Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Pics and More Swimming

I tend to forget about my old little point and shoot camera because I try to use my new SLR as much as possible. I know I have taken random pictures here and there so I decided to download them this morning and post some of them. Come to find out there were some old pictures from when we went to Disneyland a few weeks ago as well as some of the boys final awards assembly where they both made Honor Roll. There were also some of Daddy and Mia at lunch. The pictures taken in the pool were taken with my new camera.

Mia loves daddy's sun glasses and looks so cute!!! Mia and i met Kevin for lunch at our church friends new restaurant in down town Claremont (which is the city Kevin works in). It is a Belgium Beer Pub that serves top notch high end food (my brother who is the head chef instructor at the culinary school in Pasadena developed the menu and trained the kitchen staff-- also created the wine list). Anyway, ever since it opened it has done VERY well and has really hit a nitch market. We are very happy for our pals John and Heather!!! It is called The Back Abbey and is in a historic old ice storage building-- very cool!!!

Daddy and Mia love to swim together-- even late at night!!

I found this cool floaty thing that I am using more now so that Mia can wear all her cute bathing suits and have the floaty thing over it. It is really cool and keeps her upright in the water.

These are Disney Pics from a few weeks ago as well as Owen and his teacher at the Honor Roll Awards Assembly.

We are leaving tonight for Bass Lake until next Friday. We will be boating, living it up in the water and heading to Yosemite for a day or two. It is a fun trip we take almost every summer in our RV. We will not have any Internet access while gone but I will for sure take a ton of pictures and will do some big posts when we return. I hope you all have a great week and I will check in on all your blogs when we return. Have a great weekend and week!!!!!
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  1. LOVE all the pictures..
    Mia is soooo adorable...
    You always find the cute tools. the floaty is adorable..
    Have fun girly..
    Can't wait to see pictures..

  2. Love the skinny dipping pics. Have a great week!!

  3. LOVE Bass Lake! Have fun and stay safe! Can't wait to see all the pictures.

  4. Cute pictures. I hope you have a fun and relaxing week at the lake!

  5. OK...that little floaty thing is SO CUTE!!!! you find the CUTEST THINGS!!! I just hate to I never go out and find anything unless I just happen upon it when I HAVE to go out to get something!!! I just LOVE all the neat things you find!!! You should get commission from all these companies for advertising their stuff!! :) That would be great wouldn't it?!?! Have a wonderful week!!!

  6. Oh how cute Mia looks in her yellow floatie! Man, I miss night swimming! Have fun on your little get-away!

  7. Great photos -- have a fun week!


  8. I love Mia's "floaty thing"! :)

    Have a wonderful week at the lake! I will look forward to pictures when you return!

  9. Great pictures! I like Mia's new floaty thing, it great that it keeps her upright in the water. Have a great week at Bass Lake. Nice to get away with the family and just enjoy some good outdoor fun--no internet is not a bad's nice sometimes to not "have" to check your e-mails, etc. Anyway, can't wait to see your pictures when you all get back.

  10. I love naked Mia in the pool; what a ham!! The restaurant has a great name; The Back Abbey - I am glad that it is doing well!! Hope you have a great vacation;)

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  12. Hope you had a GREAT vacation..
    I am sooo excited to see all your pictures..