Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Leg

We are on our last leg home!!! We are in Seoul waiting for our plane to LA. We board in about 20 minutes. WE cant wait to see the kids and our family. It seems like it has been forever since we saw any of them-- so sad but so happy to be on our way. Finley did great on our last flight - Guangzhou to Seoul. The plane was literally only 1/3 full and we had a whole center section to ourselves. It was wonderful!!! She played and slept. She became a daddy's girl again and I let it for a while but then would not let her get away with it. She was fussing and crying beucase daddy put her down and I just grabbed her and took her to the bathroom becuase she said she had to go. She cried the whole time and I played the mean mom card and would not give in and made her go. I was so not taking 2 steps back. I am willing to tolerate her being clingy but she has been a bit defiant to me over the last number of hours. She will look at me and give me a irty look and then whip her head away from me. This is not being clingy and worried about being abandoned-- its being a BRAT and I am not tolerating it!!! She is a kid in our family and I am the mom and she will treat me as such. Sorry to be a mean mom but if I thought there was an ounce of true genuine attachment issues involved in her behavior, I would alter my behavior but it is not that!! She is being a BRAT 100% for sure. She has even bawled her eyes out becuase Kevin had the audacity to not give her a snack and he said stop crying and she would not so he would not give it to her. She faked cried for a while and we ignored her and she finally stopped. I told Kevin that I will give her tiny bit of leway at home but I will not tolerate this bratty beahvior. I dont think we will have any issues when we are home but Kevin and I are on the same page at least.
Anyway, we are heading home and cant wait to see my kids at the airport along with my sister and mom. My mom is having some family over to our house tonight-- tomorrow-- whatever day we land-- and she is making dinner--- yaaaa-- we are not eating out!!!!! I am thrilled.
I will get homecoming pictures up ASAP but thanks so much for so many of you who supported us along each step. I have some pictures of our interviews and videos with the documentary makers. They filmed us this morning packing up and skyping with the kids and leaving the hotel. It was a very cool experience and I think it is going to be an awesome documentary that is going to be putting special needs adoption in a very positive light!!
I will post soon--- ALMOST HOME!!!!!!!!


  1. So glad you are almost home!!!! I will be praying for Mia.. It's a big transition.. Even when you are excited to have a sister!!

    Blessings to you as you settle in to a family of 6!!


  2. Whooo hoooo! There is no place like home. So glad you are almost there!

  3. Good for you MAMA! Way to go with that tough love- just what Finley needs!!! Praying your last leg home goes smoothly!

  4. I know you're so happy to get home!! Safe travels!!
    Can't wait to see the whole crew together!!

  5. Praying for you as you begin the last leg of your journey HOME! I know you can't wait to have your family back together!

  6. Cristy - for some reason I have not been able to post the last week, but so happy you are almost home! Have loved watching your journey, have so appreciated hte honesty - and will talk when you get back about our SN adoption & would love to be a part of hte project. I think it's an awesome idea, and I think we might be able to offer a story of when things are worse then you expect and how that is absolutely ok!

    Love you friend - so glad the Lord prepared the way for all of you!

  7. Almost there girl! Alot of that bratty stuff got so much better for us and I sure hope you see the same! This morning little Mr. #@%
    genuinally cried when I left to drive the girls to soon. I thought he'd hurt himself when he first started crying I was so confused!!! Then he grabbed my leg and reached up for "mamma" I nearly fainted!!! It was a huge ordeal to get out the door! Of course by the time I got home he was indifferent! But I did get TWO kisses today!! Praying the same for you! Email me soon!!

  8. That's suppose to say "drive the girls to school" I'm not sure what "drive the girls to soon" is?? Jet lag anyone??

  9. Christy,
    About the bratty behavior...we've seen a lot of it from our son, who is from the same orphanage. Stand your ground. Within 6 weeks of learning English his bratty behavior had lessened...until we had cleft palate repair last week, and he regressed (but that's another story). But anyway, my point is that my son seemed very spoiled...the teens help out at the orphanage so I think that my son just got used to throwing tantrums so that he would get immediate results.
    You'll see big changes in 6 weeks for sure.

  10. Christy,

    I am praying for safe and calm travels home. I hope it all goes well. I am sure it will be a challenge getting settled and rested and adjusting to the new normal. I will pray for that too.

    Finley looks like she is adjusting quite well. It is great that she feels to close to Kevin and that she has made lots of progress with you as well. I have not been in this situation but I imagine it is so much more challenging that what we went through with ate and Mia.

    One of the things I try to remind myself when my kids are acting out is something I learned in my counseling classes....Children behave badly when they feel badly. Finley has to be feeling so out of sorts with all of the changes and transitions. It must really scary for her. Obviously, you have gotten to know her these past weeks but I wonder if once she feels more secure and gets into the flow of life at your house with her fun brothers and sisters if some of the behavioral issues will subside. My guess is once she feels better and more secure, she will behave better. I know you know all of this but it will be my prayer that it eases up.

    I cannot imagine that any of this is easy. I do imagine the blessings will be so BIG though.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers,

  11. Congrats on being almost home. I know how you feel about the clingy behavior, our little one is only 16 months old and I can tell she knows how to work it. As long as both parents are on the same page she will realize that life is not so bad with Mom.

    Good luck and Welcome Home.

  12. Christy! You are almost home! Thanks for sharing your journey. When we get back and settled we will have to finally meet. Especially when you come over here to Loma Linda. Safe Travels! We leave in 6 days!

  13. Praying that you have arrived home safely with your precious daughter - I am sure your whole family is so excited. Have simply loved following along with your blog and seeing all the pictures. God Bless.