Wednesday, November 5, 2008


** I have had lot of people comment and email asking about Mia's jacket and shoes. The jacket is from Gymboree and it is ADORABLE in pictures and even cuter in person!! It is a velvet feel material and it is lighter weight so it works well here in Southern California where it never gets too cold. You can check out the jacket here.

The shoes are Pedipeds Giselle Flex brand and they are the best shoes in the world!! I love these and they go with everything. If you buy these you will love them too!! You can check them out here.

Back to the original post:

Mia and I did our civic duty and voted yesterday at our local fire department. We got there around 10:30am so there was no wait at all. Mia enjoyed the whole process and since it was her first presidential election, I figured I would need to document the event.

Smile before we check in :)

Mommy checking in to vote.

Obviously I was unable to photograph her during the actual voting but Mia was allowed to place the ballot in the ballot box.

After she put the ballot in the box she (and mommy) was given an "I VOTED" sticker- which by the way got us a free Starbucks!!

A few more photos before we leave. Notice the "I VOTED" sticker on her jacket lapel.

Yaaaaa!!!! ALL DONE!!!!!


  1. YEAH!!!!!
    Okay.. Mia is the cutest..
    LOVE her little jacket and matching shoes...
    Sounds like a wonderful day..and who can't beat a FREE Starbucks..
    Hugs girly..

  2. Cute pictures. Lily came with me, but we had electronic voting, so no putting the ballot in a box! She just got to watch and was told don't push any buttons!

    I LOVE Mia's jacket. Its so cute!


  3. Ok. I love her voting. WHERE did you get the precious little coat? What is it called? A tea coat? I love it!! I think I need one for Mya :)

  4. That coat is toooooooo cute! Do tell where you found it! The picture of Mia putting the ballot in the box is to cute, she's so intent.

  5. So CUTE!

    She is one proud American Girl!

    Wishing you sunny California days. (We're having beutiful weather here in PA, BTW)

    Debby :>)

  6. Christy, that little jacket and shoes are adorable!!! Where did you get them?

    Cute pics.

  7. We have the matching Gymboree pants and brown coat. We haven't worn them yet, but I just LOVE that line!!! Too cute! It looks great on Mia!!

    And...thank you so much for all the lovely comments on our blog. I'll be writing to you soon, Sweetie!!!!

    ~ Michelle & Maelie

  8. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dots. You find the cutest things to make that girl even cuter than she is.

  9. That jacket and the shoes are waaaaaay too cute!! Thanks for sharing where they are from.

  10. Mia's outfit is adorable. Of course, she looks adorable all the time. I have never seen a picture of her where she did not look absolutely precious. I know we would definetly hang out and be friends if we lived near each other! :) Hugs, LA

  11. LOVE that jacket!!! You ALWAYS find the most adorable things!!! What a great experience too for her to get to vote with you!!! SO COOL!!!

  12. Great job for voting...bummer it didn't go our way! Yes I agree with everyone...her jacket is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing where you got it!! : )

  13. Gymboree is currently having a sale of 30% off your entire order, woo hoo! I went yesterday and got Gracie some cute things. Love the line that Mia is wearing as I love pink and brown together. I almost bought the same coat for Gracie.

    We voted at the mall last week. Ours are on the computer so Gracie didn't have as much fun as it looks like Mia did.


  14. Big Mia has the same shoes and we love them as well. Guess we had better get the jacket except I think this year will be cold on the East Coast! Hooray that you votes and Mia had the chance. She is soooo cute and what a helper!

  15. Love that jacket and cute little shoes!! Don't you wish those shoes came in grown-up sizes!!

    Have a fun weekend!


  16. I.Love.The.Shoes! The little coat too. She is too stinkin cute. I love that you documented her 1st election.