Monday, April 14, 2008

Mullet No More!!

**Just a trivia spec on Mia's outfit in this post. When we first decided to adopt way back in 2005 I bought this outfit and another one like it in blue from The Children's Place. I kept them in a bag for years and totally forgot I ever even bought them until a couple days ago. We are getting rid of a big dresser in our bedroom and came across an old Children's Place bag with the outfits. I was so excited and while they may not be as cute as I once thought, I was so pleased to get to put the outfit on her and that it fit. Both pants and shirt are 6-9 months and fit her great!! Anyway, just a bit of Mia trivia!!

Mia is officially "mulletless." You may not be able to tell in her pictures because the back of her hair naturally curls under, but Mia was sporting one heck of a mullet. When her hair was wet the mullet went way down her back. Because of the natural curl it did not look too bad, but it was getting there. So, today I went to get my hair colored and cut by my friend who has done my hair for as long as I can remember and we have been friends since before high school. We were sitting and talking while the color was processing and she offered to cut Mia's hair. I happily took her up on it and she was able to totally chop the mullet off!! She took it really short in the back which I think looks so darn cute!! I just love the way it looks. My goal is to get her bangs and back the same length and then grow it out long all one length. But for now, while growing the bangs, I like the back short-- it is kind of a cute little bob cut!!

Here is a collage of the cut. She cut the sides and the back but not the front. You really can only see a difference in the back but I did lighten one of the pics in the collage so you can see the cut real well.

My friend Heather (who cuts my hair) has 3 kids and her youngest- Sunday- is about 5 months older than Mia. Heather and I go to church together and that is where we met in the youth group at the same church way back in high school. Anyway, Heather's oldest is in the same Sunday School class with Owen and Sunday (her youngest-- the one in the pics) is in the same class as Mia. Sunday and Mia had so much fun playing together. They freaked me out when they were by the water but they were both pretty good.

This evening we took the dogs out on the horse trail like we usually do and Mia took off like she ALWAYS does!! That girl can run and run fast. She books down the horse trail at full speed and then stops and sits on the ground and plays with rocks and then takes off again. She squeals the whole time-- it is so cute!! She loves the dogs and when they will run towards her she just squeals with excitement.

Here is a little video of Mia on the trail. It is kind of cute!

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  1. LOVE the new haircut....
    But then again.. MIA is cute no matter what...
    And the outfit is still cute.. but it is probably cuter because Ms. Mia is in it....
    Have a Great Week..

  2. Mia is so cute!

    Loved the pictures!


  3. Love Miss Mia's new little hair cute!! Too Cute!

  4. She is so cute. Hope she wasn't eating anything nasty.


  5. She should be so totally worn out from all that running.

  6. Love the haircut! she look so you can tell I am playing catch up woth my blog reading. Love the updates:)


  7. Mia's hair is adorable. She is such a cutie! I loved the video of her running. Those horse trails are beautiful!! Wow, you live in a beautiful area. What a great place to go for a walk! She is such a peanut!

  8. Christy, thanks for the heads up of Ellie on the redthreadstitches blog. I hadn't seen the pictures yet. Fun that Ellie and Mia are right by each other! :-)

  9. Cute! I wish I had a horse trail that I could let Kailee run all her energy off!

    I've been wanting to trim the back of Kailee's hair to blunt it up a bit. It's not quite mullet, but I really would like it more even. I was suppose to cut it this weekend, but never got the time.

    So, when are you leaving for the weekend? Got time for a Friday morning Disney romp?

  10. LOVE the haircut...I love the way the back of her head looks. She is soooo cute when she is running...her little legs go so fast...I love it!!

  11. Love Mia's outfit AND her little hair cut!!! YES...she IS just so darn cute!!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a fantastic week!

  12. What a little cutie. I remember when I got to pull out clothes I had bought for Spicy Girl. I had imagined her in them for so long, and then I got to put them on and see how cute she actually was in them. Fun!!

  13. Oh, how cute!! Been debating on doing this with Lily's hair she has some curl too.

  14. How precious!!! Hey, I noticed in your side bar that Mia is from Yueyang County. My Mallory is from Yueyang City. We were able to go to her orphanage and see some sites of Yueyang City.
    I am tagging you. Check out my blog.:)

  15. Love the haircut. That is exactly what I would have done. It looks adorable on her. Love the pictures of the horse trail too.

    You didn't show us your new do!!