Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dinner and Movie Night!!!

Friday night we were able to have one of our family "dinner and a movie" nights. We use to do them more frequently but sadly, they are expensive and we have to watch the $$$. Anyway, we decided to go to see High School Musical 3 and to dinner and the boys were just on cloud 9. Even though HS3 is technically a "girl movie" they still totally love it and Ethan totally wants to be a STAR like Zach Effron (one of the leads in HS3). It was a fun movie complete with the horrible candy, popcorn and soda. Mia did really well and pretty much sat there for most of the movie them walked around a bit but overall she did great. After the movie we went to Claim Jumper for dinner. The kids were sleepy so we made it pretty fast but we really had a nice family night.

Before we left for the movie Mia and I were waiting in the kitchen for the boys to finish getting ready and she decided to climb on the counter-- like she ALWAYS does--uggg!!

This is how she climbs up

Now that she is up on the counter she has to grab an apple for a snack

Whoops-- dropped the apple-- freaking mom out a bit

Got it back again
While on the counter she decided to do a bit of singing. Here it is-- sorry it is sideways-

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After the movie Mia and the boys decided to pose on the displays in the theatre lobby


Well, they kind of posed-- Owen, not so much

Mia making her new attractive face-- lovely isn't it!!

We really had a fun night!!


  1. Okay.. you know me..
    I notice everything..
    LOVE the family picture that is on the counter.. Mia cracks me up..
    Okay..I don't think she ever wears the same outfit more then once...The little sweater is adorable..
    And as for the little bag on the stroller.. is that a diaper bag,purse,or just a adorable little backpack..
    Have a Great Sunday..

  2. It looks like you all had a great evening! My 15 yo daughter and I went to HSM3 a couple weeks ago and as I sat there I began to feel like a very OLD lady. I was surrounded by adolescent girls who gasped with delight every time Troy took off his shirt(which he seemed to do quite a few times). There was singing and clapping within those theatre walls, and I just felt so old.

    I will admit to you my cyber friend, Christy, that I cried, yes...I cried when Troy showed up at Stanford to see Gabriella. My sister just ROFL at me. I guess I'm just an old softy!

    We can relate to the climbing thig. Meighan likes to get on the dining room table then she proceeds to dance- her favorite song being "I like to move, move it" from Madagascar. I would have never let my older kids do that. Now we just laugh.

    Have a great Sunday.


  3. Looks like you guys had a great family movie night. Mia's outfit is totally adorable. I love it. :) And her singing is adorable. Ya'll are too much fun girl. Hugs - LA

  4. Let me guess who taught her that crazy face :) Sounds like a fun night!

    Stop by my place, you have an award!

  5. Sounds like a great night!

    Mia is so cute climbing up there for that the dress!!

    Have a great week!


  6. I love family nights like that! We haven't had one in a while. Even more than that...Mark and I need a date night. We'll pospone the family night until we get one of those ourselves! ;)

    Looks like yall had a GREAT time!!! Mia is so funny!!! Love the pix!!! Thanks for sharing your family night with us!

  7. So cute! Love the video clip, and the outfit and t-strap shoes, and I want your kitchen! Sounds like you guys had a great time.

    Gin =)

  8. Get that cute thing in tap! Dang she is cute! Glad you guys had a nice family night, those are always so special. Halloween looked fun!