Tuesday, November 25, 2008


New idea-- I just saw on another blog that she was selling her daughters nice Christmas dresses from last year. I have been thinking about doing this because I have some really beautiful high end dresses Mia literally wore once or twice and that I would love to make a bit of money so I can buy more. If you are interested, I may just do a post and show you guys what I have and if you are interested in buying any of them, I would be happy to sell them. Let me know what you think.
Disneyland was a lot of fun and much more relaxing than usual. The boys were at a birthday party for the day so it allowed me to only take Mia and it was really nice to be able to take Disney at a different pace. Cass was able to come as well so Lai, Cass and I spent a lot of time relaxing and talking.

The official entry picture

Mia and Ava on the tram (in upper corner) and Mia being our tour guide.

Driving Mr. Toads car, playing with Tyler, the Christmas Tree pic and riding the horse.

I think this is such a cute picture-- I love Mia's smile!!

There is a princess area that the princesses come out and tell stories and interact with the kids. The kids are able to decorate crowns and do arts and crafts. They have such a fun time!!

The overindulgence of Disneyland- The kids love the suckers!! Mia gives the thumbs up to the sucker!


  1. Looks like a WONDERFUL Day..
    Love the pictures..
    Mia's outfit is toooo cute..
    But she always has on the cutest things..
    Love your hair to girly..
    Have a Great Thanksgiving..

  2. It looks like you had a great day at Disney. Mia looks adorable, as always!

  3. Looks like the perfect day....lots of fun!! Mia is absolutely the thumbs up.....and that outfit is too cute for words:)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I love the thumbs up!!! Looks like a fun day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. How fun!!!!!!! Looks like you had a great time! I love Mia's thumbs up! Too cute! : )

  6. love Mia's outfit! thanks for sharing! typing on phone so please excuse grammar!

  7. Hey Christy, don't worry about not calling for D-Land. I totally understand about last minute plans. Looks like you had a lot of fun and Mia is adorable as usual! Hopefully someday we'll get to meet up there. :) Have a great Thanksgiving.


  8. Oh what fun Christy!! Looks like you had a great time and Mia looked as adorable as ever....she always has the cutest clothes!! :)

    We wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  9. That's such a great idea...selling Mia's clothes!! She dresses SO cute. Wish Sadie was smaller than her! I'd LOVE to get a bid in for some of them!! :) REALLY....I would rather have some kind of online ladies swap shop....or clothing thing like that. My kids are good on's me and Mark that go around wearing things that are SO OLD!!! I always feel so out of style!! So...if you ever decide to get rid of some of your clothes....and if they're anywhere close to a size 12....let me know!! :)

    LOVE your haircut by the way!!! How did your Thanksgiving dinner go!? Hope it went well. Gotta run! have a great week!

  10. Looks like a fun day. Ok that outfit on Mia is just too cute for words. If you plan on selling that when she grows out of it I'll take it! LOL Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. I could send you some of my snow then it would REALLY look like Christmas there! LOL! You guys look great.

    We go to WDW- FL in a couple of weeks and we are hoping for some sunshine!!! Can't wait to see the decorations. You have renewed my excitement!

    Happy Thanksgiving!