Sunday, February 1, 2009

Missing in action

Sorry for both my lack of blogging but also my lack of commenting on my blogger friends sites. I really feel like a horrible friend but I just have not had the energy to go online at all-- really I swear I have hardly been online since last week-- but also I have been kind of busy and every second I get to lay down I am trying to take advantage of that time.

FYI I had my MRI on Thursday night and holy cow did that suck. I totally thought it was lay in a tube and put earphones on and listen to music-- not a chance. It was like they found the loudest station they could and then cranked the volume as high as it would go and then played static in pulses and long riffs for the next 25 minutes. I had no idea what to expect and no one told me to expect what I did so I must say I hated every minute of that test. Oh ya, and one second before they shove you in this tube with the loudest pulsating static noise you have ever heard begins, they tell you that you cannot move or it will screw up the test-- oh sure-- that's fine-- I can hold still and not have any itches while my whole body is pulsating and tingling due to the crazy loud magnetic field pulsating through my brain. Oh that was easy!!! Anyway, I made it out of the tube with very little movement after 25 minutes and tried not to fall asleep while I drove home at 10pm. Lovely!!! I should get the MRI results tomorrow and hopefully it will be fine.

With regards to the other tests, as I mentioned all the liver indicator tests were normal and I got the abdominal ultrasound results back and everything seemed to be normal. They said that I have on the large size (not out of normal limits but on the larger side of normal) spleen but that was about it. Liver was OK and all other stuff was good. Glad to hear that!! So, it is looking like my headaches and exhaustion and other ailments are pretty much due to the lack iron- hence a lack of oxygen moving through my body because there is no iron to transport it. I knew I needed iron but holy cow I didn't realize how much I had to have it in order to function. Just a quick recap, iron is supposed to be between like (I'm pulling this out of my head so I may be a few numbers off) 55 to 155 and my iron was a 4. A 4!!! That is like non existent!! I called the pharmacist that use to send me all my pills way back after gastric bypass and I told him my levels and he was shocked and horrified and was surprised I was actually functioning. Needless to say my pills will be here tomorrow! I guess it all caught up with me now and now I have no choice to take my pills. I tell you, I rather take a handful of horse pills than to feel the way I have been feeling. I cant wait to get back to the old me that actually has energy and is not having to pop Excedrin's to take the headache away 5 times a day.

Sorry for the long update but thought I would let you know where my health currently is. I will let you know the results of the MRI tomorrow.

The other thing is I have some cute pictures I have yet to download but I met my adoption moms group on Friday in Anaheim Hills at a wonderful Chinese restaurant. We dressed all the kids in their Chinese garb and sat around a large round table. It was great and we had a blast. After we went to the park and let the kids play. I have a ton of pics I will hopefully post tomorrow. I tell you, I love having this wonderful group of moms and kids. They have soooo blessed my life!!

Have a great week and I will post pics soon!!!


  1. Christy, girl - take your pills!!!! :) Get better! So sorry you had to go through the MRI, yuck!!

    Looking forward to seeing your celebration pics of meeting new friends :) And Mia in Chinese attire - can't wait!

  2. Scary about your iron levels being so low. I can see why you have been feeling lousy! Amazing you've been able to function at all!

  3. Hey there...if that's how you function on low iron, I can't imagine the energy you have when it's normal!

    I can't wait to see your pics...mine are just so-so, and I didn't get many. I will upload them soon

  4. YIKES...your iron IS really low! That is crazy!!!I hate taking pills too...but I'm with you! If it helps me not feel so crapy...I'd have to do it!! I hope everything comes out great with your MRI too!!! Take care and get well!!! Can't wait to see your pics!

  5. oh my 4? Take your iron tablets and hope you get to feeling better soon! Hugs from Florida. Oh, MRI's are nightmares.....they had to give me medicine to get me in one of those holes. lol

  6. Glad you checked in. Get some rest and take your iron!

  7. I have never had a MRI, but that is what Richard does. We own diagnostic centers, so I'm around them alot. I hope I never have to get one. They might have to knock me out!

    You need to start eating that spinach! I can't believe your iron is so low. Surely that is what's causing you to feel so lousy. At least it's an easy fix.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. Christy~ I hope you start to feel better soon. Definitely, take those pills!!!


  9. I think the iron will make you feel 10 times better! I am anemic and sometimes skip mine and I can tell a difference. GOOD LUCK with the MRI! Thinking of you!

  10. I'm so relieved to hear it's your iron levels that has caused your feeling lousy. That's something that is easily remedied!!! Yay!!!!

    TAKE YOUR PILLS!!!!!!!!! OR...does Maelie have to send you Flinstone's vitamins with iron????? She already gave a bottle to her Grandpa, don't you think she wouldn't send you some, too!!! LOL!!!

    Michelle & Maelie