Sunday, November 2, 2008

I bet you been wondering-- now where did she go???

Well, Ive been going crazy getting ready for my grandparents big 70th anniversary party!! We had the celebration last night and it was wonderful. There were a few kinks in the festivities but overall it was perfect!!

Cliff and Thelma Hammer
Married September 25, 1938

We hired a photographer and she did a really good job. We got going a little late so the light was almost gone but the pictures still look great!!

Our Family!

My Boys

My nephew Christian hugging Grandma

The boys hugging Grandma (my mom). You can see in the background that we set all 4 tables up on the basketball court and it looked beautiful-- twinkle lights-- sound system-- just gorgeous-- for a bit (keep reading to see what I mean).

Debbie and Rich (my moms sister and hubby)

Grandpa and Grandma Bock (Kevin's parents) with the kids

Cute Kids picture

The "boys" lounging around

Andy, Sarah, Randi and Cliff and Grandma and Grandpa (this is Sara the bike racer who went to the Olympics and her fiance Andy who was the woman's cycling coach)

My family with Grandma and Grandpa

The great grandchildren with grandma and grandpa

Cassie and Grandma and Grandpa

The kids playing on the swing set while we were taking pictures.

Savannah swinging in the Home Depot swing

Brad, Amy and kids

My family. My mom bought all the kids outfits-- we are going to get some good use out of them because they are sooooo cute. They wore them last night for the party, then they will wear them for Thanksgiving in the central California Valley (we go up there every year to my dad's side of the family) and then again at Christmas. They looked so cute!!

My mom and dad with the grand kids

My cousin Terry, Jamie and Reagan

My aunt Debbie, Rich, Terry, Jamie, Reagan, my cousin Katie and her boyfriend.

The pretty cake table

Ok, you saw the pretty outdoor set up and how nice it looked. Well, all of a sudden we heard thunder and saw lightening and holy cow we saw the sprinkles-- we had a 10% chance of rain and all of a sudden rain was coming with a vengeance.
So, this is what we had to do:

Ethan's room became the storage place for our whole living room

And this is what my living room looked like while "in process"

And the final product once everything was moved in and set back up. It was actually a lot of fun moving things inside. It was unfortunate that we were unable to have the party outside but it worked out really well having it inside.

And a picture of Laila and I-- I had to do it in Sepia or Lai would not be happy. Not a good picture of either of us-- Sepia makes you look a little better :)

Love this picture of Grandpa helping Mia put her shoe back on. It was so cute- Grandpa couldn't figure out how to get her shoe back on because of the Velcro so Mia grabbed it back, opened the Velcro and handed it back to him to put it back on. It was adorable!

Brad working hard in the kitchen. Brad cooked everything-- it was phenomenal!!! Oh ya-- Brad was cooking all day and Ethan and Owen totally helped-- a ton. They did such a good job and were amazing helpers.

Grandpa and Grandma enjoying their food!

We all had an amazing time. It was such an amazing celebration for an amazing couple. My grandparents are 91 and 92 and are still driving around and my grandma walks 3 miles a day. I aspire to be like them someday!!
Happy 70th anniversary Grandma and Grandpa--


  1. I have tear rolling down my face...
    I am sooo happy for you girly..
    It is such a pleasure to have you share this with us along with you having your grandparents still with you..
    As you know I lost my grandfather just alittle over a year ago..
    You are sooo amazing.. I am sooo glad I have found you on this amazing journey..
    The professional pictures are BEAUTIFUL..
    Love the kids outfits..
    Have a Great Week..
    Hugs girly..

  2. Your Grandpa and Gradma are so adorable Christy! Happy 70th to them and we wish them many more years of happiness together! The photos were adorable,....that would make a great family Christmas card! Have a great week!

  3. Chris...these pictures are awesome..i just love your blog - so glad to see pics with Cass in them too... miss you guys!

  4. What a precious time for your family...

    3 miles a day - your grandma puts me to shame!

    The photos are beautiful.

  5. 70 years...AMAZING!!
    You would never guess they were in their 90's. They look GREAT!! Your party look wonderful.
    All the kids looked adorable.

  6. Christy,

    I've been waiting to see the photo's. You have such a beautiful
    family Christy, your Grandparents
    look so wonderful for their age!
    The house looked amazing!!! Your
    Mom did an amazing job with the
    kids clothes. They all looked so


    Lots Of Hugs!!!!!

    Sindy & Allie

  7. Christy,

    The pictures are adorable!!! Your grandma and grandpa are so cute!! I love your family picture :=)

  8. Beautiful family pictures!

    70 years. Wow. I am in awe. Happy Anniversary to them!

  9. What a fabulous party outside and in!!!! You all look great, and the pictures are precious! I love the one of Grandpa putting on Mia's shoe woo. So sweet!
    What a blessing for all of you to be together. I hope I am walking 3 miles in 40 years!!!


  10. Happy Anniversary to your grandparents. That is so wonderful and such a long time to be married! Great looking party and pictures!

  11. What a fabulous party! Your family pictures turned out great! I hope you are going to use them for Christmas cards!

  12. wow! 70 years is so rare these days- what a great example of love and dedication!

    Have a great day in sunny California!


  13. Christy,

    This post has me totally emotional. You are SO blessed to still have both of your grandparents. I am amazed at how old they are and how GREAT they look. Your Grandmas is a KNOCKOUT. She looks so young. I would have never guessed in a million years that she was 90 years old. WOW. The house looked wonderful and your dress is amazing. I love it. :) I think they entire event from the photographer, the tables, the kids matching outfits, to your brother's food was just perfect. I am so glad you didn't let the rain spoil anything. :) I bet you are exhausted though. Have a great week. LA

  14. What great pictures of your family. Love the pictures of Mia and the boys. I emailed you about Disneyland, hope you got my message.


  15. looks like a PERFECT evening! You go girl!!!

    Ok...I am SO LOVIN' your dress. Where did you get it! It's amazing!!!

  16. Such gorgeous pictures Christy! The one of you and Laila is beautiful, how could it not be you're both gorgeous. I just love all the kids in matching clothes, smart and cute! 70 years is so incredible, what an inspiration to us all.

  17. What a rare and special celebration for your family. Congratulations to them!

  18. Christy, everything looked amazing!! I can't believe you had to move everything inside! You looked amazing and I loved your dress!! Looks like you already have an awesome Christmas card photo!!

  19. Wow 91 and 92. What an inspiration! Looks like a great party. Love all the matching outfits and the family picutes.

  20. Christy,

    You are a hoot! We really hope to travel before Christmas! They told us 5-8 weeks!! Hoping & praying for the FIVE!

    :) Sara

  21. What a beautiful, beautiful couple. And such a milestone many of us only dream to reach. Congratulations on such a beautiful party! The kids were all so cute. It looks like it was a wonderful time, even with setbacks. Thank you so much for sharing all the photos!

    ~ Michelle

  22. Wonderful post. The photos are so beautiful!
    Just go ahead and the save the header from my blog and put it on yours. I'd love to see it all over the place for November :)

  23. what a great party!! Happy 70th to your grandparents.

  24. Oh my gosh! Those family pictures are gorgeous!! Perfect Christmas card photo of your family. I love your red dress!

    It looks like you had ana mazing party! 70 years of marriage...that's amazing! Congrats!

  25. From Terri

    I've been thinking about your parent's often over the years, Cliff and Thelma, and wondering how they may be doing when I found your wonderful blog today! I was so delighted to see them looking so beautiful and happily celebrating their 70th! I had the pleasure of meeting them years ago while working at a hotel in San Diego where we hosted their military reunions. I was blessed to be able to see them again when they came to my hotel in Texas and then later in Charlotte where I now live. They spoke so often and lovingly about their family and your blog reflects that wonderful love of family. I just lost my Dad the end of November and Cliff always reminded me of him. They were alot alike in many ways. Please give both of them my love and best wishes and thanks again for sharing your blog!