Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mia! You're 2 Years Old!!!

Today Mia turned 2 years old!!! She is getting so big and growing up in every way. We did not do too much tonight because it was a school night and I work on Wednesdays and Thursdays but we did manage to sing Happy Birthday about 50 times and to have a little cake for her. She just loved the cake and the singing. I have video of her singing-- it is way cute!! Her official birthday party is on November 8 since we have my grandparents 70th anniversary at our house this Saturday-- so we will be a bit late on her official celebration but I am sure she wont notice.

As promised, here are the pictures from the photo shoot yesterday. As I mentioned, Mia woke up sick (so did I-- still sick- ugg)and was not in the mood to take pictures but we did manage to get a few cute ones. I have not had the chance to to scan them into my computer yet so I actually took pictures of pictures so they really are bad quality but you get the idea. When I finally scan them in I will post the clear pics.

This was the only one that Mia was looking at (or towards) the camera and smiling.

I had to choose this one because it so is Mia's personality at this age. Totally funny and all her own person. She is so independent and this picture seemed to typify those qualities-- balancing precariously on a little stool-- totally Mia!!

I thought this was cute.

They did a different finish on this one-- it is called Retro. I liked it and I thought it was cute with her little foot sticking out.

Another totally Mia picture. This is just so her at this age.

So those are the pictures I got. They are fine for the official picture but I think I may still try a photo shoot in the backyard one more time-- maybe when she is feeling better.

And now for Mia singing Happy Birthday:

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

So, what is Mia doing on her 2nd birthday. As I mentioned, she has grown in every way but she has made some huge strides in the last couple months.
1. Mia talks constantly!!! She names just about everything and if she doesn't know what it is she will say "whats that" and when you tell her she remembers the name. She puts 3 to 4 word sentences together all the time and you can understand about 50 to 60% of what she says-- that is getting better each day. She knows some shapes and some colors and that too is getting better each day.
2. Mia is very physical. She runs, jumps, and climbs just about everything. Many parents at the park often comment on how physically adept she is. She has great gross motor skills. She is also aggressive and wont let other kids push her around. Just the other day at the park a little boy was attempting to go up the slide while Mia was trying to go down. She yelled to the boy "go away- move" but he didn't so she tromped down the stairs and actually physically pulled him off the slide. I was a bit embarrassed but she can defiantly hold her own-- too funny!!
3. Mia has amazing and I mean amazing fine motor skills. It may be because I had boys before her and they had-- oh lets say-- less than amazing fine motor abilities-- and still do have less than amazing fine motor abilities :) Mia holds a pencil, pen, fork, spoon or whatever correctly. She crosses mid line (an advanced skill) and draws "snakes" (squiggly lines), circles and "tables" (straight lines with legs). She really is adept in this area and I cant wait to see if she will do something in the art field.
4. We have Mia's doctor appointment on Friday but at last visit a month or so ago she weighed almost 21 pounds and was 32.5 inches tall. She is tiny but more petite than tiny. She still wears a size 5 shoe and can still wear all her 6-12 month clothes.
5. Mia is fiercely independent-- in a good way. She loves us to be with her but everything is "no me do". She wants to do things on her own and will defiantly throw a fit if you try to do it for her. And that brings us to the tantrums. Mia began tantrums about 2 to 3 months ago and wow is she an expert at them!! Kevin and I ignore her while she is tantruming-- even in the stores-- and it has actually worked really well. I would say her tantrums are down significantly. She still throws them daily, but they are shorter and less frequent then before.
Other than that, our sweet little girl is perfect in every way. She is just an amazing joy and I know people will hem haw about the whole idea of babies from China being meant for your family, but we genuinely believe Mia was hand picked by God for our family!! She is a perfect fit for our family!! She is loved beyond compare by everyone who knows her and she is an amazing Gift from God!!!
Happy Birthday Mia JunFei!!! We Love You SOOOOOOOO Much!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mia!!!! Oh she is so cute on that video. I love how she is digging into that cake. She is totally enjoying all of the love and attention. I hope she had a great day. I also hope that the party for your grandparents goes well. I am sure it will be wonderful!

  2. Those videos are just too cute! Mia is like Kailee...non-stop chatterbox! Did they measure Mia lying down? Because Kailee is only 33 inches tall, but that is measuring upright. They measure longer lying down. Well she is doing so amazing! I am super impressed by her fine motor skills. Miss you guys...hope we can get together soon.

  3. Happy Birthday Mia! What amazing fine motor skills - Lily has great ones too, but not as good as Mia! She sounds like an adorable little girl inside and out. Her and Lily would get along great!

    Happy Birthday again. I hope you both feel better.



    She is so cute singing! You can tell her big brothers love her by the way they aggravate her...LOL! Pictures turned out cute!

  5. Happy second birthday Mia!! You
    are such a precious little girl!
    You are truly a GIFT FROM G-D!!
    Allie and I soon look forward
    to meeting you!


    Sindy & Allie


  6. LOVE the Strasburg is amazing!!!! All the pix are just precious...even the ones you took yesterday. Don't you just LOVE trying to get a good photo yourself? I think I'm a secret wanna be photographer. I know my hubby's so rewarding to get that perfect shot! You did a great job!!!

    I'm so sorry you guys aren't feeling well. I hope you get better quickly! I also hope that it isn't spreading East. I remember last year when you guys got the crud...about a week or two later everyone out here had it. I pray it doesn't spread!! :) Feel better soon! Happy Birthday Mia! You are truly a phenominal 2 year old!!!

  7. Happy 2nd Birthday Ms. Mia...
    She is soooooo darling..
    LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE how she sings Happy Birthday.. she is really talking well..
    The boys crack me up..
    Her dress is darling..
    Love the video... and sounds like a WONDERFUL Day..
    Have a Great Week.

  8. OMG... I am laughing out loud at the boys!! That is so my house, especially the burping!! She is adorable, and she definitely holds her own in that house. I love it!!

    Happy Birthday Mia!!

  9. Happy Birthday Mia!

    Loved those videos....she is so precious singing and digging into her cake!! Sounds like the boys were just as excited for her big day!

    Hope you are feeling better and have a great week!

    PS....Love the photos of Mia in her beautiful dress!!


  10. Sweet photos! She is such a little cutie and love hearing how independent she is at only 2! Happy Birthday Mia!

  11. Happy Birthday Mia! I love all of her pictures. She looks adorable in every one of them.

    The video's were fantastic! I can't get over how great she is speaking. I loved hearing her sing Happy Birthday. It cracked me up to hear her big brother's comments. They are too cute! Such great big bro's!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Mia!!

    I am just remembering part of your story... reading on RQ about how you were "skipped." In retrospect, what a blessing that you were!!

    The videos are SOOO sweet and your teeny girl is just gorgeous!

  13. Happy Birthday Mia. It sounds like ya'll had a lovely day. Mia is so adorable and I know that God picked her especially for you, Kevin, and the boys. I love how you just let her pitch her tantrum and ignore her. I think this is a good method and one I hope I can practice someday when I have a 2 year old. :) Hugs girl - LeighAnne

  14. Happy birthday ,Mia! They are growing up too fast. I don't suppose there is much we can do about that, though.

    I love the big hug from her brother. Lucky Family!!!

  15. That was to adorable!!! She talks (and SINGS) really well for her age!!! I love her telling her brother to get

  16. Happy Brithday Mia! I love reading about your daily journey. You bring a smile to my face. Her 2 yr pictures are really cute.

  17. Happy Birthday Mia!!!

    I love ALL the pictures Christy! I also love this post and all the info!

  18. Happy Birthday to Mia! Our girls are growing up so fast! Very cute video of Mia singing.


  19. I LOVE the photos!!! My fave is her on the stool with the flowers. It is so cute. And I TOTALLY really seems as if someone knows what they're doing when it comes to putting the right child with the right family. It utterly amazes's really just awe-inspiring. I have awe-inspiring moments everyday now! :) I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Mia!!!!!!

    ~ Michelle

  20. Happy Belated!! Great videos. Her song is so cute. I am not a fan of the independence anymore, HaHa.

  21. And her brothers don't love her at all do they?

  22. A very Happy Birthday from Jie jie Mia to mei Mei Mia!!! We love you and wished you lived closer for us to hlep you celebrate. We have loved watching you grow from afar and are so proud of all of the things you accomplished this past year.

    Lots of love,

    Lisa, Eddie and Mia

  23. Happy, happy birthday Mia! What a beautiful, big girl you are!

  24. Happy Birthday Mia JunFei! What a gorgeous 2 year old girl!!!

  25. She is sooo adorable!
    So how long until you gor get to sleep after all that yummy sugar at bed time??? (Just wondering for future reference!) ;) I can't wait to have pretty dresses and birthday parties! Keep praying for Finley's arrival soon!

    Love you!

  26. Happy 2nd Birthday Mia to a darling little girl!

    Best wishes,
    LID April 20, 2006