Friday, February 6, 2009

More Little Camera Fun!!

One thing I found on my little camera was a video of Ethan performing in his 5th grade play. He is the one in the green shirt that says Jack. He has speaking parts but then he sings a solo and actually is really on key-- he did such a great job. Don't bother listening to the whole song but Ethan's solo is at the very beginning so check out his great performance.

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Remember when Owen broke off his permanent front tooth this past summer? It was bonded back on but sadly he bumped it in the perfect place last Friday and knocked the piece off. Our dentist couldn't fix it till this past Tuesday (he was out of town) so here are the lovely pictures from Owen and Mia at the dentist office.

Yes, very difficult to control a 2 year old from climbing on the cool equipment.

Chillin with the bro

And the cute smile picture-- Owen's tooth is not fixed in this pic but now that is is fixed it looks amazing. They did a great job and it looks totally natural. They didn't use the old piece of tooth (like before) but they created a tooth piece out of the bonding material and it looks great!!

Just kind of a cute profile picture of the chick!

And last but certainly not least, My pal Beverly over here nominated me for the "Fabulous Blog" award and I thank her so much for this award. I think her blog is also Fabulous as well!!

The next part of the award is to nominate others who I think are Fabulous.

First is Kim because I just love this amazing mommy!!

Next is Christie because I think she is amazing and I envy what she is up to right now-- you go you thrifty thing!!!

And to Rachel who always makes me laugh with her current daughters hat craze!!

And Tanya who is one of my Disneyland pals whose blog is always a joy to read.

And finally Kacy who is just an inspirational person whom I love!

There are just so many others who have private blogs and others whom I follow all the time I would love to nominate but I only can do the 5. Thanks again Bev for nominating me!!


  1. Whew -- glad that the dentist was able to fix his tooth. I hate dental procedures!! Mia looks so cute -- love her jumping cow jumper -- Maddy has it too, but hasn't worn it yet.

    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Thanks for the nomination, I am very touched by it as I feel my blog is not very exciting to read.:)

    Love the picture of Owen with Mia in the dental chair, that is too precious. Looking forward to seeing you guys next week.


  3. LOVE the photos..
    great video...
    Owen is cute not matter what his tooth looks like..
    Have a great Weekend..
    Thanks for the award.. and
    I love you tooo girly..
    You are sooo AMAZING..

  4. Thank you for the nomination - I'm not feeling like my blog is that fabulous these days as I haven't been posting very often and life is so mundane!

    Your dentist visits with the kids don't look too different than mine! The picture of Owen and Mia in the chair is too cute!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Oh Christy you are so sweet! Thank you for the nod! Your blog is fabulous!!!!!

    Loved the video, I miss the days of elementary school plays. Looks like you've got an actor on your hands.

  6. Cute pictures! Mia is getting soooo big!

  7. Christy,
    Here's another family similarity. My Ethan just broke off 2 front teeth last week and had to have them reconstructed. I am just waiting for the day they break off again because the dentist says with his active lifestyle it's inevitable.