Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mia's Big Day!!!

Mia has had quite the week. She had her birthday on Monday, learning to walk on Tuesday, her first Halloween on Wednesday, her big party on Saturday and friends over on Sunday-- needless to say, she (as well as mommy and daddy) is pooped. We had her big Birthday/ Welcome Home Party on Saturday afternoon. We never did a baby shower for Mia because it was summer and everyone was so busy so we decided to make it a combo party-- Birthday and Welcome Home! Mia looked as cute as can be and we had about 95 of our closest friends and family over to our house for the party. It was the biggest party we ever had at our house. There were a TON of people but we had a wonderful time. I seriously could not have put this party on without my wonderful husband Kevin but also Laila, my mom, my brother (who is a chef and cooked) and Cassie (my sister). It was a HUGE production complete with a jumpy, a craft, a ton of food and lots of friends and family. Mia loved the cake and dug right in. I put a video of her eating the cake and us singing to her (sorry it is so dark-- it was already dark when we did cake). She did great with the party and is just a social girl but when she gets tired-- its only mommy or daddy! Anyway, we packed it up at about 11pm and went to church this morning. We then went to my parents for pizza after church and then we had a bunch of our camping friends over again tonight to finish up the rest of the food. We still had the jumpy tonight so the kids enjoyed that. The whole weekend was a great time and we were so happy to finally be able to celebrate the birthday and the homecoming of our little Angel!!!

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Video of THE SONG and THE CAKE:

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Mia eating her cake:

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Mia walking at my parents house after church on Sunday:

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  1. Christy,

    The cake looked so beautiful and
    It looks like you guys had quite
    The party!!! I am still struggeling with the place I chose
    for Allie's first birthday!! I dont have much time left!!! Good
    luck on your watching the weight
    please check in on me again. I need
    the support!!!!

    Take Care,

    Sindy :-)


  2. what an amazing cake & her DRESS! W-O-W!!

  3. oh the cake was lovely and I love little girls in blue. Her dress is gorgeous!

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful birthday princess.
    She is georgous and her dress is stunning.

  5. Christy,
    It looked like you had a fabulous time and Mia looked gorgeous! I loved the part of the video when she reached up to pull the clip that she didn't have out of her hair.
    I would have loved to have made it to your party, but I was suppose to work, and then wound up getting sick :(
    Happy Birthday Mia!

  6. WOW...
    Everything was amazing...
    Her dress,cake,party,walking...
    I was laughing at the first video.. all the kids want to eat that cake.. and little Mia is just sitting there not paying attention to anyone...
    I can't believe she is walking so well..
    Love the pictures...
    Have a WONDERFUL Week..
    Happy Birthday Again Mia.. And HAPPY HOMECOMING...

  7. Wow! 95 people, that is an amazing party. I love her dress, she looks just beautiful.

  8. WOW, what a weekend ~ sounds like it went great! Happy Birthday Mia!

  9. OMG. Everything looked so beautiful! Most importantly Mia. I'm assuming your brother made the gorgeous cake?! Where did you find Mia's dress? It is stunning. She's two, right??


  10. She is simply beautiful!!

    Happy Birthday Mia - you are so loved little girl!

    Looks like quite an event -congrats and hope it is a quiet week for you all:)


  11. Happy Birthday to baby Mia! Sounds like she is having a wonderful fall.

  12. Oh my gosh! What an amazing party! Her cake and dress were gorgeous! You are so lucky to have gotten her at such a young age. By far, she is the youngest baby that I have ever known adopted from China. What a lucky little girl! She is gorgeous! Everything was so special! A day to remember forever! Lisa

  13. That is just adorable. She looks so beautiful in that gorgeous dress, and the cake eating is hysterical. Sounds like it was a blast. Also sounds like you need a good nap!

  14. She is so beautiful in that dress, well in anything but that is a gorgeous dress.