Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Finally getting the Thanksgiving pictures up-- sorry there are so few. I left my camera in our RV while we went to the actual Thanksgiving celebration so I was only able to get pictures the next day.

Every Thanksgiving we head to the central valley of California to visit my dads side of the family. We love the tradition and we have a blast every year. It is usually a two day event-- Thursday we have Thanksgiving at my cousins and we are usually there from noon to about 9pm. Then on Friday we go up to my grandma's land in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's and shoot guns and then end up at another one of my cousins homes for another huge meal. It is just always a great time but this year was hard because this was the first Thanksgiving we have spent in years without my grandma. My grandma passed away in March (at 92 years old) and now all her land and her home is all for sale so this is probably our last year to shoot on her land. Anyway, besides that, we had a wonderful time!!

Ethan shooting with dad, my mom shooting and Christian, Zac (my cousin Margie's son) and Ethan

Brad shooting, Christian shooting with Kevin, Austin (Cousin Margie's other son) and Owen

Every year we park our RV on Grandma's land but this year it was only an empty house-- no one lives there anymore but we still parked there. Anyway, when we got there late Wednesday night we went to plug into the power at her house and there was this adorable stray Queensland Healer dog staring at us. Lots of dogs are abandoned on my grandmas land for some reason and we were pretty sure he was abandoned. He was just the sweetest thing and all weekend was just loyal and well behaved. We knew if we left him there he would die of starvation or one of the local farmers would shoot him in the head (very common in that area to just kill the dogs instead of letting them starve or to try to get them to a pound-- they are in the country and no pounds around there). Brad and Amy have a farm in our area and were needing a farm dog and a herding dog like this dog-- Owen named him Lucky-- very fitting name-- would be perfect. They met Lucky and really liked him so we gave Lucky a ride back home in our RV and then Brad got him from us yesterday and I guess he is working out well. He really is a LUCKY dog!!

The other pictures are of Kevin, Mia, Cass and I in front of Grandma's house-- the house my grandfather built in the 60's. It was probably the last time we will be there before it is sold-- very sad.

We made Gingerbread houses the other night while we celebrated our Thanksgiving with Kevin's family. I cooked all day and it was a wonderful time of food, activities and wine-- great time!! This is Mia this morning before Church eating the frosting off the gingerbread house.

This was Mia the night of our Bock Thanksgiving looking at our village. She loves all the Christmas decorations. I have most of them up but still need to decorate the tree which we will do this week. We also still need to do our outside decorations. I just love this time of year and my increasing pant size is proof of that!!


  1. What beautiful land that you guys are on!! It must have been SO refreshing to be there!!! How special to stay in your families home!!! OH...and what a wonderful thing you guys did for "lucky" I am SUCH a sucker for dogs!! I feel so bad for them!!! He truly is a lucky and blessed dog!!!! So glad you make his weekend so special!!! :)

    Hope yall have a great week!! Thanks for sharing your pix with us!!! Blessings,

  2. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! It must have been so sad to be there without your grandmother.

    I LOVE that picture of Mia eating the gingerbread house. That is adorable!!

  3. great pics. People drop dogs at or near my parents place too. Some of them I have saved and given to families I knew. Some they took to the pound in town (have to pay money for the pound to take them since they are country dogs) and some well lets just say my dad had to put them down for the same reason the farmer's near your grandparents area do. Too many dogs not enough caring families.

  4. Love the pictures..
    Looks like an amazing time..
    Lucky is tooo cute..
    Looks like he is going to have a great life...
    Love the pictures of Mia eating the frosting..
    Have a Great Week..
    Okay..I have to stop looking at blogs and get the kids to decorate the tree..
    Have a Great Week..
    Hugs girly..

  5. Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksigiving!! The land looks beautiful....I can see why you are sad that they are selling it!

    Glad that Lucky found a home...I would hate to think what would have happened to him...that kind of stuff breaks my heart!!

    Miss Mia is a girl after my own heart...going staight to the icing!!

    Have a good week!


  6. So sad to think of this being the last year at your Grandma's land! ((sigh)

    And yes, that dog is very lucky!!!

  7. Awww...what a great story about Lucky!! That just warms my heart.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all...and a very special one for Lucky!!!! :)

    ~ Michelle

  8. Souds like you really miss your grandma but I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Mia looks so cute sneaking pieces of the G-bread house.


  9. For Thanksgiving... thank you for taking care of that poor dog.

    Looks like a great vacation!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving (a few days late) Sorry we couldn't meet up, but we will soon!

    The story about Lucky warms my heart.

  11. You guys are the best for bringing Lucky back with you. I'm a crying here!!!!

  12. Christy,
    So sorry about your gran. My gran is still with us and I dread the day she is gone. The story of the dog is so sweet. What a wonderful thing. Don't you think your gran had a hand in that? Can't wait to see Mia's newest Christmas gown. I would love to send you guys a Christmas card. Can you email me your address at ? Enjoy this special season with your kiddos. Julie

  13. Christy,

    I loved the story about the
    doggie, it looks like you
    guys had an awesome holiday
    you guys are such a fun loving
    family! Your all so blessed!!!

    Have a great day!