Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lunch with Ava

**Update-- I just got off the phone with a nurse at the IA clinic in Long Beach and I told her all about Mia and she consulted with the doctor and called me back. She said the doctor said that he does not need to see Mia and that she sounds like she is doing well. So, I guess we wont need to take her in. Fine by me :)

I met Laila and Cassie for lunch today and of course the girls were in tow. We went to El Torito and they sat us way in the back of the restaurant by ourselves (smart people) so the girls were able to play a bit. There was a patio attached to the back of the restaurant and our server said the girls could play on the patio. They loved that and we were able to have a relatively peaceful lunch. This is how the girls entertained themselves.

Our 1 year adoption appointment with the social worker went great. All is well and we are done with all the updates. One thing our Social worker suggested was that we have Mia assessed medically at an International Adoption Medical Clinic. I have emailed her asking for suggestions but I was wondering if any of you out there know of any good clinics in the Los Angeles area. She was not concerned about Mia but thought it would be a good idea only because Mia is small and because we never had it done before. Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway, all is well with us. Hope you are having a good week.
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  1. Love your blog and Mia is gorgeous (those big brothers aren't bad either ;-). I am in San Diego, we just had our HS update and I just asked my SW this very question. She said there is a very good IA Clinic in LA, UCLA I believe, but I am not sure. She said she would email me the information, when I get it I will pass it along. There is a clinic in Oakland that came highly recommended Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Christy,

    Congrats on your one year visit!
    Hard to believe!!! The family
    looks great!!! I was so jealous
    I so badly wanted to see Bon Jovi
    Today my friend I took are Chinese
    beauties and got their ears pierced
    A PIECE OF CAKE!!!! I hope to get
    a hold of you this summer to meet
    at Disney!!!!

    Take Care,


    P.S. How's your wrist???

  3. TOO CUTE!!!
    The girls look like they had FUN!!!
    Glad Mia is doing well and you are all done...

  4. Looks like a fun lunch! Glad to hear your appointment went well too!

  5. Well, *I* don't think Mia needs to be evaluated...I think your pediatrician would be the best judge on her physical state. You can always have her developmental stuff evaluated through Early Intervention for free. (Your tax dollars at work) Mia seems right on track...She's strong and smart, she's just petite. But if you want to spend the money, there is a international clinic in Long Beach that comes highly recommended:
    Stramski Children's Development Center
    Miller Children's Hospital
    2880 Atlantic Avenue #255
    Long Beach, CA 90806

  6. Looks like fun.

    Can't help with the doctor though.

  7. Hey is a link with all the International Adoption Medical Clinics across the US. Hopefully there will be one close to ya!!! It is very helpful to go. We went after being home 6 weeks. We didn't go for the 6 months check up cause she was doing so well. Anyway, here is the link. Hopefully it will help!! Have a great week!

  8. The girls look darling together. I have heard people talking about these assessments just recently. I would be interested in any information that you find out.

  9. Only doc I know of is in Oakland, sorry it's not closer to you.

    Cute pics!

  10. Sorry, I got nothing on the doctor!

    The girls look like they had a beautiful time while Mamas got to eat lunch! Yummy!!

  11. Can you believe it is time for the 12 month post placements already??!! We had ours on April 1st. Another wonderful milestone. I LOVE watching Mia grow. Her first photos are still etched in my mind...with that distant pang I felt each time I thought about what you were going through. Here's to happy endings!

  12. Glad to hear your 1 year social worker appointment went well. The girls look like they had fun at the luncheon as well!

  13. YEAH!!!
    I knew she was PERFECT!!!
    Have a Great Evening..