Sunday, December 2, 2007

Slow Weekend

This weekend was a little slow (for us). On Friday afternoon Laila, Ava, Cassie, Mia and I went to lunch and the mall. The first pictures are of Mia and Ava playing at Corner Cafe while Laila was being a good sport with the kids climbing all over her. After lunch we went shopping and of course gravitated towards the kid stores and ended up at Baby Gap and Naartjie and all the other fun stores. While at Gap the girls got into all kinds of trouble. They were into everything which I think is just too darn cute because they are actually really starting to play together. It is cute to see the "slated" best friends (slated by Laila and I) actually acting like friends. Very cute!!

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The next group of pictures are of Mia in a cute outfit from Naartjie. We were walking out to the car and she looked so cute that I actually pulled out my camera and took a few pictures. It was a brisk day so it was fun being able to put a sweater on Mia. There is also a picture of Mia in another one of her cute Christmas season dresses from Strausberg. We were on our way to church this morning and I wanted to take a picture but she was NOT cooperating so this is the best I could get.

On another note, after church today we went to my parents for pizza with Brad and Amy and kids, our friends Eric and Suzanne and kids and Cassie and my parents. We were in the dining room having pizza and talking and all of a sudden we saw smoke coming out of the music room where they have a piano and organ. My dad ran in there and the organ was on fire and was starting to catch the wall behind it on fire also. Luckily we had a fire extinguisher in the closet right there and easily put the fire out. I will say that without the fire extinguisher that fire would have climbed the wall and we would be in a heap of trouble. The house filled with smoke but we were able to air everything out but it really stunk things up. Needless to say my parents will be getting rid of the organ. It is very very old and it was an electrical malfunction. I just keep going over the scenarios if my parents were not home. Literally I think the house would have burned down. This is all on the heels of the Arrowhead, CA fires where their cabin came close to burning down-- goodness!!! We are very thankful this went well as it could have gone a very different way.

Anyway, the weekend was relatively uneventful with taking the kids to the movies, hanging out and going to church. It was nice!! I hope all your weekends were WONDERFUL!!!


  1. Love the pictures...
    Sounds like you had a nice weekend...
    Sorry to hear about the organ catching on fire...
    So glad you all were there...
    We did Christmas Card Pictures..
    Stop by and take a look...
    Have a Great Week..

  2. Love the little green outfit...
    Mia is adorable..

  3. Just thought I would pop in and say hi - I read your entries all the time in my bloglines.....I love seeing what your Mia is up to! Glad to hear your cabin survived the fires.
    Jane (Oct DTC group)

  4. Love the pictures....I can't BELIEVE that the organ was on fire...WOW!! It's a good thing you guys caught it! It's nice to have slow weekends every once in a while. It's hard to get them with kids!! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Mia is adorable as usual!!