Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY Lunch and the Park!!

I wanted to let you all know I got the results of the MRI and everything looks good. So, it appears the headaches are associated more with the iron than anything else. It blows me away how many things hinge on the iron in my blood-- wow!!

As promised I got the pictures of our adoption group "The Lucky Mommas" Chinese New Year lunch with the kids. We had just a great time and loved our time together. 

Here is beautiful Becky eating her food

Ryan looked so handsome in his traditional garb!

Karen and Kailee looked beautiful as always!!

Mia's half attempt at a smile :)

Ryan and his mommy Michelle had so much fun!

The first attempt at a group shot

Mia and Ryan

Another attempt at a group shot

This picture had horrible color but it looked great when I turned it to sepia.

After our lunch we went to a park near by that Michelle takes Ryan to all the time. It was a fun little park with great toys for the kids to play on.

Beautiful Kailee getting ready to go down the slide

Mia getting ready to go down the slide

And shes off!!!

Becky took her turn at the slide as well

Miss Georgianna loved the teeter totter

Kailee enjoyed it as well 

Swings are fun as well

Little sweet thing

I didn't get many pictures of Ryan at the park because he was so on the go and is such a boys boy-- digging in the sand-- jumping on any little ledge--  he is all boy!!!

Georgie enjoyed eating the wood chips-- yummy- fiber!

Karen and Becky on the teeter totter

Mia loved going up and down as fast as she could

Mia and Kailee having fun

We had a great time and I so appreciate my group of Lucky Mamma's!!!!


  1. So glad to hear that the MRI came back fine..
    LOVE the photos..
    The kids are soooo adorable..
    Thanks for making my day..
    Love seeing Mia's face..

  2. Yay...glad all is well! Love the much better than mine. All the kids look adorable.

  3. What a fun group!! From these pics, I can't believe how long Mia's hair is getting! The day at the park looks refreshing & sunny ;) I'll bet Mia napped good that day!

  4. I'm glad the MRI came back normal!

    You have such a great group of adoptive families! You seemed to have a fun CNY celebration. I love the picture of Mia and Ryan together! I am so jealous of the springy clothing! We have about 3 more months until we can wear that stuff!

    Once again, glad all tests came out well.


  5. These groups are SO important and really so special to be involved in!! I was so taken back at our CNY celebration this year. Just to watch all these little Asian children run around was SO special!! I'm glad you guys had a great time...OH and I'm so glad your MRI came out good too!!! Hope you're able to continue taking your iron pills!!! Have a great week!

  6. Good news on the MRI....I am so glad everything is okay..I am sure you will be able to better manage your iron now!!

    WHat cute pics of the kids.....I love that group shout of all them dressed adorable!!

    Hope your week is off to a great start!


  7. Soooooooooooo glad to hear your good news!!!!

    Be well!
    Snick :)

  8. Glad to hear you are well and it was nothing life-threatening.

    Bet you'll never stop those pills again!


  9. Sweet Pictures. All the kids are so adorable. I am glad that all of your tests are coming back with good results. Hopefully getting the iron into your system is going to fix everything!! :) Thanks for the update. Have a great week.


  10. Glad the MRI came back fine:) Looks like the lunch was tons of fun.


  11. Oh I'm so glad the MRI came back good! Great news!

    Such great pictures of everyone!!

  12. So glad that the MRI came back fine Christy! What answer to prayer!

  13. Great pictures Lucky Mama!!!!! And praise God for your MRI news!!!

    Happy New Year!

  14. What adorable picutres. I swear looking at these children makes me happy and sad. I just can't believe that the wait is so long.

  15. Good news on the MRI. Take your iron pills!!!

    Very glad to be a new member of the Lucky Mama club. The pix are so cute. Once again, I'm going to "borrow" a few for my blog :-)