Friday, November 16, 2007

Leaving out of town-- again!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are leaving today to go to Dumont again from today till Tuesday and then we get back and on Wednesday we take off for Thanksgiving in Central California with my family. We wont be home until Saturday. The boys have all next week off so we wanted to do some fun trips. While I plan to take my computer and will attempt to post pictures, it may not be very easy. So, don't think I have disappeared-- I'm here, just not at home :)

On a side note, you all rock with regards to the mommy guilt thing. I just so appreciate all the amazingly supportive wonderful woman who are a part of my cyber life. You guys rock and I truly appreciate all your words of encouragement!!

Another side note. I saw on a new friends blog (hi Ali) these adorable hair bow holders. If anyone has followed my blog for a while you know I love bows and Mia has a ton.

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This cute little invention is created by a SAHM and they are adorable. Take a look-- I'm totally getting one!!!

So, I will try to post soon. You all have a wonderful weekend and a great week. We all have so much to be thankful for living here in a land of wealth. We are all truly blessed.


  1. Have a great week! Sounds like fun.

  2. LOVE IT...
    I will be looking into one of those..
    Hugs to you ..
    Have tons of fun... Can't wait to see pictures..

  3. Hey there,
    I have been a lurker on your blog for a while now. My dh and I have a LID of 4/17/07 - so we have a very long wait ahead of us.

    I just read that you love bows - well it just so happens that I have been making bows and I am trying to sell them. I wanted to start out just making them for our future daughter but it seems to have gotten a "little" out of hand. So if you are interested I can send you pics of what I have... Just a thought...

    Have a safe trip -
    Jennifer Seabolt
    lid 4/17/07

  4. Have a great week and enjoy spending time with your awesome family! Don't have that mommy guilt -- just have fun and make memories. ;)

  5. I totally need one of those bow holders. We have oodles of bows too.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. Have a great trip & a Happy Thanksgiving!! Look forward to the pics post-holiday!!

  7. Have a fantastic week! We'll be having withdrawls without your bloggin' but totally know how it is!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!