Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bass Lake Day 2

Bass Lake day 2 consisted of hanging out on the boat, water skiing, wake boarding and doing basically nothing.

There were these cute little ducks that were literally eating out of our hands. Mia just thought it was so cool and so did the rest of the kids. The water was really shallow far out so Mia and the kids were able to play far out in the water but still be able to stand easily.

Owen and Mia had fun playing in the sand and mud.

Yes, even the adults played in on the trampoline thing. Kevin and Brian went at it often-- final score-- tie!!! The kids also thought it was a great time to challenge the dads and the dads would just chuck the kids into the water. Totally funny!!!

Mia and the duck-- she loved them. We had these floaty river things and she loved climbing in them and relaxing. Love Mia's cookie face :)

Ethan and Owen did great at water skiing. They both got up right away and were even jumping outside of the wake. They did a great job!!!


Yes, I wake board and yes it is not a pretty sight but I just had to document it. Anyway, there is some pretty parts to this collage as Kevin and Mia are pretty but if you have a sensitive gag reflex, just skip the first few pictures in the collage-- haha!!!

Jared, Allyssa, Brian and a sleeping Mia on the boat!!

Cute Mia and daddy and Owen!!

Can I just say I absolutely love this picture of Owen. He looks so darn handsome with his blond hair blowing in the wind and his cute little tan-- just to darn handsome!!!!

More pictures to come-- Yosemite is next!!!


  1. OMW....
    Can you say CUTE....
    Mia is sooo darn adorable..
    And LOVE the pictures of the boys water skiing...
    I LOVE water...
    Looks like soooo much fun...
    Love the picture of Owen... he is very handsome...Mia's little suit is sooo cute...
    I don't know how you stand looking at her pretty little face everyday...
    SHE is soooo darn CUTE..
    Can't wait for more..
    Have a Great Sunday..

  2. What fun! I'd say I'm jealous of your adventures, but my family is heading to China in 16 days for the biggest adventure of our lives! I love peeking in and seeing what fun your family has!
    Cindi from RQ

  3. Christy,

    You go girl!!! I'M IMPRESSED!!!
    All the pics are amazing as
    always!!! Your family has a
    very blessed life with you
    as their parents!!! They sure
    get to experience, LIFE TO IT'S

    Cant wait to meet you one day!!


  4. Wonderful wonderful photos! I love them all! Mia's little bathing suit is darling.

  5. Tomorrow stop by my blog I have left something for you.. It is scheduled to post at 12:30..HUGS..
    Hope you are having a GREAT Day...

  6. Okay, I love Mia's bikini! Too cute. The picture of Owen is beautiful. You crack me up about warning--you look great. Good for you that you wake board. The pictures of Mia kissing herself in the mirror are precious. Looks like you had a fabulous trip. I bet you slept good everynight with all of the activities during the day.

  7. Great pictures! You documented the fun well. I love Mia's little bikini! And I'm very impressed that you got up on that board! I'd be too scared.
    Have fun at Yosimite!


  8. You've been tagged. Go check out my blog! : )

  9. WOW what a fun summer you are having!!! Mia is such a bathing beauty!!!

    No word on our TA as of yet...My agency was on vacation when my LOA arrived (yes, very small agency :) so it sat a WEEK...SO I am behind everyone who had LOA's with the same date as mine who already got their TA' wait some more :)

    Thanks for asking :)

  10. You look GREAT wake boarding. I am so impressed! This vacation looks absolutely amazing. Your family really has a lot of fun!


  11. Owen is gorgeous and SO ARE YOU!! You look hot out there skiing; not to mention, the backdrop of the lake is amazing!! Umm..I love Mia kissing herself in the mirror - she knows what she likes, eh?