Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rain, Rain and more Rain!!!

I tried really hard to document the rain we are getting because it is so darn unusual for us. It has been pouring and pouring for days now. Yesterday we had to drive quite a bit to look at some used roller hockey equipment for the boys and we literally drove through 3 or 4 hail storms. We had thunder, lightening, hail and in the mountains we have a ton of snow. It has been so unusual for us so here is my pitiful attempt to take pictures from inside the house.

From our back door. You cant tell from the picture but our pool is overflowig. The lines in the concrete directs the water to the drains so you cant tell it is overflowing but it was.

You can kind of tell the water pouring off the roof in this picture. Totally pouring off the house. It came so fast that we didn't have enough time to take the patio cushions in the shed so they are still out there getting rained on.

This is our front patio in front of our house. Here you can see the rain pouring off the house.

Cant tell very well here but here is the hockey net Kevin made the boys. They literally play hockey everyday after school. They love it and are on a youth hockey league about 2 miles from our house. I am so glad we added this concrete area as it is very well used!!!
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  1. We have had rain here also and REALLY Cold .. at least of us...
    I don't like rain.. for one my hair goes
    LOVE your yard.. it is sooo BEAUTIFUL..
    Just think of all the water you are saving from watering the
    Have a great day..

  2. Wow, that really is unusual. I like a rainy day, but not 3 rainy day's in a row.

    I just know our boys would have such a great time together. My husband, Rudy and Ellie rollerblade almost every night in our basement. We may sign Rudy up for a youth hockey league, if he wants to do it again. I love the fact that Ellie is down there with them and keeping up, she's a great rollerblader! : )

    I hope you get the sunshine back soon!

  3. Your yard is just beautiful!!! I just want to come pitch a tent and live back there:)

  4. I agree with Diana.....BEAUTIFUL yard!

  5. First of all...your back yard TOTALLY looks like a resort! WOW!!! how beautiful!!! What a relaxing place to be!!! I love a rainy day too!! (When my house is clean....then I can relax and not feel bad for doing NOTHING!) We've got rain coming today...and that's what I'm going to do!!! :) Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  6. Touching base with you about Friday! Are you in?

  7. We are getting pounded right now! I'm sure it's headed your way...sorry. :)

  8. We are getting a ton of rain today too. It gets tiresome very quickly. Ours has only been for today. I think its supposed to end, but then it will get cold here.

    On a brighter note, you have a beautiful yard! So much room for your kids to play. I'm jealous!

    Hope the rain ends soon,