Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Summer Fun!!

*** I guess I neglected to mention where I got Mia's black dress in the fit throwing pics. That too is from Gap. It is such a cute dress-- they also have it in a cream with black accents-- very cute. It is part of the black and white collection. It came out a few weeks ago. I do really love this dress and it looks sooooooo cute on!!!

Summer is on us and we are already really enjoying ourselves. We are into cousins coming over and sleep overs and pizza and movies and of course-- Disneyland (next week). We are really just enjoying the down time and it has only been since Wednesday so I am really looking forward to the next 2 and a half months!!!

Anyway, since I have so much time just hanging out in the back yard I have been taking a lot of pictures. I have picked out some of my favorites but if you want to sit through a slide show I will put a slide show with all the pictures at the end.

Gotta love mamma's drink

Loving her grapes!!

Watching the older kids play

Mia loves her shopping cart-- skateboards and all!!

Watch me do my tricks!!

Love these shoes-- Gap-- tons of colors (they even come in gold-- which I had to locate in Arizona and have them shipped because I cannot live without a cute gold thong- goes with everything)

More slide time

Go Lakers!!!

I think this is a cool picture

OK, before you see the next few pictures I must explain. Mia was in a cute dress and before it got trashed (like all her clothes do after she wears them for 10 minutes) I wanted to take a few cute pictures of it. Mia did not like that idea and started throwing a fit-- a big one. It did not last very long but it was so funny I had to document it. So please do not think I am a sadist-- I'm not. This was just really funny!!

This is how it began!

This is Mia running away from me with her arms in the air flailing them back and forth crying. She ran around the bar area once and then plopped herself on the ground in front of me still throwing a fit.

This is where she plopped down

Then she rolled onto the grass and began crying and rolling around there.

This fit was so totally unprovoked and funny. After I picked her up she was still upset but calmed down pretty fast. When she throws fits I typically just let her and when she appears to be done I then approach her. It seems to work well with her.

We had a birthday party yesterday at Brian and Heathers and Mia wore her cute itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini that she wore for the first time that day!!

Mia loves to float in the water by herself. Look in the background and you will see Kevin is attending to her so she is not really by herself-- just in case some of you were concerned :)

We had fathers day this afternoon at our house and we had both sides of the family over. It was a great time but I was so busy running around making home made ice cream and getting all the food prepared that I totally did not take any pictures-- sorry but I'm sure there will be more to come in the near future.

Hope you all had a great Fathers Day!!


  1. LOVE the pictures..
    And I would have shipped you those shoes..
    I think I might have to go to the Gap...LOL..
    Mia always has the cutest clothes..
    Looks like you had GREAT fun this weekend..
    But you always do...
    LOVE IT..
    Reminder: when you go to Disneyland.. she is you see the fluffy Mickey or Minnie..
    You are the BEST...

  2. Ah, the spicy girl shows up! Yep, the best way to deal with a tantrum is to ignore the perpetrator.

    We're going to Disneyland on Tuesday. Can't wait.


  3. I can't wait until Summer is in session here. My boys have school until 6/27 this year! Have a great summer and don't forget to keep the camera rolling!

  4. Ok, you told us where the shoes came from, but neglected to tell us where the you got the dress. So, please tell: it is T O O Cute!

  5. Oh the lazy day's of summer...gotta love them!! Your pictures are great! The picture of Mia in her bikini is adorable! Looks like a lot of fun.

  6. I am LOVIN' that black dress. Where did you get it?!?!?! It is awesome!! I love the pics of Mia pitching it too! Makes me feel better about the way mine behave!! :) At least I know they're normal!! (hee hee) Looks like you've had a great weekend! Hope you have another great week too!

  7. I love all the new pics Christy
    to CUTE!!!!!


  8. That is hilarious...I must admit, we have a few of those...hehehe...what a dollie...even mid-tantrum!

  9. LOVE those toes!!! Cute pics Christy!

  10. I am going to join the others in asking about the black dress - WHERE?? And I TOTALLY heart the fit throwing is such a temporary time and great to record for..say..her wedding day. Hmm....

  11. Love the new yellow bikini! Kamree throws a very similar fit so I can totally relate to these pictures!

  12. Hey Christy...Tanya and I are planning on going to Disney next Monday in the afternoon. Can you make it? It's our last chance next week until the summer blockout dates.

  13. I just went today. Lots of lines and very crowded in both parks. Hopefully, you won't experience the same. Still we did have fun.


  14. I am SO glad to see that someone else throws fits too! Katie Ru can throw one down! LOVE the yellow bikini!

    She is a waterbug.