Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Little Camera Pictures

I have a little Canon Digital Elph camera that I leave in my purse at all times. When we are out and about and I feel an urge to take a picture, I pull it out. Of coarse the quality does not compare with my Nikon but it is a good tiny camera to have around all the time. Anyway, I don't get around to downloading the pics very often so when I do, I always have a bunch of random pics-- but they are cute so I want to post them-- but they are random.

So, here are some random pictures for your enjoyment.

In honor of Chinese New Year Mia wore her traditional Chinese dress to Church. I totally forgot to take any pictures of her in the outfit until after church and lunch. So she is a little dirty in these pictures but she still looks cute!!

Our Chinese little princess!! By the way she loved wearing the dress and kept spinning around (not the best dress for that) as she is doing in this picture.

The other day we were playing with Mia's hair and decided to "try" little pigtails on top. I think they are totally cute but I am not sure I am ready to put her in this style-- I love her clips too much. This was a very remedial try at the pigtails. I need to learn how to do girl hair-- I'm not too skilled at this point.

And the low pigtails-- cute!!

So I made Chinese food last week (had to point that out :) and this is how Mia ends up everyday in her high chair. It is as if this is comfy for her. She is the most flexible kid I have ever seen. She can completely do the splits (middle splits) without even trying. She literally can bend herself in the most freaky positions and I don't think she is double jointed so I'm not sure what to thing-- crazy!!

Do we have the next Olympic Gymnastics champion on our hands??
More random pictures coming soon.


  1. Oh my gosh. I thought Bruce was the only one who was a little gymnast at the table. Too funny. I have a similar picture of Bruce sitting in his chair with his feet off to the side like Mia eating Top Ramen.

    Take Care.

  2. Love the pics....I need to get one of those little cameras to keep in my purse...cause that Nikon is SO bulky to carry around. Hope you have a great afternoon!

  3. Oh the low pigtails warm my heart!! I just love little girls in low pigs!

    I can see she was very interested in her dinner, eh?? LOL!!

  4. Random pics are the best becuase they are usually fun. She is just too cute.

    I am glad to hear that all your tests came back just fine. Hopefully the iron pills will kick in fast and you will start feeling better really soon.

  5. LOVE these photos.. I could look at Mia every single day..
    She is the cutest..
    Have a great week.
    Love ya girly..

  6. Mia looks so gorgeous in that color pink of her dress. Low pigtails are my FAV...all the girls in China wore them low and not very long...soooo darling.

    Glad to know you have your health issue all figured out...I was checking in but did not comment!


  7. I love those high cute!! And, OMG...yes, you do have a future gymnast on your hands.....she is really flexible!!


  8. So much to say...
    - I love the random pics! I have some really cute random pics on my elph, but it seems to have broken skiing this weekend, so I can't get them out!

    - I love the ponytails. I think they're adorable on Mia. I do love the clips and so wish Lily would leave them in her hair, but she pulls htem out!

    - Lily is flexible just like Mia. I guess they'll have to be Olympic teammates!

    I look forward to more pics.

  9. I could never tire of seeing Mia's sweet smile! Keep the pigtails coming!!!

  10. She is so darn cute!!! I can't believe she is still in a high chair? Miss Ruby "dis-mounted" out of that a very long time ago!!!! Too bad Mia & Ruby can't be in "gymi-nastics" together! We go today.

    Love the pics!


  11. Very cute pics of Mia!! Have to agree with the others -- you have a future gymnast on your hands!


  12. That is too funny. Great pics.

  13. Oh my gosh, she is just way too cute! I can't believe how flexible she is, you may have a gymmast on your hands!

    Her hair looks adorable in those pig tails!

  14. I posted here, but my comment didn't show up!

    I love both the high and low pigtails! Just too cute.

    Thanks for the words on my blog...very sweet.