Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Disney Fun!!!

The boys (and my nieces who attend the same school as the boys) only have a few more days left of school (they are out Wednesday) so my sister Cassie along with Laila and her kids decided to surprise the kids with a Disneyland trip. I picked the kids up at lunch and we headed down to Disney. They were so excited and surprised!!

We have 2 different types of Disney visits. The first is the-- we spend very little money, bring our own food and just go for the heck of it because we have season passes-- the second is every once in a while when we are feeling in the mood we will eat at Disneyland, we will get candy and ice cream and really do it up right. This trip was a "do it up right" trip. We had a great time but we spent a lot of time eating and shopping and just relaxing. I even allowed the boys to have whatever they wanted for dinner which included a bread bowl with clam chowder, a diet coke and then ice cream for dessert. It was a great trip and I wish we could afford to have more trips like that one but then again if we did, it would not be nearly as special!!

We went to California Adventure first and let the older kids go on some of their favorite rides and since an adult needs to be with them, I gladly took them on a few of my favorites. We went on The Hollywood Tower of Terror which is my favorite ride anywhere. It is based on the Twilight Zone and it is a dropout ride except it keeps taking you back up to the top and dropping you again and again-- oh it is soooooo much fun. I always put my backpack on the ground next to me so I can watch it float!! The older kids had a blast while Laila and Cassie took the little ones over to the Brother Bear area to let them play. The pictures at the bottom of the next collage is of us when we were at the top of the Tower of Terror. The doors open while you are at the tip top and you can see the whole park-- very cool!!!

Such handsome kids!!! Ethan, Owen, Kaitlyn and Kylie. Ethan and Kaitlyn are only 2 months apart in age and have been in the same class at school for the past two years-- they get along great and people think they are twins-- funny!! Kylie is 8 and 10 months younger than Ethan and 10 months older than Owen. Owen and Kylie are our little mischievous ones. You never know what they are up to but they are all just great kids. We are so lucky that we live only a few minutes away from each other. They kids have grown up together (they are cousins-- Kevin and their dad Greg are brothers) and they hang out all the time. In fact the girls just showed up here about a half hour ago to go swimming with the boys. They get along great!!!

Once I was done taking the older kids on some cool rides we went to the Brother Bear area and the little kids as well as the big kids played forever. There is an area that has a stream and Mia just loved the stream and decided to play in it. She was soaking wet but just had a blast!! In the center picture you can see that all that jumping made her thirsty so she decided to drink the nasty stream water-- yuck!!!

Ava and Mia loved the little slides. They would come down and then wait for the other and then laugh hysterically and then run up the stairs and do it again. It was too cute. Both Laila and I have noticed that the girls are really playing well together now days. They really seems to be enjoying each other which in turn makes us mommies very happy :)

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Mia love the girls and they love her. They are wonderful babysitters and help with her often. The girls come over to our house 4 days a week before school and if Mia starts fussing in her crib they always go and get her for me. They are just great little babysitters-- cant wait till they are old enough to stay with her alone but for now they do a great job!!!

By the way, does anyone know why some of my pictures on my DSLR are coming out blurry? It is not all the time but I cant figure out why it is happening. Thanks for any ideas :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day...
    The kids are all soooo beautiful...
    Sounds like they all get along so well... that is great..
    Have a Great Evening.
    Hugs to you..
    Have a Great Sunday..

  2. Looks like so much fun!! What a gorgeous group of kids. My daughter would LOVE to live close to Disney.


  3. Christy, my husband is a semi-professional photographer and uses the Nikon D70 (95% of the time). When his pix are fuzzy or somewhat blurry he says it because every once in a while the auto focus does not know what to focus in on and gets kind of "confused". When this happens (or he thinks it might happen) he switches to manual focus and they turn out great. It only happens once in a while and the Nikon people have told him a little hicup in the camera brain. Hope this helps a little and the pix are great. You have a very good looking family and I just love the pictures of Mia, she is so adorable!

  4. Your nieces are GORGEOUS! The epitome of the "California Girl"!!

  5. Oh my gosh! What fun!!! We LOVE the Tower of Terror! We went on it 4 times in Orlando and 3 times in fun!!! Your kids are going to have so many fun memories. : )

  6. Adorable pictures! Spending time with cousins is the best!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. it all depends on what mode you are using - completely auto (then I would think the auto focus got confused), if in the "more manual" modes, then watch the shutter speeds and make sure they never go below the longest length of the lens (if using a 24-70mm, shutter speeds need to be over 70...or in my case over 140).

  8. They are a bunch of great looking kiddos, aren't they?!?! Looks like you had another awesome trip to Disney!! We can't wait. We're going the 1st week of October and we are so pumped!!! Just counting down the days!!!

    About your comment on Sadie's hair. YES>...She had hair like a few weeks before we got her. We were looking for that cute little bobbed hair when we went to get her, cause those were the last pictures we received. When we saw her hair was shaved we were SOOOOOOOOO shocked!!! Long story short...after we got home, we heard from Ann at Red Thread China...and she said one of the nannies wanted us to know that they shaved her hair because in hot weather her head breaks out in "chicken poxes". That is the exact words that Ann typed. Turns out...she just has really dry skin...and if we don't use the right shampoo and soap...her head will break out. I can't believe they had to shave her hair though. I know they were trying to help!! Praise God it's growing back!!!

    Hope you guys have a great week!
    love ya,

  9. Christi--mine does that if I ma a little shaky. And I am a little shaky. It is a really quick and really sensitive I have to be steady. Also, if you don't hold for a sec on the autofocus and just do the rapid clicks and people move it will do that. it just takes a little getting used to...the same thing hapened to me. I thinks your photos look great.