Monday, February 7, 2011

Documentary Pics

Many of you were aware that we became involved in a documentary on Special Needs adoption towards the end of our trip. The production company is based in LA and Shanghai and since we live about 40 min from LA, it is easy for them to come out and do follow-up. Daisy and Zac were great people and we really enjoyed their company and their work-- they even took us out to an awesome dinner at our favorite Green Door Shanghai Restaurant in Guangzhou. Zac will be coming home to LA in a couple months and they will be coming to our house to do follow-up but he emailed me some still photos he took while in our room interviewing us. They are great pictures and I sooooo appreciate having them.

I did a lot of the interview questions and wore a mic pretty much the whole time but they also did a lot with Finley and Kevin. Daisy asked the questions and Zac did all the still shots and video. They are very talented!

Below are some of the pictures Zac sent me. I love them!!!

I love this one the most!!! It is so beautiful!!

I love the way she is pursing her lips

So sweet!!

She is so curious and I think this picture gets that about her

Getting tired-- she sucks the two middle fingers when she is tired

Little twerp!!!

I love all these pictures and there are more!! Zac is very talented and I feel so lucky we got to be a part of their documentary!!


  1. Great pictures! She is such a beautiful girl.

  2. That is pretty cool. let us know when it airs.

  3. She is as cute as a bug! Is it just me or do her Asian features seem like they might be tempered by some throwback Caucasian genes? Whatever the case, that sweet little face would melt anyone's heart!

  4. That is so awesome. Will it be completed soon and available?

  5. Precious pictures!! My daughter sucks her two middle fingers when she's tired too. Apparently its better orthodontically than sucking your thumb.... :)

  6. that is really cool!! You will have to share the link when the documentary is finished - LOVe the pictures of your beautiful Finley!!