Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Friday

Oh crud!! I just read my first comment and totally realized that I posted pictures of the boys not wearing their helmets. I am soooo sorry for that but understand that they literally pulled them off the truck and these pictures were taken within a minute of that moment. I think none of us were really thinking they were riding the bikes-- just that they were going to do a lap or two to try them out. Really, it never crossed my mind and I am so sorry for this. They rode for maybe 5 minutes and then we were done-- so please know my kids don't ride motorcycles without helmets (except for when us parents blank out). Please don't flame me!!
We have been up in Arrowhead for the whole weekend but before we left we picked up the long anticipated motorcycles for the boys. Because of the new law regarding kids things and lead, all kid bikes under 120cc engine are not allowed to be sold anymore. Basically it took the kid motorcycle and quad market and destroyed it. The boys decided they wanted to move to motorcycles from quads so we sold off their quads a few weeks ago and the last day dealerships were able to sell kids bikes we snatched up a few. Because it was the literal last day they could sell kids bikes, we got a really great deal on the two motorcycles. I think they are Kawasaki KLX 110's and Ethan got the green one and Owen got the white one. They are heaven!!

Ethan trying out his motorcycle. Chuck and
Kevin in the background-- they love them as much as the boys.

Ethan showing his skills

Owen showing his skills

Mia and Hannah watching on from the back of Chuck's truck


Poor lighting but the kids playing around.

Mia and Ethan!

We went to Arrowhead for the long weekend and we had some crazy snowy weather. It was beautiful the first day and then the storm rolled in and it began to snow and wow did it snow. It was like a winter wonderland. My cousin Margie (whose home we always go to in the central valley of CA for Thanksgiving) was down with her family for a soccer tournament for one of her sons and we were lucky enough to have them over for dinner on Friday night and then Sunday after their last game they came up to the cabin and spent the night and we all left today. It was a great time and I have a ton of pictures of the kids playing in the snow so I will post those pictures tomorrow.


  1. It looks like they are having a blast, but where are their helmets?
    Love the pigtails photos, my word, she's getting so big!

  2. LOVE the photos...
    Looks like the kids had soooo much fun..
    I remember when KyLee had her first motorcycle.. it had TRAINING
    Can't wait to see the snow pictures..
    Have a great week.
    Thanks for all the checking around for the tickets for us..
    Love ya girly..
    I hope all works out and we get to come and meet you and the family..

  3. MIa looks sooo big.,,and my boys would love for you to be their mom with all the motorcycles....what fun!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend. The boys look like they're having a blast on their motorcycles. Oh, but I'm such a chicken. I don't think I could let my boys do it! I don't even want my husband to ride a motorcycle!

    Mia looks so cute. I love the Valentine's shirt.


  5. We missed you on Friday! It sounds like you had a blast in Arrowhead. Mia looks cute peaking out from the truck. Don't forget to check the group site for Disneyland this Friday. :)


  6. My husband was just telling me tonight about how they had to pull the motorcycles for the 12 and under and then I come here. Kinda funny! I was just at the big dealer show in Indy for motorsports. I saw all the quads, rhino's etc and thought of you! In case you are wondering why were there my husband manufacturers exhaust for sportbikes!

  7. It looks like you had a fun weekend! Cute pictures -- even without helmets!

  8. Another fun guys are always on the go and do such fun things!! Nick would have been in hog heaven on those bikes.....the boys looked like they had a blast!! Mia looks as cute as can be cheering her brothers on from the truck!

  9. what a fun time!!! You guys have the most fun "toys"!!! What great memories your family is going to have one day!!! The pictures are great! Mia looks so cute saying "cheeeeeeeese"!!! She is just adorable anyway!!! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. Oh...and I cannot believe that people actually "correct" you for no helmets. I mean...COME ON PEOPLE! It's sad we have to watch what we post because of that. I have a friend who had to go private with her blog because she kept getting terrible comments from this was like a stalker or something crazy like that! I sort of went private for the same reason! Anyway....thanks for sharing your weekend! Glad it was a good one! Ours was too! Have a GREAT week!

  10. Cute pics!

    On a side note Christy I don't think you should constantly have to defend yourself. So what you let your kids try out the bikes without helmets. That is your business because they are your kids. We all know you are smart enough to know that they need to wear helmets. When everyone is caught up in the excitement of getting something new it's hard to pay attention to things like that. Don't let people get you down. You're a good mom.

  11. People need to mind their own business!!!! They can always go to anther blog. Enough of the political correctness!!! We love your blog, it keeps us going during the long wait!!!!!

  12. You all have so much fun, don't you! Looks like a blast. Your boys and Mia are such cuties. Have a great week!


  13. G loves crawling in the back of her grandad's truck too! great pics.

  14. Oh the days of riding out in the des on my little 50. Oh those were the days! I love that you got those great bikes for the kids.

    The little Honda 50 I used to ride is still alive...I saw it at my uncles when I was down last month.

    Great smiles on those pictures Christy!