Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Dresses for Sale

First off let me say how strange I feel doing this but I figure maybe I can make a little bit of money to feed my habit --haha!! Please don't be offended if you think it is inappropriate to be selling things on my blog-- I promise I wont make a habit of it-- just for special things like Christmas.

Also, don't forget to scroll down to see the Disneyland pictures from yesterday. Some pics are cute!!

I have 4 Strasberg Holiday dresses for sale. Strasberg is a high end Children’s Clothing store and their items are amazingly beautiful, very traditional and very expensive and well made. Strasburg has European sizing which is much bigger than US sizing. A 6 month in European sizing is aprox a 12- 18 month in US sizing (if not bigger).

This dress is 100% silk Christmas dress with a smocked top (all handmade) in a beautiful silk Christmas plaid. This dress is a high end treasure. It was worn once by my Mia for a family Christmas pictures and is absolutely perfect. It has an inside liner dress as well. I bought this dress for $124.00 (I know my Kevin had a heart attack as well :), it was worn once and I will sell it for $30 (plus shipping) but I am pretty firm on this price because it is such an amazingly beautiful, well made and unused dress.


This dress is a fall plaid in a cotton fabric. It was worn once for Thanksgiving-- very beautiful plaid with a smocked neckline (all hand done). It is about a 12-18 month in size. I paid $65 for this- will sell for $20 (plus shipping). It looks adorable on little girls!!

This next dress is a red and white holiday/ but also non holiday-- could be used for anything-- very versatile/ Strasberg dress. It has a red herringbone bodice and a crisp white Peter Pan collar and arm holes. It is beautiful and sooo well made. It has an inside liner dress as well. This dress was worn one time during the holidays to church by Mia. It is about a 12 to 18 months but is very long so easily could be worn by a 2 year old. It is perfect as all the dresses are. I paid $65 and will sell it for $20 (plus shipping).


This dress is a green velvet dress with a peter pan collar with embroidered flowers on the collar. It has a Christmas plaid ribbon type sash around the middle. It is very beautiful and was worn only once on Christmas Eve by my Mia. It is about a size 12- 18 month but could easily be worn by a 2 year old-- they run really big. It has an inside liner dress as well. My mom paid $85 for this velvet dress- will sell it for $25 (plus shipping).

So there you have it. I have more I could sell but I will wait to see how these do. I have a paypal account so you can pay me that way if you are interested. If you are interested email me at and the first on each dress will get that dress.
Thanks tons guys!!


  1. I have 2 boys and they both are to big to wear them so I will have to pass:(
    Personally I think your prices are tooo CHEAP!!!
    I think it is a GREAT idea what you are doing..Mia always looks so nice and people are ALWAYS asking about her clothes:)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I would buy them but I think my Ella and your Mia are the same size.
    22 lbs. 32" tall. Let me know?


  3. I don't think it is tacky at all to sell some clothes! In fact, recently, I have seen several people create "extra" blogs just for that. Why not? ebay charges fees & you never know if you will sell them or not.

    I wish I had a baby for them! They are GREAT prices!

  4. You are such a smart mama!!!

    Snick, Sunshine and Brill

  5. I think this is a wonderful idea Christy. I just wish my girls weren't older then your Mia. Too bad as Mia's clothes are all so beautiful:) Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  6. So beautiful...unfortunately, I have several winter/Christmas dresses for Megan...but I sure wish I didn't! GORGEOUS! Hopefully, there's a smart momma out there that will snap these up!

  7. Glad you have sold a couple.. you will sell the other two.. glad I got that one.. I am fine with the billing .. thanks girly..
    love ya..

  8. Great idea...think of it as recycling!

  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling your dresses on your blog. They are lovely.

  10. Beautiful dresses. I just wish mine DD was just a bit tinier and she could fit in them!

    Brilliant idea. I just may copy it.