Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Little Climber

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Yes my Mia is a climber. She climbs everything. She climbs our kitchen drawers and can almost make it to the counter. She climbs the stairs in seconds flat. She has been found in a number of precarious situations that put the fear of God in my heart. We were at Chuck and Susan's last night for our weekly KID NATION party (changed it from Wednesday to Thursday so we could watch the TIVO'ed one and start earlier) and they had a ladder out because they were decorating their Christmas Tree. Needless to say, my mission throughout the whole evening was to keep Mia from climbing the ladder. I let her play a little but that girl scares the heck out of me when her foot slips off and she barley catches herself from falling to the hard cold travertine--ugg!! Anyway, as always, I had my handy little camera ready so I took a few pics. One of them I was playing with that color feature so it looks kind of weird.

By the way, I am sitting on my couch at 9am drinking my coffee and it is totally raining outside!! This is the first rain of the season here in Southern California and it is actually raining pretty good. We get VERY LITTLE rain here so when it actually comes down we all snuggle up and act as if it were below freezing with a fire in the fireplace. Not that it is that cold- it is cold for us-- maybe 55 to 60 degrees-- but it gives us reason to snuggle and feel as if it were actually fall. Another note about the rain that many of you from other states will laugh at is that when this strange thing called water falls from the sky, drivers in Southern California lose all their senses and literally forget how to drive. I guarantee there will be accidents all over the roads today and if I get on the freeway people will probably be driving at a snales pace. This drives me nuts but again this strange precipitation thing causes us all to lose our abilities. Another funny thing is that it is raining pretty good but nothing like what most of you are probably use to. On the news here in Southern California the top story is "STORM WATCH 2007!!!!" Literally they call this a storm and people are glued to the news to watch for "NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE STORM". I swear it is true and it is so funny because Kevin grew up in Canada and thinks we here in So Cal are ridiculous. We are total wimps and bundle our kids for a cold day when it is expected to only get to 60 degrees for the day. Anyway- I know we are wimps- what do you do??

Anyway, have a great weekend!!
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  1. Ah, come on Christy, it's a brisk 56 degrees! :)

    Good thing we didn't decide to do Disney today!

  2. We do what all S. Cal's do: Turn on our fake fireplaces and make instant hot cocoa. :)


  3. Your little daredevil is so cute. Love the smile.


  4. It is 22 degrees right now and I am freezing!! We are suppose to have horrible freezing rain and snow tomorrow. YUCK! Chicago is no fun in the winter! Mia is as cute as ever.

  5. Okay... that is just like us here in AZ...
    It is raining here today.. and I seen more then usual wrecks on the side of the road on the way home..
    AZ. people don't know how to drive in rain either..
    It was 56-60 here today too..
    Think we are about the same...
    TOO FUNNY...
    Have a WONDERFUL Weekend

  6. My mom told me one time when I was just starting to crawl/walk, she left the room. When she came back, I was on top of the piano!

    Keep a close eye on her! :)

  7. Oh please send that rain this way!!!! It's 39 up here right now and looks like it could be 75 outside!

  8. We live in Michigan, so rain isn't really a hindrance. We drove home in a sleet storm last night from the mall. We're just used to cold snowy weather. We drink a lot of coffee and the kids drink hot chocolate. Our lake is mostly frozen over right now and there is snow on the ground.
    I think SoCal is gorgeous and it's ok that you warm bloods get a little worked up over a storm. : )

  9. I love your description of the rain and how those in California react to it. I lived in the Bay area for 6 years, and having come from the Midwest, I could not believe how everyone bundled up and thought it was freezing! I acclimated to that weather really fast, but now I'm back in the Midwest enjoying (haha) the cold and snow!

  10. Well, just wait until she's about 2 or so and she will try to climb the rock-climbing walls like her brothers. We just went to a rock-climbing party for Peter's end of baseball party and at 3, Caroline decided she wanted to try too. By her 3rd climb, she had the descent down to a "T" and was able to not only climb to the top, but push off the rock to descend.