Friday, February 20, 2009

Hockey Time!!

Hockey season is well on it's way and our boys are just smitten by this sport. They just love the game and are doing very well. About 3 miles from our house they built this huge community center that has a water park, a skate park (the one the boys go to) a new roller hockey rink and lots more. It is such an asset to have so close to home. One day we were there and the boys were playing with their cousins just playing some hockey (they got sticks and blades for Christmas) and a bunch of team players showed up and the director of the program told us about their hockey league and suggested we enroll the boys. Well that was it. The next day they were enrolled and now they are active members of the league and are on the same team-- The Ducks! They have been practicing for a few weeks now but this week games started and they were just so much fun. Hockey is so fast paced it just is really entertaining. The boys did amazing and both of them scored a number of goals and were the only scorers on their team. Both boys seem to have a bit of a natural talent on skates and for never playing hockey before, the coach is very impressed with their abilities (sorry to brag a bit but I am proud of the boys). I think they are getting in touch with their Canadian roots :) Ethan is #8 and Owen is #6 (they wanted me to write that).

Ethan is the center forward on their team so he always does these little show down things-- sorry I don't know the term-- I'm totally new at this sport.

Owen is just a little whirlwind in there. He is soooo fast that he is at one end of the rink and then is down getting the puck within seconds. He is really talented and last night scored 2 goals!!!

Mia loved chilling on daddy's shoulders. The games are always at 6pm and Kevin doesn't get off work till 7pm so he will have to get off early once a week or so to be able to attend the games. Kevin is loving that the boys are playing hockey because he grew up playing with his friends in the street-- remember he grew up in Canada (Vancouver area) until he was 15 so hockey was a part of the culture.

Owen is such a scrapper and really gets in there that on his first game he got a penalty for roughing (whatever that means). This is him sitting in the penalty box-- it was so funny and cute at the same time. Basically he was skating towards the puck and didn't really slow down and and bumped into another player. It was pretty innocent but I think the refs are trying to get them to understand the game and what is allowed and what is not. It was funny!!

Ethan after scoring a goal. He was so proud of himself!!!!

The boys did awesome and I am so happy they are enjoying this sport. I really thing between hockey and soccer we found our boys sports. They love the fast paced action and both hockey and soccer offer that and they are both sports they are good at. Good job boys and I cant wait to see you play next week!!!!
Mia and I are off to Disneyland to meet our adoption friends there. I will post pics soon!!!


  1. TOO COOL! I know absolutely nothing about Hockey. It looks cool though! My hubby is a HUGE Soccer fan. He was hoping our kiddos would like soccer...but so far we haven't had any takers. Silas has t-ball try out's tomorrow. I am THRILLED about it. I LOVE baseball...and honestly...I think he's got some of that natural gift for it too!! :) ( momma's have GOT to be proud!!) So glad your boys are enjoying themselves!!! the way...did you ever find out why they never did another "Kid Nation" show? We really enjoyed it and I know you guys did too. I guess the ratings were not good enough! Oh well! Guess I'll have to stick with American Idol and Survivor! I'm SUCH a reality tv junkie!!! Have a great weekend!!!
    Love ya,

  2. How cool is that!! What a great sport for the boys! And fun to watch since it moves so fast!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. way to go boys! Mia is adorable!

  4. That looks like such a fun sport for the boys....I am glad they are loving it!!

    Hope you and Mia enjoy Disneyland....I am so envious that you live so close and get to go so often!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. HOW FUN!!!!
    Love hockey.. you will learn terms quickly.. HOCKEY MOM...
    Love the pictures..
    I never got my boys to play hockey.. wish they would have...
    Have fun at Disney..
    Find some info for me.. and I have a another question for you too girly..
    shoot me an email..
    Love ya..

  6. Yay hockey!!! I love the pictures, you must be one proud momma!!! We just signed Rudy up for hockey too! We're both hockey mom's, ha! : )

  7. Yay hockey!!! I love the pictures, you must be one proud momma!!! We just signed Rudy up for hockey too! We're both hockey mom's, ha! : )

  8. You & Sarah are now fellow hockey moms - I love it! I love hockey - but am glad they don't encourage girls to play!

    How's the water park at the community center? Perhaps a Lucky Mommy trip when the weather warms up???

    Posting from sunny Florida :)