Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cute Hair, Swings & Horse Trail

Every morning Mia gets a bath and I blow dry her hair. Yesterday I decided to round brush her hair and it turned out so cute.

Today and for the rest of the weekend it is going to be in the 90's so we are going to be spending a lot of time outside and in the pool. Mia and I were playing on the swing set and she just was having so much fun I ran in and grabbed my camera.

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As we do everyday, we went on our daily walk on the horse trail and here are a few cute pics from that. She has so much fun with the dogs on the trail and I am constantly chasing after her. She loves to run back in our yard with the dogs chasing after her and lock the dogs out. She sits there and laughs and laughs. On a side note, Mia has figured out how to open the front door and she has given me a few scares. Unfortunately all our doors are the lever handles and Mia can get on her tippy tippy toes and grab the bottom of the handle and pull down. She has figured out if she leans back while grabbing the handle that she can open just about all the doors in our house-- uggg!! A couple days ago I heard the front door open and I went outside and didn't see anything so I started hunting for Mia and by the time I saw her she was in the middle of the street. I scared the living heck out of me. I yelled at her and I think I scared her pretty good and then as soon as I grabbed her (after making a fool of myself screaming and flailing my arms as I was running to her)I burst into tears. It was just so scary to think that a car could have been going by-- thank GOD there wasn't. Anyway, now we have to dead bolt the door and I think I am going to go look for something we can use to baby proof it. It just freaked me out way too much.

We have a swim party this afternoon so I am sure we will have some cute bathing suit pics of Mia. I got her a couple really cute suits so I am anxious to see her in them. Have a great weekend!!!!
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  1. Love her hair it is so cute! The video of her swinging is adorable and I would have probably freaked out and cried afterward if my Ellie had run out of the house and into the street. Thank God that you're a good mommy and knew to go hunt for her. Good job!!

  2. oh her hair is darling!!!! I am sure the swim suit shots will be adorable! We are almost ready to swim ourselves. I have been getting the pool in shape this week. Its almost sparkly.

  3. Cute hair! Cute little bow - where did you find the little flowers? I love it!

  4. Mia's hair is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see her swimming pictures! Our weather (in Nebraska) is still crappy so we won't see the pool for a while longer!

  5. Mia's hair looks so cute like that. Sorry you had such a scare with Mia, but glad she was ok.

  6. I LOVE Mia's hair...
    She is soooo cute...
    I can't believe she got out the front door..
    she is a little pistol...
    Have a Great Weekend..
    Can't wait to see her in her little swimsuit..

  7. Nice fluffy blow-dry! How do you keep Mia still long enough?! No way could I do this to Kailee. I just trimmed her hair the other day while strapped into her booster seat eating breakfast! Guaranteed to keep her in one spot.

    In laws are arriving this week, so I don't know about Dland, unless they want to go.

    Is it hot enough for you!
    Let's chat soon.

  8. Oh her hair is adorable! Thanks for all of the sweet comments today on our blog. It is fun to look back!

  9. So very cute hair!!! I am so loving the weather right now! It's in the 70's up here, which is HOT for us! Have a fun party today!

  10. She is just so darling! I love her little summer haircut. And that matching hair bow!

  11. I had the same thing happen with Caroline. She opened the front door at 3:00am! We now have a deadbolt on the front door with a key placed high up on a nail so that we can get out (Peter too), but she cannot reach it. And yes, it scared the heck out of me. Thank God I happened to be awake at that hour of the morning (not by choice, just couldn't sleep). We've had the deadbolt on for almost 2 years now. I csn't trust that she won't answer the door when I'm in the shower.


  12. Her hair is darling! I'm impressed that she allows you to blow dry it. I wish my girls would sit still long enough for me to blow dry theirs.

  13. Oh she is just so precious. Love that color on her. She is beautiful.

  14. OK...I'm So lovin her hair!! It looks adorable. Silas did that one time when he was one. We lost him and he was walking down the street in his jammies. OH!!!! I CANNOT TELL you how my heart was overwhelmed at the thought of something happening. It really is scarry!!! So..I think a good lock in an awesome thing...and an alarm that beeps if the door is opened!! :) So glad she's ok!!! Love all the pictures! You guys enjoy the pretty weather!!

  15. How sweet, just love the hair!!! I am so jealous, our temperature today is 46 right now and possible snow flurries tonight, low 30's in the morning!!!!

  16. Her hair is just adorable...hope you have the time to that everyday :) LOL

  17. Thank goodness the street incident is s thing of the past!! Whew, scary!

    Now, onto the good stuff, her hair is adorable, really adorable - LOVE iT!

    That dress is darling and she is just precious.

    You always have busy weekends - I get tired just reading it:) But I so enjoy hearing about what you all are up to.

    Hope Owen is feeling better.