Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun With The New Table

After our glass table by the pool shattered into the pool, we decided to move the main outdoor dining table by the pool and buy a new really big main dining table. We have so many parties during summer that we needed the extra seating space that a large table would provide so we purchased a new one at Costco. The table will provide us with great enjoyment but it has also provided the kids with great enjoyment.

As you can see by the above pictures Mia is greatly enjoying her new "climb on toy." I tried to keep her off the table but she was obsessed. The pictures were taken after her nap so she looks kind of scroungy but still cute :)

Owen also derived great enjoyment not from the table but from the boxes the table came in. He and Mia made a shooting fort where he can shoot his bbgun. Hours of enjoyment-- in fact today they have added cushions and all kinds of "upgrades" to their fort. Very cool!!!

We are working on getting the backyard ready for summer. We have been having really hot weather so our pool is already in the 80's (we have solar so it heats the pool by the sun really quickly-- a few hot days and the pool is nice temp) so we needed to do a few final things to get the yard party ready. As you can see from the pictures that Max and Sadie are greatly enjoying the pool (they live in it during the summer). Owen is on the fireplace playing with the misters and we have a cute little nest of baby birds in our yard and I happen to catch them feeding and was able to take a picture. Very cute!!!
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  1. Your pool and backyard look lovely! Your Mia is a little cutie and the fort looks like a lot of fun!


  2. Your pool and backyard look amazing!! Don't you just love the fun kids can have with boxes? Mia is adorable, as always!

  3. LOVE the new table..
    Love the pool...very pretty..
    And of course.. LOVE Mia.. she is darling.
    Have a Great Day..

  4. Your pool is awesome! It looks like something you'd see at a resort. I'm jealous! Here in Cincinnati, Ohio we only have about two or three months of hot weather, so we can't justify getting a pool.

    I love the table too!


  5. I so wish we had a pool! Our next house will definitely have one! Cute pics!

  6. Love Mia's dress! Do you mind if I ask where it is from?

  7. LOVE the table!!! AND your pool!! How awesome is that?!?!? Love the pics of Mia playing around too!!! Yall will have a GREAT Summer!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. WOW!!! Your backyard is awesome!!!! Can I come to one of your parties? I love the pool, the fireplace, the table, etc.!!! How fun!!! Ellie has the same dress, did you get it from the GAP?

  9. Yes, I got the dress at the Gap and it is really cute on. It is cotton and just really casual. Love it but I tend to love all of GAP's stuff!!

    I also love our backyard! Kevin did almost all the work himself. He did all the landscaping, designed the concrete and whole yard- even the pool. He is really good at that stuff but since he does all the work himself it does take a while to get projects done. We literally live in the back yard all summer long so I love the fact that we actually use our yard!!

    Christy :)

  10. I want to come and visit your backyard this summer!!! Jie Jie Mia wants to come and see Mia as well. Love Mia's dress. Almost bought the same one. Enjoy!!!

  11. Wow,
    by all these comments it sounds like you're going to have one heck of a pool party. I am so glad Rowan is not the only climber. Those Hunan girls are known as the best gymnasts in China and now we see why. Rowan actually climbed the bunkbed ladder and broke her arm so I've had to hover a bit more since that incident and she has been climbing less and less on the table and kitchen island. I guess when she's an olympic gold medalist I will look back on these days and smile.

  12. I love Mia's dress!! Your pool area is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Makes me wonder (again) WHY we don't live in Southern California instead of Southern Colorado!?!?!