Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ohhh the ever expanding waistline--UGGG!!!

Anyone else out there in bloggerland dealing with an expanding waistline?? I hate feeling uncomfy in your own skin but I am there right now. I hate the fidgeting and pulling on your clothes because they fit a little tighter-- ugggg-- I hate it!!! I hate putting on something that feels just a tad different and it bugs you all day. I lost some weight in China back in May and I swear I have been on a steady incline since. I don't weigh because it depresses me too much, so I just go by how my clothes fit and up till recently I have not noticed a big difference but the last week or so I am noticing a slight tightening and it is driving me nuts!! I just need to stop eating whatever I want and actually pay attention to what I put in my mouth. I don't do diets very well because if I think I cant have something-- I obsess on wanting that thing. So, what tends to work best for me is just cutting down and being conscious of not putting everything in my mouth. Usually I can take off a few pounds by doing that-- the trick is to start doing that!! So, since I am posting on it on my blog I figure I need to start working on getting a few pounds off-- NOW!! I'm not looking to be a size 2. Heck no!! I could never be that skinny. I am taller (5 feet 7 inches) and I have big bones (I know everyone likes to say they have big bones but I really do-- my foot is a 9 1/2 and my hands are big- got my dads genes) so I know I will never be tiny. I am happy when I am a size 8 and when I got home from China I was easily a size 8 and a comfy 8 at that. Now I am a comfy 10 which I am OK with normally but I hate that things seem to be getting a bit tight. So, maybe take off 5 to 10 pounds and I should be OK-- right?? Uggg I hate this subject. I swear I so envy those little petite woman (or tall and thin) woman who do not have to struggle with weight. I have always wished I could be a tiny little thing who can wear anything and look good. Oh well, so much for wishing. At least my daughter will be a tiny little thing who will probably be able to wear anything. I can live vicariously though her- just kidding!! If she were a bio kid she would be HUGE like my boys. Kevin is 6'2 and I'm big so our kids tend to be HUGE(both boys were 28 pounds at a year- Mia is 17 pounds at a year)!! Anyway, I think I will start working on the cutting back thing today. Ive already had 32 ounces of coffee and a chicken soft taco from Del Taco so I will be conscious of what else I put into my stomach today-- Sounds like a plan!!!!


  1. Christy...I LOVE your candid comments...and just plain honesty. First, let me say, in EVERY picture I've seen you in, you look fantastic. But, I do understand feeling the way you feel. I'm there too. I'm also a "big boned" girl, (5'8/size 10 foot/ and size 12/14) When I got married I was a size 8 and thought I was big then!! I still can't believe that I thought that!! It is miserable not being able to eat what you want when you want it. I like to eat!! I'm sure our age has something to do with a slower metabolism...(I assume you're close to my age)....and for me, I have hypothyroidism...and that alone has made me put on the weight! YUCK!!! I am always so tempted to try those hoodia pills or something like that to help my metabolism...but I'm really nervous to do anything like that. I, like you, just have to cut back on what I take in...but more than anything I need to be more physically active! I don't like to sweat :) so need-less-to-say, I don't exercise at all! Anyway, I hope that you get enough inspiration and motivation to loose those crappy extra pounds...and I hope I do too!!! Thanks for just sharing your thoughts. It's good to know that I'm not the only one out there that feels this way! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Buffi,

    I am so with you on the forced activity thing. I hate to sweat and never exercise!! I am pretty active and am always on the go but HATE to actually exercise!! I know I could probably eat more (I too love to eat) if I exercised but I dont so I am forced to eat less which right now I am not doing hence the weight gain. Sucks the thyroid thing. I dont have an excuse-- just eat too much. I think we are the same age. I am 35-- sounds old. This weight thing is just bugging me so I thought I woudl post. Glad I am not alone.

    Christy :)

  3. Christy (& Buffi) - OK, I am LAUGHING inside, because I am 5'8, size 9 1/2 shoe AND a size 10 (CAN wear a 12!!) Do you REALLY think that we are BIG BONED??!! I, too, am not comfortable in my skin & I wish that I could be "just" 10# lighter! I DO think that the key is moving that body! (which I am terrible about)but, if it is fun (hiking, playing football)than you notice less! Also, I know that dieting is really no fun - but if you get the mindset that you are going to be "good" 80% of the time - that helps (me) to not obsess as much on really wanting that laffy taffy (Del Taco!)And High Fructose Corn Syrup kills!! (most of the things I love have that in them!)I think you look great though and part of me just wants to embrace that junk in the trunk! (lol) I love this me thinking I should be out running istead of sitting here eating chips. Hmmff..

    p.s. where did you order your digital elements from?

  4. I love your honesty! I think everyone out there wishes they weighed a little less. I think you look great.

  5. Sara,

    You are so funny!! I too want to embrace my trunk because I have a ton of junk in it. In fact, I store most of my extra in the trunk and in surrounding areas. How funny that all of us are tall and "big boned". Like I said, I dont want to be tiny because there is no way I could ever be, but I just want to be comfy with myself. I agree I need to move in some way. The trick is what will I enjoy? Nothing comes to mind. Actually, I took a Pole Dancing class (it is not as bad as you think-- it is an exercise class in 4 inch heels)and really liked it but it is hard taking classes and being away from kids and babysitting etc. So, I just need to move more and cut back. I can do it!! It's not that I hate my size that much-- it's just I am much happier with it when I am a few pounds less. I just dont have those annoying rolls above my pantline when I sit and Im not constantly adjusting my clothes-- im just more comfortable.

    Sara I got the digital elements from Sweetshop (I think)

    Danielle put it together and I am really happy with the results. I like things a bit busier than a lot of other blogs I have seen but I really think it turned out cute.

    Thanks for the comments. I love the weight thing-- not really but I like talking about it :)

  6. Christy... same for me too! I lost a few pounds in China and then gained them back and then some. I don't think I am eating more, but maybe I've been tasting too much of Kailee's food or something. I haven't been working out as much as I should, but I know I've been running around more than I use too. It is very hard the older you get to keep it off, and I was one of those very thin girls before. The weirdest thing is now I gain in places I never use in the waist area. I always had the smallest waist...not any longer. Gone are the days where I could just cut down a bit and it would come off. Keep up on it now, because it gets harder the older you get! Trust me.
    Maybe we need to do some power walking at Dland?!

  7. Here's another 5'7" girl with size 9 1/2 shoes joining in the chorus! I love how honest you were in this post. Your preaching to the choir sister!

  8. forgot to mention...I am only 5'4" and have a size 8 foot!! Definitely big bones here.

  9. Hi Christy, I haven't been around for awhile! I'm playing catch-up with your posts. First of all, Mia's birthday fun looks so great---and the chair and ottoman--well, that's just every little girl's dream, I'd say.

    I could totally be part of the club here---need to pare down on the food side of things. I'm starting to be a little more active (running for a few weeks now) but it certainly doesn't melt everything over night.

    I agree with whoever said that in all the pics they've seen of you, you look great. But it is nice to feel good in your own skin!

  10. Okay...
    I am with you...
    I have been one of those tall and skinny girls all the way up till I hit 31..I may have been a little to skinny but I never gained weight and I could eat anyting...Now in the last 5 years (yes I am 36...)I have gained a total of 45 pounds... I would love to lose 15 pounds.. I just can not work out... i have never done it and it is awful... working all day and walking all day .. you would think i would be skinny..
    Oh well ...I am with you.. i will try to watch what I put in my mouth too..

  11. Christy,

    Good luck on watching your weight!!! You can do it!!!!
    I have decided that it cant
    be a diet, it has to be a way
    of life!!!! I am over 40 and they
    It's harder to lose it!! If you want any tips from the La-Weight
    Loss go to the link on my blog
    P.S. I lost almost 4-pounds the first week..I AM ONLY 5'2 AND

    Have a great week!


  12. Hi Christy - I call it my "Wait Weight" because I put it on waiting for precious Hannah. Now, how the heck do I get it off??? I am a comfy 10, but at 5' 4", I need to get back to a 6 which is what makes me happy! I have been obsessing over this issue for a while now, soooo maybe we can work it out together?? What do you think?


  13. Christy,
    Have you heard of Dance Praise? It is similar to Dance Dance Revolution, but is Christian pop/rock music. It is a lot of fun, and the kids love it too! It has dance, exercise, and calorie burning modes. Their website is

    I enjoy your site! We are in the waiting process.....
    LID 2/7/07

  14. Oh my lovly dear friends. Dont we always want what we dont have. If we are tall, we want to be petite. If we are short we want to be tall. But as woman I think WE ALL want to lose weight. I think it is inherant to woman. I hate the struggle and there have been times in my life that I did not struggle and I just ate (not obcessivly) and I stayed a healthy weight. I want those times back. I think so many of us who had a long wait (like Heather said) gained "wait- weight". I know I did but then came China and I got to lose some of it. But then the reality of life after with kids and activities-- the weight comes back on-- uggg!!

    Im 35 and I swear Im with Karen on the places weight goes being different than they use to. I use to have a tiny waiste and now I gain weight there. It is not my primary area of gaining but I do have a "thicker" middle section and I use to be tiny in that area. Why does this happen? I guess it is our age, but I dont like the proportion thing. I liked having a little middle and now it is "thick".

    Im also totally with Kim on the excersize thing. I just dont like it. I know I woudl be healthier and more fit and probably more toned (not so much flab) but I just hate taking time out to exercise. I just dont like it. I wish I did. I see friends who work out every day and I swear I wish I could be like that and I know Icould if I woudl just kick myself in the butt, but I never do-- hence the flab.

    Anyway, keep the discussion going. I love knowing there are others out there like me. I dont think we are at all different than 99% of woman out there. I wish I could be like my hubby. He gained a few pounds (he is 6'2'' and weights like 210-maybe) and literally decides to watch it and he is skinny within a week. Men are so lucky. Anyway, I didnt stick to my "watching" very well yesterday. I had the coffee and Del Taco then I met my sister for a quick lunch and had some chinese (i chose the lowest calorie item). In the afternoon I had a few peanuts (which was bad) and then a few bites of coffee cake (thanks tons lai :) and then a light dinner and then the big one-- Kevin made Funnle Cakes (like the ones at the fair) for dessert adn it was so good I just could not hold back. So, overall it was not a HORRIBLE day but not a great day. I will work harder today. Coffee just finished brewing so Im going to have my "breakfast" now!

    Christy :)

  15. Christy - I enjoy following your blog and I really appreciate you sharing with us. I had to chime in on this comment... I am in the same boat as you. Same age, same sizes... I prefer to think of my problem as being 'content' and happy with who I am. I get so tempted to try diet pills so I can wear the cool clothes and all, but what if I was one who had an adverse reaction to them. How would my boys feel if they were left w/o a mother because she wanted to be skinny. I know it's unlikely, but the people who have encountered problems probably thought that also. It's not worth the risk.
    Another thought - I know from reading your blog that you are a Christian. I am the youth leader at our church and always try to have a positive self image and love the way God made me so the young girls don't put so much emphasis on their looks. I hate the way the 'world' makes us feel that we have to be thin to be beautiful.
    I know my husband loves me just as I am and so do my 3 sons. They don't look at me and think I'm 'fat'. I am 'content' and don't feel the need to impress anyone. My priorities are right and I know God created me to be just the way He wants me and how it must hurt Him for me to think something He created isn't perfect.
    I know you share those same priorities and so just remember you are who you are because that's how God made you. Count your blessings (you have 3 wonderful ones) and don't focus on what the 'world' says you must look like. Now I must go back and read what I wrote for myself because it's a struggle for me also!
    Keep up the good work sister! JS

  16. The 30's have not been kind. I seem to gain a few pounds every year that stick! I'm not heavy, but heavier than I'd like. Nothing like having to tuck your flabby tummy into your pants!!

  17. Jcrew,

    THanks for your comments. I agree that if we are constantly obsessed with our weight then it will negativly rub off on our kids. I try not to even say anything negative about looks or size in front of the boys (and Mia). A few times I have said something about losing weight and my boys have sais "why mom, your not fat". While that is sweet, the negative streiotypes can rub off very eaily! Yesterday my 9 year old said "mom, Jake said that if I weigh more than 70 pounds that I am fat". I just laughed becuase Ethan is super tall and very thin and weighs 80 pounds and Jake is as small as a 2nd grader so of course Jake woudl not be 70 pounds But Ethan is over that and now he thinks he is fat. It is crazy how kids pick up on the "fat" thing and use it as a derogitory term. It makes me sad. I try not to even talk about size but if the boys say someones fat I always correct them. Thanks for the comment. I really agree with you!

    Christy :)

  18. that's my problem.... "big bones!!!" teehee! Funny you brought this up today, because I've been thinking about this all day today. I know what you mean when you say you just feel 'uncomfortable' in your clothes. After the whole summer in capris that have drawstring waists and I also wear scrubs at work, I didn't notice the weight creep up on me until the weather started to change. Putting on those jeans for the first time this fall was a rude awakening! Gotta get back to eating healthy! My favorite saying is "Conqueor the Unhealthy You!" I try to say this to myself when those urges get the best of me. Good luck!

  19. oops! I meant 'conquer' not conqueor!

  20. Are you talking about me?!? I swear this feeling/looking FAT has just come on like a bad hang--over. I have a girth on me bigger than the effing earth, AND I've never had a gut. I swear I don't know where it came from? I am going to do something about it though. I'm calling the plastics doctor tomorrow! Shzzz... Old age so sucks. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was pregnant. If that was possible. I can't see my "who-who" from the extended belly! Ugh.....

  21. OK, you. 35 is NOT old! This reprimand is coming from a 36 year old, so I know of what I speak young un.

    Any chance there's some hormone stuff going on? It took me over a year to lose 10 pounds because of my birth control misadventures. Now that I'm totally off of the stuff, I notice huge weight and puffiness swings during the pms times, then a large loss during the non pms times. Bonus!

    Or meds?

    Just trying to come up with something besides the stuff that goes in the mouth!

    I have a 10 minute balance ball workout dvd that is amazing. Very quick, but you feel accomplished. Also, have you ever worn a pedometer? Totally low key exercise with that one.

  22. Karriann,

    Love the idea of fast and easy! The only prob is sometimes you dont feel as if you got a workout. Maybe it is just me but unless I am covered in sweat I sometimes dont feel like I did anything. Maybe the ball woudl work. We have one in our workout room in our garage. Yes, we have a gym in our garage. Isnt that pitiful that I dont use it-- It really is sad. Oh well, maybe I will start!


  23. Christy -- I am in the same exact boat! I have always struggled with my weight and it's no fun. Unfortunately, I don't have time to exercise since I work full-time and have two little kids. I am hoping once they are older, I can find time to exercise. Hang in there!