby and did as I had asked and took a ton of pictures-- Good job hunny!! Anyway, here are a bunch of collages of the trip.

While at the Grand Canyon the group (Brian, Heather + family/ Joe Kari and Kaylee/ Dave, Kimberly and Emmily and Brian's parents Leo and Lorainne/ oh ya-- Kevin and the boys too) did a lot of "Jeeping." The boys love love love going on the freakiest trails that are so steep they literally could just fall off-- good thing mommy wasn't there-- I get totally freaked out!! Anyway, they had a ton of fun on all the cool jeep trails.

The group stayed in Williams AZ which is about an hour drive from the Grand Canyon. One day they took an old time train to the Canyon and on the way back "robbers" come and rob everyone on the train. They come up on horseback and the train comes to a stop (funny that a train would stop for robbers-- haha) then they jump on the train and "rob" the guests. Before they left Joe gave each of the kids a dollar and told them that the soda was free on the train trip to the canyon but they had to pay on the way back (which wasn't true). So, when the robbers boarded the train they pulled out their dollars so the robbers could "rob" them. The kids caught on eventually but poor little Brandon didn't get it (he is 4) and freaked out thinking they really were getting robbed. Kev said it was a fun experience.

Cool pictures of the group at the Canyon.

OK, LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Ethan with the sun on his face and wind in his hair-- he is like my little model!!

And here are some final pictures of Kevin and the boys time at the Grand Canyon. They got to do so many really cool things while there including visiting Indian land and ruins, lava fields and more. I love vacations like this where they are educational as well as fun. Kevin said they really missed Mia and I but that it was kind of fun just hanging out as "the boys." Mia and I also really missed our men but we had a fun time together as "the girls."

So now I am off on Spring Break this next week but the boys are back to school so I still have all the typical mommy responsibilities while the boys are in school (homework etc.). I'm sure I will do a day at Disney and probably hang out with Laila a bit. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to come.

Have a great week!!!!


  1. What fun pics! Looks like the boys had lots of fun. My Mia saw the pics of Kevin with Mia and immediately she identified that it was little Mia and her Dada. Miss you guys!

  2. Christy,
    As always love your blog. Our agency will let you pick your preference, but they don't guarantee that you will get the gender you specify. I think with Korea each agency has their own rules. We really wanted a girl, but our agency told us it was a 70% chance that it would be a boy. We left it in God's hands. We got really lucky on how long it took for her referral. We started changing our paperwork end of Oct beginning of Nov. and got her referral in Jan. It was all so wonderful. She should be home any time. I'm so excited I can't even think straight.


  3. OMG!!!!!
    HOW FUN!!!!
    I LOVE all the pictures...
    Love the Grand Canyon it is sooo beautiful..
    You guys always have sooo much fun..
    I want to come to your house..
    Have a Great Week..

  4. love all the collages. I love seeing Mia beside the dog.
    SOunds like a wonderful trip. Hope your Spring break has good weather and lots of fun!

  5. Looks like alot of fun! They are so cute.

  6. All of it looks like a blast - oh the memories you are making with your kids - so cool!

    Thanks so much for sharing the fun with us - makes me want to leave on vacation right this minute!!


  7. Looks like the guys had an awesome trip! Your hubby did do a great job with the pictures. :) I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with Mia and that you all were able to be together at Dumont.

  8. Wow, looks like a great time... I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon... someday! And my hubby wants an RV to travel in... it's all I hear!

  9. I am sure I am not alone in this comment and I am sure you will delate it BUT I am SHOCKED that your husband would drive with Mia on his lap. He KNOWS what can and could happen! Seatbelts and Carseats save lives! I personally am appauled! My husband travels a lot but he would never come home and drive around town with our daughter on his lap!

  10. I, too, like the above poster was shocked to see your husband driving while holding your daughter and that you actually posted it. I have enjoyed reading your family adventures and this goes to show we all make mistakes.