Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pigtails and Kevins Accident!!

As I mentioned in the last post, it has been raining and raining and raining here. We are in for another HUGE storm this weekend that is going to dump a ton of snow in the mountains so needless to say, we have spent a bit more time inside than out. I'm trying to do new things with Mia's hair and this is what I came up with this week during one of our cabin fever days.

Pigs only have one tail so this version is the tri piggy tails.

Nice drool but you get the gist of what it would look like.

My cutie!!

Ive noticed a lot of people taking side ways pictures of their subjects. I decided to try as well.

It was so funny, she just walked up to the pumpkin and sat on it. I think this is such a funny picture.

Then she saw I was amused that she was chillin on a pumpkin and she started laughing.

My funny girl!

Just too darn cute!!
Another point I wanted to address was that today, February 11, back in 2007, Kevin was riding his quad and broke his hip while we were in Dumont Dunes. He was taken to Las Vegas where Kevin and I were displaced for the next week. My parents had to come all the way out to Dumont and pack up our 2 dogs, 2 boys and 2 nieces who were on the trip with us. Our friends were invaluable but that was a scary time. When we got to the hospital and the surgeon discussed what he was going to have to do he mentioned very casually that more than likely Kevin will need a hip replacement and that he will more than likely never run or jump again but he could still be a cop at a desk. At that point I remember fighting back the tears and trying to be strong. He said that the only way he would be able to save the hip was if it was the perfect break- very clean with no shards missing. Thank God, that is exactly what they found-- the perfect break and they were able to put Kevin's hip back together with 3 screws. By doing that and not the replacement it was a much longer recovery but we are now so thankful for that Kevin has 100% mobility and all is well. Kevin had to be on crutches while we were in China in May and continued being on crutches until July when he finally was able to ease off them and start doing weight bearing exercises. He did not go back to work until January 2008. He was off almost 1 year-- crazy but that time off allowed Kevin to have 9 months off full time with Mia which was the most valuable bonding time anyone could EVER ask for. So in many ways Kevin's accident became a Huge blessing for our family!
If you recall, that happened Feb 11, 2007 and a few weeks later once we returned from Vegas our neighbors were killed in the horrible car accident and their son was with us at a movie and then one week later, March 5, 2007 we were skipped and did not receive our referral for Mia. We eventually found out our file had been sitting on the review room clerks desk for 10 months and that our file had never actually made it to the matching room. Thanks to the quick and thorough work of our agencies in China people, they got our file moved and a month later, April 6, 2007, we received our referral for Mia. So, the next few weeks bring back a lot of memories each year. This marks 2 years and I'm already starting to think about all the events that occurred during this time 2 years ago. I wonder if it will get easier as the years pass-- who knows??
Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Still loving the pigtails!

    Amazing that it has been two years since that sequence of events.


  2. WOW... 2007 was a crazy year..
    but you got through it all and now are doing WONDERFUL..
    I LOVE Mia's hair.. but like I say.. she could have it everywhere and she is still the cutest..
    Love ya girly..
    Have a great weekend..

  3. Wow Christy, no words but positive thoughts and prayers for all. I started following your blog about the time you were skipped over for a referral, cannot believe its been 2 years! You have a beautiful family! Sharon (in NC)

  4. Mia's pig tails are so precious. Of course, she is adorable no matter how her hair is fixed. :)

    It is amazing how the Lord works things out for us. Sometimes our circumstances turn into the biggest blessings. So glad everything worked out well for you and Kevin.

    Have a great Valentine's Weekend!!


  5. LOVE Mia's pigtails AND the sideway shots!!! It's so fun to play. I posted some "play shots" of the kids last night too. They're not the greatest pictures...but's just fun doing it, right?!?!

    I can't imagine having the memories of that accident...WOW. I'm sure that was a terrible thing to walk through. I'm so glad he is ok!!!

    Hope you guys have a great Valentines weekend!!!
    Love ya,

  6. Oh my goodness, you have been through a lot! I can't even imagine having your neighbors son with you at the movies as his parents were killed in a car accident. By having him with you, you basically saved his life. I remember hearing about this before on your blog. What has happened to him?

    Hopefully, it will get easier as the years pass, that is just so sad! I'm just so happy that your hubby is back to his old self.

    I love Mia's pigtails! Too cute! : )

  7. I remember you being skipped all too well. We were heavily in the waiting process as well receiving our referral 3 months after you.

  8. WOW...that was a string of bad events.....being new to your blog, I never knew this. Recently, you shared the story about being skipped....I am sure you were devastated, but it all worked out, because obviously, Little Mia was ment for you!!

    I love her pig stinkin cute!!

    Hope that you have a happy v day!!


  9. Christy,
    What a rough couple months that led up to meeting Mia. I remember thinking how lucky you were that she was so young. Sometimes you have to look for the silver lining on the cloud, and it just goes to show we never know what life has in store for us and we must be thankful for every day. Love the pigtails. Her bangs really have grown out. I'm still working on Rowan's bangs. She pushes them out of the way and flings her head back when fixing her hair. It's so cute.

  10. so funny .. i bought those pants for lily at naartjie ... love them!!!!!
    mia is such a pumpkin .. love the pics of her.

    happy valentine's day from kaiser fontana!

  11. As horrible as it was at the time to get passed over that month I, selfishly of course, am glad you did so I found your blog. You blog makes me happy to read about your wonderful family and to watch your little girl grow. Love the tri-tails!

  12. She's a cutie with those pigtails!

    So glad that all went well with Kevin's hip. I remember seeing photos of him in China on crutches!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Christi~

    It is so amazing,.. now you can look back on the accident and Mia's referral and realize they were God's prefect timing. it is so hard to trust that everything happens for a reason but this is such a case of being able to see it down the road. i know at the time that was all so painful and challenging but it brought some blessings to you too.

    I remember it all like it was yesterday. How are the children doing whose parents passed away? I hope they are okay. That has had to be so difficult.


  14. Love her piggy tails! Adorable! I can't believe it has been 2 years. I remember when they skipped you and that is when I started following your blog.

  15. Love the pigtails!!!!

    Amazing that it has been two years since these things happened. God works in mysterious ways.

  16. Wow. That is a lot to go through in one year. I do hope it gets easier. I can't imagine...

    Mia's hair is adorable. Enjoy the rain...we are in a sever drought..the worst ever in almost 100 years.

  17. Love the pig tail pictures. So cute.