Monday, February 21, 2011

We have been very busy and sick-- uggg!!!

We have been pretty busy around here but things have been going really well-- with the exception of the flu that is being passed around our family. Finley had it first then it went to Kevin yesterday and me and Ethan today. It is not pleasant but only seems to last about 24 hours so we at least have light at the end of the tunnel.

The kids are back into the normal swing of things and we have registered Finley for preschool in Mia's class. I go back to work (I work part time 2 days a week) on March 8 so we are going to start Finley in the class on that day for 3 hours a day, 4 days a week-- just like Mia. Since I have to go back to work anyway, it will work out perfectly having her and Mia in the same class and based on her attachment and adjustment, I think she is going to do great!!! We are going to do a few days a week over the next couple weeks where we go in and spend half the time in preschool with me present just to get her use to it so I feel pretty confident that she will be ready on March 8. Kev goes back to work this week so things are going to get a little crazy but I am ready for it. I have been doing a lot of praying for patience and asking the Lord to give me control and keep me organized. I think things will be fine but having Kevin back to work is going to add a lot of change-- but I think it will be good.

If the girls are at home-- they are naked -- all day everyday. I remember the boys doing this too but we are working hard to at least keep undies on them-- but they prefer nothing-- uggg!!!

Kev has been cooking a lot of Chinese and making amazing dumplings-- They eat tons of Dumplings in Finley's province. We are now a family of 6 so we sit at the dining room table most of the time. I love eating in there. Plenty of room and it feels nicer.

Chinese Dinner!!!

The girls are loving their easel and enjoying painting. We do it outside but it is a favorite for them!

Mia loves to paint

Finley and mom at the play area at our local mall!

Finley got her hair cut this past week by my friend Heather. She did a short bob as we are trying to grow her bangs out and make it more like an all one length bob. With Finley's texture being more coarse than Mia's, her hair holds the round bob look very well and looks adorable most of the time. I love this look on her!!!

From the back

Playing with Botchie

We had a Chinese New Year celebration with my Lucky Mommies Group last night. We met at Paula's house for crafts and stories and then went to dinner. We had a great time and we appreciated all the work these wonderful ladies put into the celebration!! Here Finley is making her craft and you can see her hair-- kind of.

All of the girls on the couch for a picture!

Too cute!!
We have a busy week but I will check back in soon!!


  1. Definitely looks like the girls are bonding.


  2. So glad things are going well for your sweet family! Cute pictures!

  3. Glad things are going well.. Love the photos..
    the girls are tooo cute.
    love ya..