Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Disneyland November 12

We went to Disneyland yesterday with Laila and her her kids and my sister Cassie. We had a great time but got home late and we had a tough morning this morning trying to get the boys off to school. We missed the bus but I got them to school on time-- yaaa!!

Disney is always fun and we were so excited that most of the Christmas decor was up and when Disneyland is decorated for Christmas it is truly magical!!! If any of you followed my blog for a long time there was a picture we took of the boys in front of the Christmas tree last year and there was a little Asian girl right next to them in the picture. I use to look at that picture and dream of the day that the little girl in the picture was Mia. Well, yesterday I had another dream realized when I got to take a picture of my kids in front of the tree. Not that the pictures are that great, but this was a major dream accomplished-- ALL MY KIDS!!!

Anyway, I had so many pictures that I had to separate them into three slide shows. The first are the Christmas Tree pics. The second is at California Adventure in the Brother Bear Play Land and the third is other miscellaneous pics of the day.

The Tree Pics:

Brother Bear Play Land:

Misc Pics:


  1. Oh I love all the pictures! We are going at the end of Nov to DW in FL and I am hoping for some beautiful memories and pics myself. I know what you mean about that little girl giving you hope and keeping your dream alive. So many times God would put a child like that in my path to keep my hope alive.

  2. Christy,

    Just loved the pics of Disney
    We cant wait to take Allie there
    Mia is sooooo cute!!!!!!!

    Sindy ( Allie's Mama)

  3. So thankful that your dream came true! The pictures of the boys with Mia by the tree are great!

  4. I love your boys' smiles (they look oddly familar?) What a great place to capture your kiddos having fun!

  5. How cute are all of those pictures :) Looks like they had a blast! Also thanks so much for your input on clothing size for Abby. My packing is going ever so slowly :)

  6. Love the pictures..
    The kids are sooo cute...
    They look like they had a BLAST..
    Have a Great Evening

  7. Cute pictures! We hope to get to Disney sometime soon. It looks like you had a great time. Mia is just adorable!

  8. Oh what great pictures. I grew up in socal, but never went to Disneyland at Christmastime. Can you believ that??

  9. I wanna go!! I would love to see Disney World around Christmas.

  10. Looks like a blast. How great to be able to go so often. I love Mia's little pink outfit and her silver shoes.