Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bass Pro Shop Take 3 or 4 or 5???

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We took another trip to Bass Pro again the other night and took some cute pics of Mia in front of the massive fish tank. I love the pic of her with her mouth open. It is so cute. She is just a character!!

Owen enjoying himself as usual!!

OK, not the best pic but I think it is such a funny pic of Mia. I love that mouth open grin. It just makes me smile. I left out the pic of Owen trying to lift Mia and it looked like she was being choked. While it made me laugh I didn't want to alarm others that my son is trying to choke my daughter so I begrudgingly left it out! Too bad, it was totally funny!!


  1. Christy, I LOVE your blog-over. I love the papers & elements you chose! Congrats on a beautiful look; you deserved it!!

  2. Your blog looks great! Love it! Your children look so happy.

  3. Love it...
    Mia is adorable...
    I am sure the picture was funny...
    Your boys are going to make her one tough cookie..

  4. You have unhappy children too I see. :) lol... I love all the photos of your kids and ESPECIALLY the one of all three. That is my favorite. Family.....


  6. That Danielle is a keeper!! Blog looks incredible, oh maybe it's the really cute kids - yeah, that too!!

    Your pics are great - Mia is a pistol, is she not??? Such a sweetie, can't stand it!

    I love the elements - i searched for a ladybug for a month, you found it!

    Have a great night.

  7. Just checking in after a several days being a single mom while the hubby was at a conference. LOVE the new look of the blog! Once again, Danielle has done a great job. Mia is just adorable in her blue birthday dress. What a fun birthday that girl had! The pink chair and ottoman are great -- thanks for sharing the website -- Christmas is coming all too soon and this may be on another little girl's list.

  8. I love your cutie pie's dimples!! So cute! They are building a Bass Pro here in our little town now. It will be open after the first of the year. We can't wait.