Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Visit From Friends!!

Many of you know about the wonderful couple, Bob and Pat, who were the reason why we had so much contact with Finley's orphanage. This wonderful couple not only has a grand daughter adopted from Fushun (Finley's orphanage) but they also volunteer at the orphanage every year and were the only reason we had contact with our wonderful guide, Maggie, and Ms. Wang (Finley's nanny). They put me in contact with Maggie who in turn put me in contact with Ms. Wang. This couple is amazing and have not only given emotionally by volunteering at Fushun but they also have financially supported the orphanage by raising funds and purchasing much needed items. This couple helped improve Finley's live and the life of the rest of these orphans at Fushun greatly!! They have known Finley a lot longer than we have as they met her when she was only a baby and we actually found pictures of Finley on their blog. Also, Betty, their 14 year old granddaughter adopted from Fushun this past June, knows Finley well and loved her deeply. Finley essentially grew up with Betty and with there being only a few little girls in the orphanage, Betty and Finley seemed to really have a connection. We love this couple and felt beyond blessed when they told me they were flying out from Florida to California to drive the California coast and when they were in the LA area, they wanted to have lunch with us. Yesterday was the day we finally got to meet Bob and Pat and it was a wonderful experience. They are as warm and loving as I expected them to be and we clicked immediately. We had a wonderful lunch and would like to travel with them in the future back to Fushun. We would also like to have a reunion with all those adopted from Fushun. We had a wonderful time Bob and Pat-- thank you so much for meeting with us!!!!! We love you guys so very much!!!

Bob, Finley and Pat. Mia would not pose for a pictures and the boys did not come-- they were at friends houses.


  1. That's wonderful. Did Finley remember them?


  2. How wonderful...
    love it..

  3. That is awesome that they were able to visit! We have all been talking about a reunion of our Fushun kiddos! Can't wait!

  4. So nice to catch up on your blog. Finley is just a doll baby. Glad to hear about the "break through" last Thurs. We've had quite the time with Seth as well. He's finally coming around- learning the rules of the house. Every day is a smidge better. Transition is just tough!

    So glad we got to see you in China- if even just for a few minutes!