Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Construction Projects

We are in the middle of tearing out our side yard to extend it out into our front yard a little more so that we can have a big concrete/ basketball court area on the side of our house. That space up until now has just been a dirt area (the only part of our back yard that we never did anything with) where the shed sat. Kevin came up with the idea of a big play area a month or so ago so we are now moving on the project. Since Kevin is doing all the demolition himself (saves a ton of money) we borrowed our friends tractor, trailer and big truck to get the job done. As of now, the wall is down and temporary fencing is up. The next step is grading and moving sprinkler lines and installing drains. Then, the guy comes and they build the wall and pour the concrete. We still have a ways to go, but it is going to be a huge asset once it is done. It will be over 1000 square feet of concrete play area for the kids!!

While Kevin and the boys were tearing down the wall, Mia and I were watching from inside and then moved outside to watch.

While inside I had to take a few cute pictures of Mia

Playing with the dried flowers

Watching daddy through the window

Kaitlyn getting Mia down from the window sill where she was watching daddy

Owen working hard with daddy

Ethan and Kevin driving the tractor

Loving the tractor!!!

While outside I also had to get some cute pics of Mia

So pretty

I love this picture!!

This is Mia's fake smile face

Soooooo pretty!!!!


  1. Beautiful pics! We too have a space like yours that I so want to turn into a bball court. In my dreams, because first we need a new drive way and we are currently working on a huge patio/walkway in the front yard.

  2. Mia is getting so big. She just gets prettier every day.

  3. Adorable pictures of Mia!

    I bought the red, white and blue swimsuit from Children's Place for Kamree today. I meant to e-mail you but ran out of time!

  4. Christy~
    Mia is soooo adorable.. I just LOVE seeing her pretty little face...
    Stop by my blog.. have something for you... Love her little dress and her clippie is adorable..
    Have a Great Evening..

  5. Love the pics!!! She is just so pretty!!! That will be nice to have your side yard extended!!! Always great to have a place to play ball!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  6. You guys are always doing fun projects! That will be great to have your side yard extended. I love all of the pictures. Mia's fake smile cracked me up! She is too cute. Love her dress too, where did you get it?

  7. She doesn't take a bad pic does she?

  8. I love the fake smile! The kids are going to love having that extra play space in the yard; how awesome!

  9. What adorable pictures of Mia! I love her sweet little navy and white dress!

  10. LOVE this dress!!! May I ask where it is from?

    SO cute. I love her fake smile. Does she say "Cheese" when she makes it?