Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today I saw the most beautiful face. I saw a little baby that was planned for our family since before time began. I saw a little girl that was MY LITTLE GIRL!!! I saw My Mia. One year ago today we received our long awaited referral for our beautiful daughter Ba Jun Fei-- Mia JunFei Bock. It was a day that I will remember forever. A day our family saw a glimpse of completion. Never in a million years would I ever had expected sheer perfection but Mia was just that. One year ago today my heart became whole!!

If you would like to see the original referral post-- click HERE. It is so fun to read it all again. I tell you-- that day was perfection and I remember it as if it were yesterday. I cant believe it has been a year-- amazing!!!


First off I must tell you about a funny thing Mia does. Not only does she wear my high heels around but she likes to put my bras on. Every morning when I am getting ready she goes into my closet and grabs one of my bras laying on the ground (yes my closet is a mess-- but a controlled mess) and slings it around her neck. She walks around while I am getting ready with the bra around her neck and she thinks nothing of it. She just looks at you like-- what?? It is so adorable!! So, I finally had my camera around when she had the bra on and I had to take a few pics. Please excuse the bra but it is too funny not to post.

Today Mia looked far too cute in the dress she wore at church today so here are a few pictures:

After church Kevin and the boys went to an off road show and Mia and I went to a baby shower for our friend Christy. Mia and Savanna were having a great time playing-- well kind of playing--not sure if Savannah thought it was fun-- but anyway, they were really cute so I had to take more pictures.

If you are curious what they are "drinking" it is a baby medicine bottle and they are sucking on the end. They love sucking on that little dropper top.

Mia is obsessed with my phone and since it is a Blackberry it is flat and kind of like a rectangle. Because of this Mia is not interested in the traditional phone-- no she likes the flat looking things to use as phones. In the above pictures she is using a domino as a phone and can be frequently seen using a flat lego as a phone. On another note I think Mia said "monkey" today. She watches Curious George in the car all the time and love it. In the bottom pictures she is looking at a DVD case for Curious George and says to my mom- pointing to George--"monkey". I was shocked. I looked at her and she said it again and was pointing to George again. It was clear as can be and I think I am safe to say that she indeed knows the word monkey-- YAAAA MIA!!!!

We had Kevin's parents over for dinner tonight and we had a great time. We were all sitting in the kitchen and all of a sudden Mia figures out how to open the pantry door (where all the food is). I was horrified as this is now going to be a challenge to keep her out. Because it was a "first" I had to take a video of it. Oh my little Miss Mia was so proud of herself-- goodness what am I going to do??

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  1. Happy 1 Year....
    I can not believe it has been a year...
    AN AMAZING year...
    Mia is sooooo adorable..
    LOVE all the pictures..
    I can't get enough of that beautiful little girl..
    This is my medicine on my long journey to Isabella..
    I can not wait to meet you all someday...
    Have a Great Day..
    The pantry door is cute~ but you are going to have fun...LOL..

  2. I remember following your amazing story to Mia. Happy 1 year. Your days must be filled with so much joy. She is precious, and I love to visit your blog, and she her darling photos. Mia is also very fashionable! Thanks for sharing. It helps seeing what is on the other side of this wait.
    :) Ashley

  3. Happy referal day!! What a joyous day! All of her pictures are just sooooo cute!!

  4. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. She is such a precious child. We are so blessed to have such wonderful girls. Jie Jie Mia loves to watch videos of Mei Mei Mia and see the pics. She has really identified with her.
    Hugs to all of you,
    Lisa and Big Mia (on my lap)

  5. Happy one year Mia. I remember reading her referral one year ago on our October yahoo group. I was so happy you finally got to see her beautiful face. It's amazing we were on pins and needles one year ago not knowing when we would see our girls. What a blessing and privledge to be their mommies. Last year we missed the cutoff by one day but I am so glad because now I have my Rowan and she is the perfect girl for us. Cheers to a beutiful daughter!

  6. I remember 'your story' and THANK GOD - because Mia IS YOUR daughter!! Her referral pictures are gorgeous & she keeps getting cuter every day! She is such a peanut - good luck keeping her out of the pantry!!

  7. Congratulations on 1 year of referral! I remember almost 3 years ago meeting you at the Nightlight picnic and you were just starting the process of adopting. I well remember your anguish over being skipped, but it has totally been worth it! She's a perfect addition to your family.

    Now about that pantry...I think she's just getting too smart and you better hide your credit cards or she's likely to start ordering her snacks online. :)


  8. year...I was following your blog back then too, I remember the joy of checking in and seeing your little girl. Mia is perfect for your family!! LOVE the bra story...and the fact that you take pictures of it and put it on your blog...hysterical!!

    To answer your question...I dont have a LID yet, but I know my dossier arrived in Beijing on 3/31! Now with SN adoptions you wait for a LOA (letter of acceptance) you sign it and send it back just like with NSN referrals and then the TA comes. It seems LOA's are taking anywhere from 40-100 days :( Pray Pray Pray we are on the short end!! I hope we are there and back by the end of July!!

    I made a pinafore turned out cute...thought of your MIL when I was working on it 'cause I got stuck at one point, but worked it out!

  9. Happy Referral Day! Mia is a perfect fit for your family!

    The bra pictures are hilarious! She is tooooo cute!

  10. P.S. I had a gal in town make Kamree four pinafores. I just got them back so I will post pictures soon! Thanks again for the idea!

  11. It's SO hard to believe it's been a year...isn't it?!?! Did you guys have a Gotcha Day celebration...or just treat it like any other day? Just curious! We've gotta decide what we're going to do!! Did you guys get the original finding ad? We've requested that they find it...but I just don't know if it's going to be anything different than what we already have.

    LOVE the pics of Mia. How funny that she can get in the pantry now. We had issues with Silas when he began to get mobile. One day we lost him and could not find him. After frantically looking I began to open doors. Well...he was in the pantry floor, with the whole box of peppermint patties in his lap and his mouth FULL of them! It was then that I realized we HAD to get a baby lock on it....and it's still there to this day!! I'm thankful for it!!!

    Sorry I haven't commented in a while...we've been BUSY!!! Great to hear from you!! Hope you have a fantastic week!
    Love ya,

  12. Happy forever family day! These pics are all darling! Definitely blog worthy stuff!

  13. Congrats on 1yr, I remember your referral day, very special. Funny about the bra, my Lily is always putting clothes on her head when we change her or have her clothes laid out, guess it's time for some dress up clothes. Be careful with the phone, Lily actually downloaded extras on my phone and has taken some pretty good pictures too, it's funny how smart they are!!!!

  14. Happy 1 year! Wow, time goes by fast. I loved the video. She is tooooooo adorable!

  15. Happy 1 year! Wow, time goes by fast. I loved the video. She is tooooooo adorable!

  16. Happy referral anniversary day! Your little Mia is such a cutie! The bra pics are too funny!


  17. The change in her is amazing...I can only imagine how it must be in real life. She seems to have come alive since joining your family!! Happy anniversary to you guys!!

  18. Happy Referral Anniversary! It's amazing how quickly time has gone by hasn't it? Though it was forever during the long, long wait. Mia is just adorable, and is full of personality. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

    Hope to see you soon!

  19. Hey

    I found your blog through someone else's....we started our marriage in Southern California....had our first couple of kids there. I taught in Torrance and Redondo Beach. We used to do field trips to Disneyland! I can't believe that I used to take 25 first graders to Disneyland.

    I enjoyed reading about your family. By the way, our newest little one is named Mia too!


  20. Happy One Year referral! She is adorable as ever.

    LOL at the pantry. They do make saftey locks for those types of handles. We have one on our basement door. Fun stuff!

  21. I've been reading all your posts and loving all the pictures of Mia - she is just too cute!
    I had to comment on the bra - Piper is obsessed with bras and "boobies"! We were in Walmart the other day and she saw the huge selection of bras and got all excited, shouting "BOOBIES!!!".

    Loved the pictures.