Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dumont in November

I am finally getting our Dumont pictures up. Sorry for the delay but then again-- CRAZY WEEK!!! Last weekend we went to Dumont with some of our camping friends. We had a blast- as always- and we just spent most of our time just relaxing and hanging out. The kids went crazy playing in the sand like they normally do but all in all, it was a nice relaxing trip-- until we woke up Sunday morning to the flu-- and then you know the rest of that story!!

In the Rhino on our way to the big dunes (we have to drive across the desert to get there) and yes, Mia is seat belted!!! HAHA!!

This picture was cute but kind of blurry because I was taking them while we we bouncing across the desert so I turned it into sepia-- much better!!

Owen and Mia

I love the look on Mia's face-- to funny!!

Driving across the desert puts Mia to sleep almost every time-- very bouncy and rhythmic - so she almost always falls asleep-- she did again this time.

Some of our desert views

At vendor row

Vendor row hanging out by the Rhino

There is a group of riders at Dumont that call themselves Dumont Dune Riders and they run a website with a blog etc. They have activities throughout the riding season but one thing they have created is at the far north edge of the dunes a place called the North Pole (there is also a south pole). This is a place where the kids bring their letters for Santa and just a funny little place to ride to. It is pretty far out so it is a fun long ride over lots of cool dune. In all my time going to Dumont I had never been to the North Pole.

Mia and daddy walking to North Pole

Parking at the North Pole

The North Pole-- with Kevin's work motor cop partner Steve and his son

Ethan putting his letter in the tube at the North Pole

Mia playing in the sand-- cute foot!

Pretty little thing

We had a really great visit!!!


  1. Great pictures. I love making family memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. LOVE the pictures.
    The North Pole idea is WONDERFUL..
    Love it.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time..
    How fun..
    LOVE the pictures of Mia.. she is soooo beautiful..
    Hugs girly..
    Love ya..

  3. Oh my gosh Christy, that looks like so much fun!! What a beautiful looks so peaceful!

    The North Pole is so cute....such a great idea for the kids....I am sure they loved putting their letters in the box for Santa!

    Great pictures as always!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. How cool is the North Pole! As always your Dumont pictures bring back great memories for me. Man I miss it down there SO much!

  5. Great pictures! Looks like a fun family trip! I think my kids would get a kick out of all the sand with no water.

    I love the foot picture and the b&w of Mia leaning against your husband's leg!


  6. What a beautiful place! Looks like it was so much fun.

    Hope you are feeling better this week and ready to enjoy Thanksgiving!


  7. That looks like SO much fun!! I think we need to do that some day!

  8. You guys always have so much fun in Dumont.

    Glad you buckled your kid in, I didn't want to have to flame you today....(insert evil witch laugh!!) HA!

    You got some different angles of Mia's face....she is so darling!

  9. Christy,

    Love all the Dunes photos..We got
    a match! The baby has part of
    Mia's chinese name...LOL JUST

    CALL ME!


  10. What a cool time!!! We don't have any thing remotely close to an activity like that. It looks so fun. I can't imagine looking out at a desert like that either! It's so wild!! I love all your pictures. I think I would be like Mia and be "lulled" to sleep by the bouncing car!!! So glad you are all feeling better! And How COOL that you guys made it to the North Pole!!! What fun!!! Hope you have a good week...and a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!

  11. Christy,

    Oh it sounds like you had a really rough week with the flu and school stuff. I am so sorry. I hope you are all feeling better now and that work has slowed down a little bit.

    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. What a fun weekend! Looks like you had an amazing time.