Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!!!

Our plan was to go to Dumont again but we looked at the weather and it was going to be windy and sand and wind do not mix well so we opted to go to a new place called Cougar Buttes. It is closer to our house (only about 1.5 hours) and it is desert trail riding and rock climbing. It was a change of pace but a lot of fun. The kids just loved the rocks and did a ton of climbing.

This first collage shows Mia attempting to put her shoes on-- she likes to do it now and clearly says SHOE!!! It also shows Mia doing what she loves to do-- playing with sand toys and hanging with Max under the motor homes. It is very cute how much she loves her dogs. My mom made a comment this week (she babysits Mia on Thursday's while I work) that the dogs are Mia's playmates and it is really true. She loves the dogs so much and cuddles up with them all the time.

Mia and I decided to take our turn at rock climbing. We went up to an outcropping of rocks by our camp and had a little photo shoot. Emily saw us and came up to help. It was a lot of fun going up and down the rocks. Mia did GREAT!!!! We went really high and over some tough terrain but she held her own and walked by herself most of the time. You can see our camp (half of it) in one of the pictures of Mia. It is way in the background but that is how we came-- we circle around and have a big camp fire and play area in the middle of the circle. I think we had 6 RVs this time which is actually a small group for us (usually more like 10).

The guys brought all their Paint Ball stuff and they had a Paint Ball war yesterday afternoon. It was soooooo FUN!!! They found a valley behind our camp and they just went to town. Owen lasted almost the whole game and won over a bunch of men-- Ethan did pretty good also!! Owen is in the middle picture with the full gear and Ethan is next to him.

We decided not to got to Dumont because of the wind but we were not void of wind here either. At least there was not sand but after dinner on Saturday night the wind started going and it went like crazy. We were not able to have a camp fire and we were holding on through 60 mph gusts all night long-- it was crazy-- the worst winds we have ever had while camping!!

We woke up this morning to beautiful NON WINDY sunny weather. It was beautiful so we were able to enjoy a nice morning in the sun but at about 11am the wind started whipping again so we decided to pack up and head out. Since we were only 1.5 hours from home we decided to stop by home, let the kids have a shower and then head to our nephew Christian's birthday party (which we did not think we would be able to attend because we would be camping). We made it in time for lunch (late lunch) and for all the festivities. Christian had a blast and so did the kids.

Here you see the kids (and my dad) playing musical chairs and the three finalists on the first round and the finalists on the second round. Seems like the big boys always make it to the end-- poor little kids.

Mia and Savannah are only 7 months apart and they are going to grow up having a great time together as cousins. Mia absolutely loves Savannah and often loves her a little too much! She hugs Savannah and knocks her over. She "shares" her paci with Savannah and in turn allows Savannah to "share" her paci. Mia like Savannah to play with toys-- on Mia's terms. It is all very cute in their own adorable way.
We had a nice time at Christian's party-- HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN!! We then came home, unpacked the RV, ate a little something and then put the kids to bed.
TOmorrow we have Mia's 1 year social worker appointment. It is at 10:30am so I will let you all know how it goes. Have a great week!!!


  1. You guys are always having ALL the fun...
    LOVE the pictures...
    Paintballing is my boys favorite...
    LOVE Mia's little dress.. and her little clippie... you always have a clippie to match..
    LOVE IT!!!!
    Have fun tomorrow... the appointment will go PERFECT... and then that is the last one...RIGHT???? NO MORE..
    I think my favorite picture is the one of MIA smiling into the camera...
    Have a Great Week..

  2. Wow, you guys have so much going on! Musical chairs, paintball and birthdays!! Too much fun!

  3. Love the pics of Mia and her playmates. How funny that she crawls under the home.

    She is so cute. Glad to know she has a cousin close to her age.


  4. What a fun weekend! Wow, you guys are always on the go! Love Mia's dress, so cute!!!

  5. Looks like a fun weekend! I'll BET Mia just loves on her baby cousin :)

  6. That always looks like so much fun when you go camping. My boys would so love that. We don't camp here - too many mosquitos!

  7. Always a good time going on here!! Just love Mia's wardrobe!

    She is such a cutie!

    Glad the wind did not slow you down:)


  8. what a great weekend! I'm so jealous! You always have the most fun!! I SO need to get something going with our family. We've just been busy busy busy...but not blog worthy busy! I lOVE all the pictures. Mia is adorable!! Hope yall have an amazing week. I look forward to hearing about your 1 year post adoption report!!

  9. it does look like an amazing weekend!
    love all the pics!
    wow your 1 yr appt already? IT flies once they are home...