Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2 Days Left-- YIPEEEEE!!!!

OK, so you adoptive parents have to support me here--- we all love our time in China-- right?? It is an amazing experience that you cherish for the rest of your life-- correct?? But man, towards the last few days of your trip you just want out! It is not meant to diminish anything about the trip-- we love our time here-- but man, home sounds so sweet!! We have 2 nights left-- tonight-- which it is bedtime now-- and then tomorrow night and then we leave for the airport around 10am and then we are on our full day of travel home--- I am soooooo looking forward to HOME-- my bed-- my kids-- my nice smelling non smoke filled clothes-- not eating 3 meals out a day-- not having people run after you trying to get you to come into their store to buy the same things you saw at the 50 other stores you looked in-- random people not staring you down-- waiters at restaurants not standing 3 feet from you looking at your daughter and shaking their heads and speaking in Chinese to each other literally 3 feet from you-- woman and men attempting to pull our daughters pants lower so that her skin will not be exposed and she will not freeze to death in the 60 degree weather-- heck, men and woman blatantly looking at you with disapproval and saying things in Chinese because your daughter is not wearing a jacket and we are those crazy Americans who are letting our kid run without shoes on the playground. There are so many things I miss about home and I just cant wait to get there. Again, don't get me wrong, we love China and we love being here-- but, we are ready to be at home with our kids as a family of 6!!!! I want Ethan and Owen to meet their little sister who they have vowed they will not torment. I want Mia to meet her little sister who she has vowed to share her things with. I want life to progress like normal and us get in our normal life again. We cant wait to be HOME!!!!

I had to take some gratuitous bath shots-- Finley was not amused

Showing her bath toy Kai Lan

We made a run to Starbucks which is always a time killer-- towards the end when you have nothing to do all day, you find ways to kill time and Starbucks seems to be popular among the adoptive families.

OK, it was a Chi Tea Latte and there was hardly any left-- geezzzzz... Go ahead anonymous-- flame me all you want-- and by the way since you think we are new parents because we let our daughter have a balloon in her mouth-- WE ARE NOT-- we are just not freakish uptight parents who have to sterilize and fluff their child's world so they don't get hurt or God forbid catch cold-- we are normal parents-- just in case you were wondering. Sorry for the rant-- sick of anonymous posters who like to make digs at your parenting while under the curtain of anonymity.

This was milk-- FYI

We had tea at a shop with a guy who looked like he was going to pull out something very different than tea that was also very green. We were a bit scared at first but then realized he was nice and the tea was good-- not sure how this pic got here but ok we will go with it.

Walking along the edge of the pearl river.

Not a great shot but it is precious when Finley rests her head on Kevin's head. It is just adorable. Kevin's neck is becoming very strong.

She looks upset but she was not. She was actually very happy so this is a bad shot but she finally let me carry her around tonight. This is a first. She has been warming up a ton and will let me do almost everything for her now but never will she let me carry her until tonight. She is one heavy girl but mama loved every second of it!!!! Oh ya, she will also only let Kevin take her poop. Not sure why but that is like a special time for them-- or something like that..?..?

At Dinner she was acting silly. Cow and Bridge for all you BTDT adoptive parents

This was so cute and the picture does not do it justice but she was reading our bill in Chinese. She was going letter by letter reading each character and if I didn't know better I would have thought she was really reading-- being 3 we know she wasn't but it was convincing!!!

Tomorrow we could leave but we could not get a flight so we are leaving on Thursday. We have Finley's passport and we are ready to go. There is a couple who make documentaries and are currently doing something here in GZ about some flower but had decided their next big documentary is going to be on Special Needs Adoption!!! They overheard me talking to Suzi at lunch the other day (Suzi-- remember at Lucy's-- they were the white couple behind you) and they have been fascinated with the special needs adoption and the community. Anyway, they are staying at our hotel and I saw them at breakfast the other day and we began to talk. I guess she works or use to work for the BBC and did a thing on China adoption years ago and has been astonished by the trends in adoption and how it is favoring towards Special Needs. I guess their company, which is based in Shanghai and also in LA, have decided to do their next big documentary on China Special Needs Adoption. After talking with them for a long time, they asked if they could interview us on camera before we left and I of course thought that would be great. Even better is we are only 40 min from LA so they could do follow up with us later if they need to. So tomorrow at 4:30pm they are going to interview us and then follow us to the playground and watch Finley play. Should be kind of cool. If there are any Special Needs adoptive families in the LA area who would like to be a part of this documentary, please email me or comment in my comments section and I will forward your info onto them. VICKY, if you are reading, I told them about your family and your beautiful girls and Jillian and they would love love love to interview you and were even thinking if you were willing, they would fly down from Shanghai to film you-- they would love to even get your gotcha and all that if you were willing-- of course I have no idea if you would, but they were totally wanting to talk with you. Email me if you can and I will email you now.


  1. being there just last week, I totally know how you feel. I have never been so happy to be home. I had to read the first paragraph of your blog to my husband because either of us could have written it a week ago.

    I have a picture of Chloe trying to drink my Starbucks, She wanted it because it was so hot we think she thought it was her bottle :)

    Take care and safe travels home. Finley looks great!

  2. What a relief it is! To be in GZ. To be almost out of GZ. To meet an honest parent who is just a normal parent. Love everything about your post. Hope the next two days pass quickly. Enjoy the milk/I mean chai/I mean green stuff/whatever! It won't be long now.


  3. Chris your post had me cracking me up (you know I don't usually so much as smile, let alone laugh hysterically before 7AM :D)! I can totally see you saying this whole thing at lunch. Sensing feisty Christy--love it. And love you guys! Can't wait to meet Finley!

  4. Christy, We would be willing to do that. We will be in Xian on February 11. Our "Forever in our Arms Day" is February 14. We leave Xian on February 18 to go to Guangzhou.

    Christy, We were in Guangzhou last year for over two weeks and then another week in Guilin. Take a cab and get off the island! There is so much to do out there. Go to a park, go to Safari Park (The most awesome Zoo I have been too, we got to hold baby tigers) Cabs are cheap. Go to a book store and by Finley books written in Chinese. My girls love these. People don't beg you to come into their stores in the "regular" part of Guangzhou. They do look at you, but not in a bad way. Go to some residential areas and walk around. Take the subway! My oldest daughter and I did that it was great and very clean! Go out and adventure. i would go crazy staying on Shamian the whole time.

    I loved seeing Fineley in your arms! We leave in only 8 days!!!!

  5. Oh I forgot to say we would love doing that if it is ok with our agency and the Chinese Officials. I don't know how they do that there.

  6. Have a great flight home. I love the pictures of Finley with the Starbucks. When we first came home from Thailand with Jaxin he loved running around with empty Tim Hortons cups everyone thought we were letting him have coffee.

  7. I have really enjoyed following your journey to Finley. Thanks for being the honest normal parent you are...I am sure you can't wait to get home to your kids, bed and just normal life. Safe travels and looking forward to seeing your family of 6 finally together:)


  8. O.K. you had me laughing when you were describing how excited you are to get home. We felt the same way towards the end of our 3 week stay when we traveled to China to adopt Bruce. (Of course it had nothing to do with the withdrawals Mommy was experiencing of not being able to drink her Diet Coke with a glass full of ice).

    Starbucks.... I think we visited it every single day we were in GZ too (if not more than once a day), and we have a similar picture of Bruce drinking out of a Starbucks cup. It's so funny how experiences can be so similar for so many families. I love it!!!

    Take care.


    P.S. And trust me... You and Kevin are fantastic parents!!!!

  9. I remember so clearly the feelings you have of 'longing for home' in those last days. But it's a catch 22, as now I am longing to go back again!! ;) But there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, eating your own food, and getting back into your (new) normal in life again. And I, for one, cannot WAIT to see the photos of your kids meeting Finley for the first time. I'm sure you cannot wait to wrap your arms around them, too! It's time...time to head back HOME! :)

    That documentary interview sounds neat. Keep us posted if there is something we can watch about it online as it all unfolds. Anyone willing to highlight SN adoptions in a positive manner has my attention!

    Enjoy your last day there and happy travels back home again! Can't wait to see your new header on your blog with all 4 of your gorgeous kiddos!!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  10. I can't believe you're almost home!! Love the picture of Finley with her head rested on her daddy! So sweet!! Won't be long now...hang in there!

  11. OMGosh..You gave her
    I have loved reading your post from China but I have to say I can not WAIT to read your first post from HOME Sweet HOME and see your first picture of your beautiful family of 6:)
    I LOVE the pic of Finely with her head or her daddys sweet!!
    Safe Travels!!

  12. Hey Girl!!!! Thanks for your note! Yes, #4. So excited to meet my precious girl!!!!! Well... I have been following you and have not had time to comment much. But, I am just so thankful you are almost home. I remember that feeling very well!!!!! I am so sorry someone felt the need to judge your parenting on your blog.. Seriously? I am so sorry! That is all I will say...

    She is precious, and what a gift she is going to be to the rest of your loving family!!!! Can't wait to see her as she falls in love with her big sister!

    Blessings for very safe and un-eventful travel home!


  13. OMG! You gave her MILK?? You must be a first-time parent to a Chinese girl. Don't you know that ALL Chinese kids are allergic to milk? It makes them break out in rainbow-colored hives and their hair turns green! Good heavens, chick!


    Oops! I forgot to go anonymous. Bwahahaha!

    Seriously, she is rediculously cute indeed. So happy she is opening up to you now. Caroline's favorite place to be is still on Rick's shoulders. Not for too much longer, though!

  14. Finley is just adorable! Have a safe trip home!

  15. Christy & Kevin,

    We think every parent who has been to any country (been to Russia (1x) and China (2x) for adoptions at the very end are soooo ready to be home! Thanks for your honest & fun posts. All the best on your travel home, we will be praying for your safe and healthy journey back to So Cal.

    The Carr's
    Kevin & Lynda

  16. Love, love, love the pictures!! Excited for you to be home... safe and sound. What a wonderful feeling! So nice to meet you.

  17. I can so relate with wanting to go towards the end of our trip. Try staying on The island for two weeks! We did go off a lot and wonder on our own. I remember there was a group of us that kept talking about all the food we missed and the first thing we were going to eat when we got home, lol.

  18. I loved Guangzhou but was so ready to go home towards the last few days there. I think alot of it had to do with leaving my other kids behind and missing them. Mia was also a very fussy baby through most of our trip which made me miss the comforts of home even more!

    Praying for a safe and uneventful journey home!