Monday, February 9, 2009

Play Area and Deals

I just realized this post that I posted this morning was my 501 post on my blog. WOW has time flown by!! The blog started when we were waiting for Mia-- a month or two before we got our referral-- and has turned into something much more than I ever imagined. Kind of an online scrap book. I love blogging and I enjoy all the wonderful people I meet along the way. Blogging has truly blessed my life.
So happy 501 posts to me--lol!!!!
The other day after we were done at the dentist with Owen Mia and I met auntie Cassie at the mall play area for Mia to play. It was a warm beautiful day so we took advantage of the nice conditions.

This slide is totally steep but Mia has no fear! Other moms always freak out watching her go down but she does a great job and as soon as she hits the bottom she runs back up to go down again. Brave little thing!!

And she's off!!

I love how she walks with her hands behind her back. It is so cute and she does it all the time.

Spinning and spinning!!

Getting ready to go!

Love her in this little outfit!

I was on my way home from work last Thursday and my friend Suzanne from church left me a message that CROCS- as in the shoes-- had moved into a closed store out by our house and they were having a clearance warehouse sale. Basically they had a TON of inventory and they were just liquidating it for next to nothing. Crocs of all kinds (mary janes, kids, adults etc) and styles were either $5 or $10. It was crazy!!! Also, Crocs makes clothes and they are really nice quality. They had all their shirts for men and woman (not much kid stuff but I was able to buy Ethan a men's medium and Owen a small-- pretty big but I will save them for next school year) but these nice shirts were regular price anywhere from $22 to $58 and they were $3 each. Yes you read right $3 each. I went crazy. I bought a ton of shirts for the boys and a ton for Kevin. They are really nice quality and I know they will wash well and best of all they were next to free-- holy cow $3!!!!
So here is the loot-- some of it-- not all

Here are all Mia' s summer crocs including a lavender sandal that is so darn cute. I bought each boy a new pair as well. They each already have a couple pairs. Notice the bag of jibs (little decorative things that go in croc holes). The jibs were $.25 each. I bought a ton of them because they are usually $5+ each. I got Disney ones for Mia and official hockey ones for the boys. I got so many and paid only $1 for 4-- love it!!

Here are some of the boys shirts I bought. Some had already been taken upstairs but here is a sampling. Notice the silver mary jane crocs on my feet. I bought myself a pair because they were $5 and how could I resist? I don't wear crocs often but they will be cool outside around the pool this summer.

Here are most of the shirts I bought Kevin. They look great on him and are wonderful quality-- $3 I swear it is crazy but really only $3!!!
So that was my excitement last Thursday. Kevin thought I was crazy for taking pictures of the loot but I thought my frugal bloggy friends would appreciate my find!!
Have a great week!!!


  1. Wow, those are some great deals you came across. I would have taken advantage of them too. Mia's outfit at the park was precious, I love it.

  2. HOLY MOLY...
    You always find the best deals..
    I am trying to find the right pair of Crocs for me.. haven't bought a pair yet.. but am
    The shirts are a GREAT DEAL..
    And have to say I am loving that outfit and then when I found it was Matilda Jane.. OH love those clothes....
    Just haven't figured out how to get any.. went on the site when they were doing that clearance sale.. but everything in a smaller size was sold out..
    Got one outfit..
    Have a Great Week..

  3. holy cow - good deals!!! I, too, would have went crazy!! I bought a pair of fuzzy crocs for $12- this weekend & thought **I** got a good deal!!

    I LOVE Mia's MJ outfit and how cute is she with her hands behind her back!!!

  4. WOW...wish I could run into a sale like that around here!! Silas lost his crocks at a church cookout! UGH. I bet they got cut up by the mower or something!! I think it's awesome you take Mia to the park so much. I don't like to go to parks..only if I HAVE TO. We basically have a park in our backyard...(swings, teeter totter, climbing dome, fort, slide, and trampoline) I should go out more...I'm just too lazy! :) LOVE Mia's little outfit. I want to start sewing things like that for Sadie. They are just adorable!!!
    have a fantastic week. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Wow..You did get some GREAT deals:)
    We have a Crocs store at the outlet here but no deals like that.

  6. hit the jackpot girl!!

    Mia is so stinkin cute...and I LOVE that dress....adorable!

    Hope you have a great week:)


  7. Holy Croc! Just had to say it.
    I love deals like that! That outfit Mia is in is absolutely adorable! Hope you're feeling better.

  8. great deal! love the cow print dress on Mia and her hands behind her back.

  9. I love Mia's dress! I'm having a MJ party next month and I can't wait. Mia's so cute! I'm jealous of your beautiful park weather.

    You did get some great crocs deals. I ordered my boys some crocs t-shirts a few years ago and they were such nice cotton. I know I'll be getting the kids their annual crocs in the next few months and I"ll probably spend more on 3 pairs than you did on everything!

  10. I love her little outfit. So cute. And look at you , Ms. Bargain Lady! I am so jealous. I love a great bargain but rarely find one. You certainly hit the jackpot on this one. A kid can't have too many crocs, that's for sure. Good for you for racking up!

  11. You always crack me up Christy with your little shopping sprees. Love Mia's outfit!


  12. Wow -- you really scored at the Croc store! What great deals!! Mia is such a cute little daredevil. Love that little crown barette in her hair!

    Have a fun week!

  13. Congrats on 500 posts! (And I love the outfit at the park.)

  14. If you and I lived closer, we'd be dangerous shoppers together...we both love a bargain! Although I paid full price for my gold mary janes and LOVE them. And now that it's cold, I'm addicted to the fuzzy ones that K got me for my birthday.

  15. Congrats on 501 posts! Isn't it amazing on how time flies? It really is an online scrapbook. Thanks for sharing your life with us, it's been fun reading about what you do.

    Awesome deals at the croq store! How exciting, I love croq's! I've never bought their clothes but they look great! You gotta love a good find. I went to the Gap Outlet last week and scored mens gap boxers reg 9.99 a pair for .97! I was so excited. I also got a gap mens coat reg 59.99 for $5! Yippee!

    Tell Kevin that your frugal bloggy friend loved hearing about your deals! : )

  16. I was just saying to Jack the other day that I couldn't wait for it to be warm again so he can wear his crocs. The one thing that boy won't do is put his own shoes on. But croc I don't have to touch and he LOVES them!! I need to buy his new ones for the summer!

  17. Happy 501 post..
    I am sooo glad to have met you in blogging world.. and we will be meeting soon..
    We are planning a trip.. not sure if we will wait till it gets warmer though..
    I am sooo excited to meet you and the family..
    Love ya girly..

  18. You always seem to find the best deals =)