Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adjusting to Home

Miss Finley is doing GREAT!!!! We are so happy with her adjustment. She loves her brothers and loves her sister and she is now even loving our 100 pound Lab Max!!! It is amazing to see how comfortable she is getting with our world. Yesterday we went to the pediatrician just her, Mia and I and it was strange to drive away from the house with my girls buckled into their seats heading out. Really strange but good!! She loves to be outside and plays beautifully-- mostly with boy stuff. At the orphanage she only had boys in her age range so she played solely with boys so she naturally clicks with the boys but is getting along great with the girls and is currently wearing a snow white dress-- too cute!!! The doctors appointment was mostly to get her appointment with the neurosurgeon to get her scar looked at for revision as well as to get the MRI to make sure everything is fine with the spina bifida. After our time with the neurosurgeon she will then be referred to the Spina Bifida clinic for followup and maintenance every 6 months to a year. All is well and the doctor could not believe how good she is doing and said it is hard to believe she ever had spina bifida. We are so pleased!!!

Still in PJ's feeding her brother fruit-- she loves to share-- too cute!!

The girls eating their fruit

Riding the trike- she would be outside all day if we let her-- our 70 degrees is much better than the 0 degrees in Fushun!!

Shooting hoops with Owen

She is such a happy kid

Pushing Mia on the go-cart. I love this picture

After the DR appointment we went shopping quickly just to see what new things had come into Gap and Naartjie while we were in China. The girls were mischievous as ever but had such a good time.

Fun being sisters!!


  1. Looks like things are going wonderfully. Hope she's warming up to her mommy, too.


  2. I am so glad things are going well now that everyone is home and together. Mia look very happy to have a sister and Finley looks happy go lucky with all the kids. I love seeing the girls together!!!!

    Hope you are catching up on some sleep and getting settled.

  3. I know what you mean about how weird it is to have two girls. When I got to your house yesterday and Kevin was out front. I asked where you were and he said you were at the doctor with the girls. I walked into the house and it probably took me a full 5 mintutes to figure out what he meant by "the girls" It didn't even

  4. That was Cassie who wrote that ;)

  5. sounds like everything is going great! I was at that Gap today!
    Vicki leaving in 4 days!

  6. So glad to hear that she is doing so well. The girls look so cute together!

  7. Love the piggy tails and the outside pics! Jealous! It's cold here and we are starting to feel cooped up...we are getting ready to leave for mass with 5 kids...pray for us hahah! Love you guys! So happy things are going well! I'm guessing since you guys went out in public w/o Kevin things are going well! congrats


  8. She is absolutely precious and looks so happy!

  9. It looks like Finley is fitting in just fine! She is just adorable! You are sooo blessed!

  10. LOVE IT..
    Looks like things are going well.

  11. I am so happy to see things going so well! Playing outside in PJs?? Shopping?!?!?! I LOVE being a mama! Looks like Finley is doing amazing, Congratulations, Christy!

  12. Also, amazing news about her Spina Bifida!! So, really? A kid can have NO residual affects from being born with SB?? She's fine!?! I mean, they will monitor her - but that's AWESOME!!!! To God be the glory! Thanks for healing sweet Finley's body!