Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great Weekend!!!

This weekend turned out nice and relaxing like I had hoped. On Friday night Kevin had to work a checkpoint so I decided to let the boys have a great time and invite their friends over for a sleep over. The boys and three of their friends spent the night and we had a great time. We went to see Indiana Jones and they were able to get candy and popcorn and soda and they were just on cloud nine. Mia did really well with the exception of the last 45 minutes and I then had to take her out where she proceeded to have a huge meltdown in the hall-- way too late-- she was exhausted. After the movie we went home and the boys wrestled and played games and chased each other around the house and just had a great time. I'm not sure what time they ended up in bed because I went to bed myself but I do know they were exhausted the next day-- but it was worth it!!

Saturday night we had a first year birthday party at our house for my niece Savannah. It was a great time of eating, swimming, playing and just hanging out as a family.

We did realize that Mia loves frosting-- just like her mom!! She was so cute because when she saw the cupcakes sitting on the table she just got up there, grabbed one and stared eating it like there was no issue. She just looked at us like-- what?? It is good!!!

Hailey and Mia were having a blast on Mia's trike. They were so darn cute and I got some cute pics of them playing.

Happy Birthday Savannah!!!!

These are some of my favorites from the weekend. I just could not love this first picture anymore. It is so darn cute and I love what my new camera does to blur the background.

Loving the frosting!!

Playing on the trike!

After the party the kids were laying around on the ground and playing with the dogs. They are just so cute!!


  1. Those are the BIGGEST cupcakes I have ever seen..Your weekend look like a lot of fun:)

  2.'ve GOTTA tell me what camera you got again. We are wanting another take better quality pics. I LOVE what yours is doing!! They are awesome!!!

    Looks like you DID have a great weekend!!! As always..your kiddos looks so cute!!! Glad yall enjoyed the movie. Is it good for the kiddos or is it better for adults? I was wondering if my kids would be able to see it! Let me know!

    Hope yall have a great week!!
    Love ya,

  3. I love all of your pictures. Your camera is AWESOME! I'm going to scroll down a few posts and see which one it is. I WANT your camera!!! I love the last one where Mia is eating her Ruffles and looking up at her big bro and your dog. Too cute! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend!

  4. LOVE the pictures..
    Looks like you had a GREAT weekend..
    But you always do..
    Have a Great Week..
    I posted about Kenny.. and did you get your pictures yet of your bows...Mine are on the way...I am sooo excited.. wish I had a little one to put them in her hair... I know I will..
    HUGS to you girly..
    MIA is soooo BEAUTIFUL..

  5. Wow! What a fun weekend! Your pictures are great too! I could definitely hang out with Mia -- I LOVE RUFFLES!!!

  6. Love party weekends like that! That last picture is precious.

  7. Love the photos Christy. We have the same Radio flyer bike for Rowan and she loves to go for "rides" even though her feet can't touch the pedals. Miss Mia is gorgeous as always.

  8. so glad you had such a fun weekend!