Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finley's First Disney Trip!!

Living in Southern California brings with it a mandatory right of passage-- every child must have their first Disneyland experience within 1 year of birth or 30 days of residing in Southern CA! OK, maybe it is not a written rule, but it is what many many many Southern Californians do on a regular basis for great fun and enjoyment and I am lucky enough to be a part of Lucky Mommies-- an adoption group that likes to frequent the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! On Friday we took the opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year at Disneyland as they were having great festivities in honor of the Lunar New Year. We met a bunch of our Lucky Mama's and my mother in law Mary also joined us for the day. It was a great time and Finley's first-- but not last-- Disney experience. The temperature was in the 80's (yes it is February-- our weather all week has been in the high 70's and low 80's--feels like late spring) and was actually a bit warm but still very comfortable. She had a blast and really seemed to enjoy things. We only made it on a few rides but she was wide eyed and especially loved SMALL WORLD. She was chattering and pointing the whole time. It was very cute! It was also a lot of fun to introduce Finley to all her adoption friends.

On the tram ride into the park. Finley didn't know what to think at that point but sat there very still with very large open eyes-- Can you imagine how her life has changed in a short 3 weeks-- wow!!!

Had to do the traditional Disney shot-- too bad Finley was looking away but at least we have documented her first trip

And with Mary (mother in law)

The dragons at the Lunar New Year Celebration-- very cool!!!

Doing the arts and crafts in the CNY celebration area

Some of the performers-- the girls, especially Mia, enjoyed watching them

Watching the show

Mia, Finley, Becky (Becky's sister Katie was at school), Sophie and Georgie

Adding the mommies (me, Karen, Paula and Susan)

Finley waiting in line to see Mulan and Mushu

Finley and Mia with Mulan and Mushu-- Finley was not sure about Mushu but eventually got use to him

Becky and Karen had to leave but as soon as they left, Karen B and Kaylee and Tanya with Gracie and Kyle showed up (Kaylee was not in this pic yet). Finley likes to look around and not at the camera as you can tell in many of the pics.

Mia and Finley with Chinese New Year Micky and Minnie

Gracie, Georgie, Sophie, Kaylee, Finley and Mia with Micky and Minnie

Waiting in line for Small World

On the boat ready to go. She was so excited!!

This was how the whole ride went-- pointing at everything trying to get Mary or my attention to show us what she is pointing to. It was so cute and I loved seeing her enthusiasm.

Hideous picture but had to put it in for documentation-- Makeup was not on my to do list that morning

Kaylee and Gracie

Not sure what she was thinking-- mad or happy or what but I thought it was kind of cute!

All smiles for Finley after the ride was over-- she loved it!

Mary and the girls after Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Finley was just wide eyed the whole time taking in what was going on

We really had a nice day. I wish we could have stayed longer but it was meant to be a short trip and I needed to get home to pick up the boys from school. We will go back again very soon!!


  1. What a wonderful day. Great that it was the Chinese celebration too!

  2. Such a fun day! Love the matching outfits!

  3. Love the CNY Mickie and Minnie!!

    All the pics are adorable!

  4. I wondered when this was going to happen... Love it..
    Love you and glad things are going sooo well..

  5. A www..the girls outfits are darling!! Love so many of Finley's expressions....three weeks seems like such a short time! Glad she's made it to the Happiest Place on Earrh!

  6. I'm so bummed I didin't know that they put anything on at Disney for CNY. Do you know how long it is up for? You are so right about it being a right of passage. I love living in So Cal. Cute photos.