Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Random Cuteness

So things around here are clicking along like normal. Finley is doing great and so are the other kids. I really think she likes her new life-- busy, crazy but loving. Having 4 kids has not been overly different than having 3 kids so the adjustment has been pretty easy. Besides Finley waking up so early in the morning and me not getting my alone time after I send the boys off to school and I sit with my coffee,(Mia would sleep till 9am if allowed to) things have been pretty easy. Again, attachment to me is not 100% but we are moving in the right direction. She enjoys me, lets me comfort her, plays with me, etc. but she still will cuddle with Kevin and not as much with me and she sees Kevin as the main care taker in her world. That is fine because I have 3 other kids who rely on me for EVERYTHING, so I'm OK for now with her attachment, but I do see it getting better each day.

Some of the activities the girls enjoy in a typical day-- man a box will light up their world. A trip to Costco is like gold for them!!! Hours of play time!!!

Eating lunch before we take Mia to school. Finley has a little backpack and she takes it with her like she is going to school too. We are planning on starting her in Mia's class very soon.

At Finley's DR. appointment enjoying their sucker they each received for being good. Finley had to have a Chicken Pox vaccination because they did not seem to give them in China and to attend Preschool she has to have it. We searched her immunization book but could not find it anywhere. Anyone else lacking that vaccination with their kids from China? Here the vaccination is given at 1 year and 4 years old.

This picture makes me laugh. They are sitting watching TV-- yes sorry about the sucker again-- horrible mom I know but I did just order 5 pounds of Sugar Free suckers online-- anyone know where you can buy these things in a store-- I cant find them anywhere and had to order them online-- lame! Anyway, I was in the kitchen and came out and saw them sitting there and then I looked closer. Look under Mia-- can you tell what she is sitting on? Look a little closer...

So here is the close up-- they are each sitting on their doll house beds like they are just what they sit on-- like a chair. It was so funny to me to see them on these-- too cute!!!! And yes, Finley is usually naked and we are trying to keep undies on her and she is doing pretty good with it but no matter what, when she wakes up in the morning or gets home from whatever, she strips off whatever she is wearing. This morning she stripped down when she woke up but went and put undies on totally on her own-- good job!! She is learning!!


  1. Congratulations! I have been enjoying following your journey to Finley. Liliah was 16 mos when she got home. She seemed fine with both of us, but soon fixed her love & attention to daddy. I was second fiddle and she would cry somedays when she saw me after work - nice...and frustrating. I had to make changes to my expectations. 8 months later, she turned a corner with me and I could see a difference, that she needed me and wanted me as her mommy. She still snuggled more with daddy though. 2 years later she has really become a mommy's girl and I am loving it. It will get better, but don't be to hard on yourself if it doesn't come much sooner. On a lighter note, LOL at her wanting to strip down when she gets home....maybe flash back from all of the bundling she had to endure while in China!!!

  2. That picture makes me laugh too! So cute together. She's amazingly at home with herself, isn't she?


  3. I love love love seeing your two girls together!! I am so glad things are coming along...and know, Finley will come around to you, but I agree, it works out well right now with Mia and the boys to feel like they still have "most" of your attention!

    LOVE the pics on the doll beds...too funny!

  4. I just had Gracie's blood drawn, to check her immunity for the shots she was given in China. She was fine on all except had NO immunity to Hep B. The doctor says that even though they "claim" they gave her the Hep B shot, the doctor says it's highly doubtful.


  5. Christy, first let me say i'm sorry... I followed you guys to China a few short weeks ago and i must say, i thought you were a little dramatic and selfish... i'm sooooo right in your shoes this very day. My daughter wants NOTHING to do with me and it gets this whole adoption process has been MY dream and she can't stand the sight of me... I have to whisper when I come in the room because if she hears me she screams. I just wanted you to know that your transparency really helped me this week. i see how finely has come around and I'm praying for that day wiht Libbie. You're an awesome mommy and great inspiration.