Wednesday, November 21, 2007

6 Months as a Family!!!

Today we celebrate 6 months with out little girl! 6 months ago today Mia was placed in our arms forever and our lives would never be the same. 6 months ago today our family became complete!!

Here is 6 months worth of Mia.

Mia at 6 months

This picture was taken just minutes after returning to our hotel with Mia for the first time. We had her for maybe 2 hours at this point. She was so sweet and never cried and we thought she was the most beautiful little girl ever. She was tentative but began to open up over the next couple weeks!!

Mia at 7 months
This picture is after we had our little girl for 1 month (a little over). She was really coming out of her shell. She was happy and fun and enjoyed and adapted to our fast paced life style very easily. She also loved her brothers to death!!

Mia at 8 months
This is when we had Mia for 2 months (approx). She was growing in every way.

Mia at 9 months
After about 3 months of having Mia as part of our family she really started to blossom. She was crawling and pulling up on everything and was just a happy little baby. Her personality was really shining and she seemed to really be comfortable with our family.

Mia at 10 months
At this point we had Mia for about 4 months. I would say that by the 4 month mark she was perfectly well adapted and adjusted. She was Mia. She was happy and loving and mischievous and chatty and all the things that are a part of her personality. Looking back I would say 4 months was a key time in that she became completely at ease and her true personality was there for all to see.

Mia at 11 months
At this point we had Mia for 5 months and from 4 months on she has just been herself. Fussy at times, happy most of the time and just a joy in every way. At 11 months she was starting the beginnings to walking and it turned out she began totally walking on her own the day after she turned 1 year. She continued to be the most chatty baby I have ever seen-- talking constantly-- but then again she is a part of our family and "chatty" is just a prerequisite for being in our family.

Mia at 12 months
This picture was taken just a few days ago right before she had been a part of our family for 6 months. Mia is just Mia. She is part of our family and it is hard to remember life without her. I do remember sleeping in but again-- that is a faint memory. Mia is our perfect Mia and I cant imagine not having our little girl in our lives. She is perfect in every way and today we celebrate a half year with her in our lives!!!


  1. Happy 6 Months! She gets cuter and cuter by the month.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we'll see you on Tuesday.

    ~Karen and Kailee

  2. she is so precious! Happy 6 months! You are so blessed to have had her home from such a young age! 6 months is when my Chloe came home...

  3. She is just beautiful. Congratulatoins on 6 wonderful months with your baby girl.

  4. Congratulations on 6 months as a family. Miss Mia has really blossomed -- it was fun looking at the changes in the pictures.

  5. Congrats on six happy months together. Mia is just adorable!

  6. Happy 6 months...
    SHe is soooo beautiful...
    Love her little smile...
    I can't believe it has been 6 months already...
    It seems like yesterday that I was waking up early to see what you guys had done in CHINA...

  7. That was a quick 6 months. She was meant for your family!!! I just love her sweet face.

  8. Oh Christy - Congratulations!! Mia is Mia - (love that line) and she is just spectacular!


  9. Happy 6 months and Thanks for letting us share some of the cuteness :) Happy Thanksgiving :)

  10. Congratulations! What a cute blessing she is!!

  11. she looks happier every single month! What a beautiful blessing!

  12. She is such a doll, Christy! I am so happy for your family. You all seem to just "fit". :)

  13. She is so gorgeous and of course, she will grow up to be just like you. You have truely been nlessed!